“We Have Who We Have:” Red Bulls Stand Pat As Roster Freeze Approaches


Back in early August, New York Red Bulls Sporting Director Andy Roxburgh proclaimed that he had “three” moves pending that would help reinforce the team for the 2014 stretch run.

One move has already been made, with former New England Revolution striker Saer Sene entering the fold in exchange for backup forward Andre Akpan.

Since then, all has remained quiet on the Red Bulls front — and will likely remain that way.

EOS has learned the club has taken a less aggressive approach to the free agent and transfer market ahead of the MLS roster freeze on September 15th. In short, there are no pending deals. For better or for worse, barring some miracle offer, today’s Red Bull roster will likely be the same one fighting for a playoff spot through October.

It’s a reality even well-guarded head coach Mike Petke felt safe to acknowledge.

“Well, we have a salary-cap and we don’t have any money left,” Petke said after Thursday’s practice. “We’re tight in that budget, so either get rid of someone, and it’s not like we could just add more players right now, unless some great deal came up, but no, we have who we have.”

The Red Bulls did try to make a few moves, but nothing that ever came close to fruition. Midfielder Bobby Convey was put on the trading block at midsummer, with lukewarm interest from clubs around the league. However, his age, health and salary were all major sticking points, making any semblance of a deal a near impossibility.

For his part, Convey didn’t want to leave New York in the first place. Now recovering from surgery on his deviated septum, his wish comes true with that infinitesimal chance of a trade all but dashed.

Another rumored move by the club is the addition of Homegrown talent Sean Davis. While that continues to be a reality, it would not qualify as midseason roster move since Homegrown players are only allowed to sign with their clubs in the offseason.

That leaves New York with the option of taking on trialists. When asked about that possibility, Petke ruled out the idea of new players coming to challenge for spots in the lead up to the roster freeze. Other sources reiterated that very message.

And as far as a Designated Player? That is something the club has pushed back, once again, to next season.

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  • sosa

    Team has given up. I say given as if there was ever realistically a move planning to be made. The more the blue team makes proactive moves, the more we sit on our heels waiting to be made redundant…

    • Andrew Bissonette

      The other team is not making proactive moves. They are simply building their roster. If they don’t do it, they wouldn’t have a team. Use your head a little.

  • Andrew Bissonette

    Thanks for the lies Roxburgh!

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