Reports: U.S. Soccer to Change Crest for 2016

by Deny Gallagher
USMNT Staff Writer

There is a lot to look forward to in 2016 if you are a United States Soccer fan. The controversial Copa America is set to take place in the States. The Men and Women’s Olympic team look to grab a gold medal in Rio.

And now, there may potentially be a new crest for the Federation.

You read that right. On Wednesday night, Footy reported that the United States Soccer Federation would be unveiling a new crest for the 2016 calendar year.

The above photo is a sampling of the new design.

The article claims that conversations about the new crest began after the overwhelming popularity of the Centennial Crest used in 2013. In fact, a petition on from two years ago received 3,688 signatures to keep that as the official crest of U.S. Soccer.

The support promoted USSF president Sunil Gulati to respond by saying, “Thanks, we are reviewing the crest and will make a decision later this year.”

The potential new crest is a hybrid between the current one from 1993 and the original from 1950, with a bold USA above thirteen red and white stripes. At the moment, however, there is no official confirmation or forthcoming announcement of a crest change.

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  • jimbo

    God no…stick to the current one

  • Joey

    That looks awful. Either give us the pure centennial crest or keep it the way it is.


    US Soccer needs changes alright, the crest is the last thing that needs to be changed.

  • BleedingRed

    It’s not as magestic as the centennial crest but it is nicer than the current crest. The current crest screams 1980’s and will forever look dated. This one looks like classic americana.

  • BleedingRed

    But maybe it’s still missing something. How about instead of USA at the top, it reads USSF and then star in the middle?

  • Jameson Pester

    Be careful what you wish for. I never had a problem with the current crest, but I can see why people preferred the centennial crest. This proposed crest is much worse than either of them.

  • red eye

    This looks so MLS, add the American iconic eagle.
    If you want a real crest, go ask the mls supporters, they know how to make good ones.

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