Reports: Xavi decides to stay another year with Barcelona


New York City F.C. came close, but in the end, Xavi decided to stay home.

Reputable news outlet Marca cites team sources that claim Xavi will return to Barcelona for another year. After speaking to club leadership, the dynamic midfielder is set to report to camp this week, accepting his role as a bit player in helping nurture the next generation of Barcelona stars.

Outlet also confirms the report.

The idea of staying with Barcelona makes economic sense for Xavi. The midfielder is paid handsomely for his role with the club. New manager Luis Enrique has been clear that Xavi’s role would be primarily that of support, not necessarily as a starter. Moving to another club would mean playing time, but would also involve a paycut. Barcelona has been supportive of his efforts to move on, but his severance package would only be a portion of his remaining two year contract. A move to NYCFC would not match his salary at Barcelona.

By staying on through June of next year, Xavi would still be available to join NYCFC — or any MLS club of his choosing — by the midpoint of the MLS season. That would assure him another full year’s compensation with Barcelona before making the plunge towards MLS.

Xavi will rejoin Barcelona for preseason training next Thursday.

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  • Rufus T firefly

    i believe his deal concludes in january and not june. if this is so, it works out perfectly as nycfc starts training 1/21. im figuring a player of xavi’s stature didn’t want to sign today and have to be loaned out until then.

    if that fails im sure nycfc can always go the route that the most iconic brand in soccer history has taken. the lionel messi of lithuania is looking to make a move.

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