Report: New York to get two teams in new futsal league

Mark Cuban PFL


Two teams, both backed by some of the world’s most prominent clubs, will call New York home next year as part of the soon-to-be inaugurated Professional Futsal League, the Dallas News reports.

The Dallas News reveals that FC Barcelona will own one of the two teams while Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov will partner with one of the top-20 clubs ranked by Football Database to operate the other.

Empire of Soccer has learned that neither City Football Group or Red Bull GmBH will be involved in the new league.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson are two of the principle investors in the PFL. Each of the PFL’s 16 teams will be partly or completely owned by teams outside of North America.

The league is set to begin play in 2017. Sixteen franchises are reportedly set to kick start the competition, with officials from soccer clubs in Europe, South America and China all possibly investing in this new venture. Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver, Boston, Chicago, Miami and Orlando are all being eyed for PFL franchises.

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  • MTF

    Makes sense for NBA owners to be involved. It gives them another revenue stream for nights when the basketball team isn’t playing in the arena, and unlike ice hockey, little investment since the game is played on the same surface.

  • bill the soccer guy

    I have an idea 4 Garber, Dallas Mavericks owner should buy FC Dallas, Knicks ownership by redbull.
    you get the picture Garber

  • Hmmm…

    I wonder if Mark Cuban, Prokhorov, and Barcelona understand the marketing value of The New York Cosmos playing at Madison Square Garden.

    I also wonder if the Cosmos see the marketing value of being in the top division in something and being seen as a peer to teams owned by world famous clubs

    • bill the soccer guy

      from my opinion,Red Bull New York is waiting for a big check,big fat check to sell Red Bull New York.
      until now the team will be more expensive as time goes on and they will sell for a big fat check.
      someone will realize sooner than later, that the cosmos are worth a lot of money and someone will buy them, and take them to MLS.
      .if it wasn’t for Garber, Beckham and company would bought Red Bull by now n join powers with cosmos ownership.
      imagine if Red Bull would have chosen Miami instead of New York, Beckham wouldl be now in New York with the cosmos.

      • MTF

        Where are you getting any of this? The Cosmos have learned that their name and brand is not worth a lot of money. The world, and more specifically the U.S. soccer scene, has moved on from the Cosmos. The 27,000 people attending NYCFC’s games at Yankee Stadium represent the fanbase that the Cosmos lost out on when they opted to join the NASL and not MLS. The Cosmos actually do exist…as a second division NASL club playing on Long Island…and they draw about 3,500 people to their matches. What makes you so sure Red Bull wants to sell? They seem to be investing an awful lot in their New York infrastructure…money that they likely wouldn’t recoup in a sale. I doubt Red Bull is going anywhere.

      • Larry\’s A Simpleton

        f.cosmos worth a lot of money? sounds like the water out there in nassu county has more lead in it that Flint

      • Smarterthanu

        Wtf are you talking about? You clearly don’t understand the ownership structure or anything else that is going on in soccer, or the world in general

    • slowleftarm

      LOL….so now that Cosmos are an indoor soccer team? Might be the only way they draw more than 3k….assuming tickets for the futsal are given away that is.

      • Some Guy

        Off-topic, but I remember seeing the Cosmos playing indoors. Can’t remember if they operated indoor and outdoor at the same time, though

      • Larry\’s A Simpleton

        or the give away free bobbleheads or wheel pele out before the game.

  • Oh, Nevermind

    Looks like the PFL is going to have four quarters, TV timeouts, and no ties.

    I have better things to waste my time on