Report: Toronto FC sign Giovinco


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In a coup for both the club and the league, Toronto FC have signed Juventus midfielder Sebastian Giovinco according to a SportsNet report. He will join the Reds in July after his contract expires at the end of the Serie A season.

At 27, Giovinco is significantly younger than the big-name foreign players Major League Soccer has been able to sign in the past. But while he’s struggled to find playing time for Juve, his 21 caps for the Italian national team are a testament to his talent.¬†Clubs as big as Arsenal were reportedly interested in him, but Toronto won out.

Giovinco’s contract will make him a designated player in MLS, which means Toronto now has four. If the DP limit is not increased in the new CBA, TFC will have to get rid of Gilberto, who was part of last year’s offseason splash.

The deal caps a busy week for Toronto, which yesterday announced the signing of USMNT striker Jozy Altidore. Going back to last year, no MLS club has swung as hard in the transfer window as TFC. Last year they struck out, and Michael Bradley and Jermain Defoe were unable to take the team to the playoffs.

With the signings of Altidore and Giovinco, TFC have made a significant effort to win fans back after last season’s disappointment. Will it translate into the club’s first ever playoff berth?




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  • Don Garber

    He is being brought in through the randomized blind draw coin flip allocation order pull rules outta my ass draft, as DP (not to be confused with double penetration) number 4. The league will pay 75% of his salary as allowed in a rule we will scribble down on a napkin later. As of now, only 3 DPs (chuckle) are allowed, but whooo hoo, we make the rules, so you know…whatever.

    Let’s get them season tickets paid up, sheeple. I need to buy a new yacht this Spring, so let’s get that cash coming in!

    • Sunil

      Great move, boss!

      Let’s not forget the new rule that Canadian clubs get twice as many DPs because Canada is bi-lingual.

      • Don Garber

        Who hoo, Sunil! I like ‘at one! Good rule, good rule, Imma write it down.

        See ya at the good ole boys keg party next weekend! (Don’t tell Bill Peterson about it. He ain’t invited.)

  • chepe pedos

    great signing, great player, but i rather keep gilberto…. than jozy

  • TBrodie

    Ugh! I tweeted Petke about Giovinco for the Red Bulls on Christmas Eve. I hope Robin Fraser didn’t pick up on it!

  • Rob

    There were rumors going around last week that if TFC signed Giovinco that it would turn around and trade Jozy back to RBNY…don’t know if anyone else saw these rumors as well, but they were up on more than one website. The idea was to get what MLS and Jozy wanted while giving the appearance of following allocation rules.

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