Villa returning to New York for family, NYCFC obligations


After scoring two goals in two games for Melbourne City in Australia’s A-League, New York City F.C.’s star Designated Player David Villa is set for a return stateside.

According to several reports out of Australia, the former Spanish international will be heading back to New York City this week to deal with some family issues and to take part in several NYCFC events over the coming weeks.

“We are incredibly fortunate to have David as a member of our squad for the first part of the Hyundai A-League 2014-15 season,” a Melbourne spokesperson told Fox Sports.  “We would obviously want a player of his calibre to represent the Club in as many games of the guest allowance as possible between now and the commencement of MLS pre-season training in January.

“The precise number of Hyundai A League games that David will play will be determined by the best interests of the player and his now New York based family and the prioritisation of the requirements of both New York City FC and Melbourne City FC. That means that his playing and training schedule will be the product of all of those factors and subject to ongoing assessment.”

Presumably, Villa will continue to lay roots in New York, where his family is beginning their life together.  As for NYCFC, the team is scheduled to debut their 2015 home and away jerseys in November, lending further insight to the length of Villa’s stay.

Villa’s loan to Melbourne is under the “guest player” mechanism; a ten match loan agreement that allows a player to perform for a side on a very short term and specific basis.  Usually, the mechanism is used to entice star players by plying their trade on a limited basis under the league banner.  In Villa’s case, it is a demonstration of the cooperation within the City Football Group umbrella.  The Spanish goalscorer needed a home to keep match fit until January’s preseason training with NYCFC.  As was the case with Lampard, CFG found him a home under their purview.

According to the Fox report, Villa would likely return to Melbourne come December for up to three matches.  While that falls short of the ten game guest player limit, it does lead the Spanish star directly into NYCFC’s preseason plans.

  • Patrick

    NYCFC panicking about Raul…

    • Anthony J. Merced

      How are they panicking if he’s returning for family reasons? Also, considering NYCFC has already sold a large number of season tickets I don’t think they’re concerning themselves with the Cosmos. Conversely, the Cosmos shouldn’t concern themselves with NYCFC. Both teams are doing good things in their own ways.

      • thereelMalik

        I think he’s joking.