FIFA reports Frank Lampard has joined New York City F.C.


Apparently, FIFA knows something the rest of the world does not.

The global football federation reveals former Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard is set to join New York City FC.  That isn’t the end of it; he is also following in the footsteps of NYCFC DP David Villa and joining Melbourne City until the start of January’s training camp.

The revelation comes in a summer transfer round-up article on with a very matter-of-fact statement on his impending arrival.

Here is the excerpt in question:

[colored_box color=”blue”]Prior to exiting Brazil 2014 at the first-round stage, Spain’s David Villa and England’s Frank Lampard had already sorted out the next phases of their impressive careers. The Atletico Madrid attacker and Chelsea midfielder have both committed themselves to newly-established New York City FC, set for an MLS debut in March 2015, and will keep themselves in shape by turning out for Australian side Melbourne City (formerly Melbourne Heart) in the meantime.[/colored_box]

While NYCFC have not confirmed the report, it is worth noting that rumors of Lampard’s arrival have been a constant in this year’s transfer chatter.  Former teammate Mark Schwarzer even went so far as revealing that he and the celebrated Chelsea midfielder spoke about life in Australia — particularly Melbourne.  That conversation happened prior to the World Cup, and that destination falls in line with FIFA’s report.

Even at 36-years-old, Lampard represents a lethal offensive option for NYCFC.  He has scored 147 goals in 429 matches throughout his career.  He is a natural leader both on and off the field, giving the fledgling club a rallying figure up the spine of the pitch.  Moreover, he is a recognized name and a proven draw in the New York City market as demonstrated by attendance for Chelsea friendlies in Yankee Stadium over the past two years.

He would be the fourth official NYCFC signing, following Villa, defender Jeb Brovsky and goalkeeper Josh Saunders.

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    • Anthony J. Merced

      Judging people based on what they say or do when they are drunk is a slippery slope. I am not condoning his words or actions but it has been over 13 years and digging something like this up doesn’t accomplish much of anything.

      • Digging it up? Yeah, who cares if someone thinks 9/11 is hilarious? Everyone’s been dead for 13 years now, who cares.

        Perhaps if he apologized emphatically and eloquently I would forgive. Until that time he’s just another yob who mistreated americans when we were under attack. Shame, shame shame on him. And shame on NYCFC and MLS for allowing this, if true.

  • Newbold

    Not a Chelsea fan, but I think this is a big positive for NYCFC. Now let’s hope Lamps shows up.

  • Abdellaziz Kabba

    Good decisions made by Lampard, I think NCFC will suit him.

  • Anonymous

    FIFA have edited there report no mention of Frank anymore

  • Anonymous

    FIFA website have edited there report no mention of Frank anymore

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  • Harry

    Frank Lampard scored over 250 goals in his career, not 147 as the article states. He scored over 200 for Chelsea alone…

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