Report: Patrick Vieira open to coaching in France



Some day, Patrick Vieira hopes he will be coaching in France. In fact, in a revealing interview with L’Equipe, Vieira admits he nearly realized this dream before joining New York City FC.

“Some time ago, I talked to some French clubs. Very good clubs,” Vieira said. “Unfortunately, for various reasons, it didn’t work out. But there are some very interesting projects in France. Out of respect for the clubs in question, I can’t say anything.”

Vieira said at his introduction that he turned down opportunities in England while he was still coaching Manchester City’s EDS Team due to the clubs’ internal set-ups. The rookie head coach also said in the interview that he dreams of also coaching the French National Team but admits he’s still far away from achieving that.

“For the moment, I’m … [he raises his right hand to show that it seems a long way off for him]. However, when you have chosen this line of work, you can’t say no,” Vieira, who won 107 senior caps, said. “To coach the French national team is a dream, just as it was a dream to win the World Cup or wear that blue shirt.”

Vieira said he wished his former manager Arsene Wenger had reached out to him in 2011 as he was nearing the end of his playing career. He later said he would eventually understand why Wenger could not just hand him a place on the Arsenal squad. Manchester City did and though Vieira “didn’t play much [which] was “difficult to understand.”

“But with time, I understand things better. Arsene has the right to think we don’t deserve it … but I think there is always a way to open your door if you want to.”