Report: USL Hopes to Hear About Division Status Soon

Jake Edwards USL


USL President Jake Edwards spoke with WXVU during FC Cincinnati’s international friendly against Crystal Palace FC and revealed that the league is expecting an answer on their bid for division 2 status shortly.

“We’re hoping to hear in the next few weeks,” said Edwards. “They’re wrapping up their due diligence. They’re sending folks out to our teams now; They’re inspecting some of our clubs. They’re spending time with our owners. They’ve got a few more weeks of due diligence to go and then we’re hoping to hear from them in the next month or so.”

The long sought after D2 status is nothing new to the USL. After the league’s 2015 rebrand, then president Tim Holt spoke about the desire for the league to obtain a higher status in the US Soccer Pyramid. Gaining that standing would no doubt promote a competition between the current division 2 league (NASL) and the USL which has already begun in regards to expansion markets.

Back in 2015 when Tim Holt spoke with Jonathan Tannenwald he said: “Our pursuit of Division 2 sanctioning is part of our overall strategic plan for the USL. As it relates to that particular aspect of it, we feel that with where the league is right now – and where it’s going in the coming years, on and off the field – Division 2 is more reflective than where Division 3 is.”

Since 2015 the USL has added FC Cincinnati, Rio Grande Valley FC, Reno 1868, San Antonio and several other teams that have ballooned the league to over 30 teams. The NASL has also added new teams including Rayo OKC and Puerto Rico FC with a club in San Francisco on the horizon.

Should the USL achieve D2 status, it would not immediately effect the status of the NASL who has long been seeking D1 status currently held by Major League Soccer. Both can work as D2 leagues under the current USSF construct.

  • smurf040

    USL, With the help of MLS (lurking in the shadows) are starting to put the squeeze on the NASL! The takeover by MLS has begun! Welcome to corporate America!!!

  • StrikersFan

    No chance USL can meet the D2 standards as they are currently written. If USSF grants it to them, it’s just another example of the fact that the division structure in this country is meaningless. I say just do away with all divisions and allow each league to operate on its own. It’s basically what happens anyway. A pyramid with true divisions does not exist in this country, so why bother with some ridiculous parody of one?

    • Andrew Bissonette

      The only way we are ever going to see Pro-Rel(Something all you NASL fans have been clamoring for) is if it comes via the USL and MLS controlling the soccer pyramid and inviting the NASL to be a part of it. I’d love to see a situation where the NASL and USL merge and divide themselves into 2 or 3 divisions and experiment with Pro-Rel themselves for 5-10 years in the lower divisions.

    • slowleftroll

      USSF moved the goalposts on D1 for MLS, so why not do the same on D2?

    • the Don

      Then I will have Sunil change the standards! He is my man servant and will do as I tell him for I am the lord they don, the Holy Father of American Soccer! I will crush the NASL and eat Bill Petersen’s children! BWA HA HA HA!

  • Gotham knight

    It’s about to get nasty :)
    The US is too big for not having a division 2 and 3 but if you look at the big picture, politics only support the NFL,NBA,MLB and MLS can’t do everything on their own.
    If u ask me, which league has a better future, USL or Nasl, I say USL with MLS support.

    • HydraHamster

      I see the NASL having the better future over the USL. The reason why I say this because the NASL will appeal to more people as a independent club league without any MLS reserve clubs in them. If the USL become D2, they will loss the appeal as the cheapest professional league to join and they could look even worse once MLS stop expansion. In the end, I see a league that don’t won’t a future as a feeder league having a better future than a league that will most likely have more reserve clubs in them than pro in the near future.