New York City FC to reveal 2015 kits next week

David Villa kit launch NYCFC

What will New York City F.C. look like when they take the field this coming March?

If the question is targeted at the kind of players they will field, that may take some time to answer. If it is a question about their fashion sense, however, you won’t have to wait much longer to find out.

NYCFC will reveal their 2015 kits next Thursday, November 13th, at a special event in the Hells Kitchen section of Manhattan. The announcement comes during a one-week break in the MLS playoff schedule, designed around the FIFA international calendar.

What can you expect? Well, NYCFC front office have been clear and honest about the team’s color scheme, adopting the sky blue motif of their mother club, Manchester City. Of course, by league-wide mandate, Adidas will be styling the jersey. However, the one teaser image for the release reveals Spanish legend and NYCFC Designated Player David Villa sporting a darkened jersey with the NYCFC insignia and the new-look MLS badge on the sleeve, offering a possible clue for the club’s away colors.

Both NYCFC and Orlando City will be revealing their kits ahead of the 2015 general jersey release, which usually takes place just prior to the MLS campaign.

  • Anthony

    Least anticipated first time kit unveil ever…just put up a pic of Man City’s kit and that is it in adidas form

    • Sean

      Because there’s no synergy amongst Red Bulls kits, and FC Red Bull Salzburg, Red Bull Brazil, and NY Red Bull’s kits look so different….

      And because NO ONE anticipated the cosmos channeling the old cosmos as much as possible in a green kit…

      You’re probably right, but you never know, and that’s more than can be said for the above teams.

  • Bruce Arena

    Purchase a kit and you too can support the second most powerful man in the United Arab Emirates and every despicable atrocity he commits.

    Slavery, honor killings, murdering homosexuals, and the violent subjugation of women.

    Think before you spend

    • Anonymous

      City fans won’t care as long as they can buy their way to victory

  • Chuck Blazers Rolodex

    If i am right everyone i have had in the office has been recorded, so expect some pretty big heads to roll in US Soccer as well as MLS. NYCFC & every other franchise was a money grab to keep a lackluster product alive long enough for SUM investors to make a little cash. Burn this crap league down & build soccer pyramid the right way once and for all.

  • Rufus T firefly

    whatever they’re going to look like they’re going to be 100% better than those awful t shirts the fake cosmos wear. guranteed nycfc jersey will be the #1 seller! BTW, now that emirates is all set to dump the cosmos, who is going to be their t shirt sponsor? i’m guessing bob’s bagels out there in west hempstead.

  • LOL

    I don’t understand how grown men spend time out of their lives to comment on every single bit of news from a club they claim to not like or care about.

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