Red Bulls’ Roxburgh talks DPs, coming fullback signing, Vargas rumors


The New York Red Bulls have been uncharacteristically quiet this offseason — and purposefully so. Sporting Director Andy Roxburgh expressed his desire to establish continuity for the oft-volatile club upon his arrival and proudly crowed about achieving that goal this offseason during the Red Bulls’ first media availability of 2014.

That’s not to say they have given up on adding players. A candid Roxburgh revealed an imminent fullback signing, and the possibility of the club adding a Designated Player this season.

“We are open minded about the whole thing,” Roxburgh said about a possible big name player signing, “but right now, we don’t have too much space and we don’t have a lot of money at this moment in time unless the owner decided to invest.

“But on expectations again, the expectations would be rather more appropriate if you thought summer rather than right now. We would like to get ourselves off and running to build on what we did last year and with one or two additions we’ve got. We don’t see anything dramatic in the coming weeks.”

While the Designated Player hunt looks shelved in the short term, that doesn’t mean player acquisitions will be at a standstill.

“The centerback part of it we dealt with,” Roxburgh said, referring to Barcelona-B player Armando. “The fullback we are expecting within the next couple of days to tell you about that one. We have already made a move on that front.”

According to Roxburgh, the latest signing will be a defender acquired within MLS. Sources tell EOS the acquisition will come via trade. Details of the transaction are unknown as of this report.

Fullback was but one of two targets established by the club for the winter window. As has been the case for several years, an attacking midfielder continues to be atop of the club’s wish list

One name you can now rule out is Ronald Vargas.

“No I haven’t had any dealings with (Ronald Vargas),” Roxburgh revealed. “That was just a name. I get half a dozen names a day, agents with piles of names. That is the only place I heard that name. Just one of these names. Just a pile of names that come from agents.

“I just write back and say ‘no space, no money.'”

While keeping the option open to find that creative presence in the middle, Roxburgh also revealed another avenue within the club that may just cover their needs.

Bobby Convey has been bought in because we view him as that creative middle to front player,” he says. “Yes, he plays wide, but Bobby can also play infield too. He is a very experienced player as your know. He can play left back, wide left, off the front and he is a very talented boy.”

That is not to say the Red Bulls will pigeon hole Convey this early in the year to an unnatural spot. Asked about the possibility, head coach Mike Petke bristled at the thought. However, Roxburgh does believe that option exists.

“We see him as a very good addition to the squad as far as creativity,” he says. “We bought him because he is a good, versatile player.”

With all of that being said, Roxburgh was cautious to keep expectations at a level. He gushed on about keeping the core of the team together. Like Petke, the well-traveled Scot is not looking to upset the apple cart — but that doesn’t mean he won’t keep his options open.

“We are already monitoring,” he says. “We are looking and seeing who would fit this club here, who would be appropriate, who may be available. When it comes to DP’s, it’s up to our ownership to decide. We will make the recommendation and it’s up to them to decide.”

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  • Stan

    We barely won the supporters shield last year, we didnt run away with the title, we had up win it in the last game of the season and if not for Magic from #14 we would have lost it. We were eliminated AGAIN in the 1st round of the playoffs, not sure what Mike and the kilt wearer are on but we’re shooting ourselves in the foot by this inactivity. Who is the number 10? now because they’re broke it’s convey? This is a joke, everyone is getting better except us. Philly, Toronto, SKC is always SKC, Columbus is adding, and DC is back in a BIG way. I think they’re relying on the east to be weak again this year, wait for the Summer? Yeah, another “that’s so metro” season heading our way

    • Tony

      Agree, this is another offseasons of extremes. While we didn’t have a total make over we just lost depth and still have the same questions going into the season. Who is the number 10? Who is going to score goals? Will the defense hold up or be mistake prone? The pundits need to write about this!!!!! If the red bulls were the Yankees the would here it. Heck if they were the mets they would feel the pressure from the press asking questions. You brought in a guy to build a dynasty henry and now he is gone at the end of a year that may go down as another disappointment!

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