Residents Protest Cosmos Staidum Proposal



A report from Newsday states that a group of around 20 Elmont residents gathered to protest the New York Cosmos’ proposal to build a 25,000-seat stadium.

Protestors cited traffic and increased crime in the residential neighborhood as their main concerns with the notion of building a large stadium at the tract of land adjacent to the Belmont Race Track that the Cosmos and three others bidders are vying for usage.

“It’s a very quiet side of town,” Community Organizer Tammie Williams told Newsday. “People want to keep it that way. Putting a 25,000-seat soccer stadium in front of people’s homes is just crazy.”

Williams also said the group is open to the possibility of development at the site, but that the Empire State Development Corporation should re-open the bidding process and only accept plans that include some type of housing.

Along with the stadium, the proposal from the Cosmos includes retail stores, a hotel, movie theater, park and grocery store. The remaining three bidders proposed development for retail and recreation uses.

“It’s disappointing that this process has dragged on so long, allowing individuals to misinform the community while the Elmont region continues to struggle, Cosmos COO Erik Stover said in a statement to Newsday.

In contrast to the weekend’s protest, the Cosmos’s stadium proposal received vocal support from local labor union members and resident at a rally back in May.

The Cosmos began the year hopeful that a decision from the ESD was imminent, but they’ve since grown frustrated once again as the state capital has grown quiet on the matter.

“We are re-engaging respondents in order to obtain the best possible deal for the state,” ESD told Newsday late last week .

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  • Gotham knight

    Who will get a stadium deal first, Nycfc or cosmos.
    Both look promising but there’s only room for one, but if Miami and LAFC can get their own then anything is possible.
    By the way, is it possible for nycfc to go back to the stadium plans of pier40, that was and is an amazing stadium site.

    • MTF

      Pier 40? No, not after Superstorm Sandy.

      • Gotham knight

        Money talks and if nycfc is smart, they can keep their mouth shut for a while then go attack pier 40.
        Same thing with cosmos, go after pier 40.
        If MLS and garber want nycfc to be the hottest **** in the world then go for pier 40.

  • Larry\’s a Simpleton

    25ooo seater? the f.cosmos don’t get that many people for the entire season.

    Crime? of course the good people in the neighborhood dont want those thuggish dirtbags that follow the f.cosmos anywhere near their homes. f.cosmos fans will only make everyones property value plummet.

    Eagerly awaiting your response angry bill. xoxoxoxo hugs and kisses!


  • JP in the house

    20 people show up to protest and you write an article that “Residents Protest Cosmos Stadium Proposal”. 20 people out of how many that live in that area???????

    • troy

      That’s more people than show up to a Cosmos game, so….

    • Alan Smithee

      It’s not even 20 if you don’t count the kids. Meanwhile hundreds showed up in the rain a few months before in favor of the stadium proposal.

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