Roxburgh leaving Red Bulls at season’s end


Change is once again coming to the New York Red Bulls’ front office.

As first reported by SBI, team Sporting Director Andy Roxburgh will not be returning to the club next season.

EOS can independently verify the report.

While it is unclear whether or not Roxburgh was terminated or decided to leave on his own merit, separate sources did indicate that he was completing his obligations under a two year deal.  One source adds that he is likely headed back to Europe to rejoin UEFA as part of their technical staff.  Roxburgh spent nearly two decades heading the organization’s technical efforts prior to joining the Red Bulls.

Roxburgh, 71, came to the New York Red Bulls in 2012 as part of a reorganization of the club’s front office.  Succeeding Erik Soler and Hans Backe, Roxburgh was brought on board to serve as the team’s Sporting Director, while club business was handed to then President, Jerome de Bontin.

Roxburgh served as the Red Bulls’ guiding hand in an abrupt change in leadership, laying the foundation for rookie head coach Mike Petke to succeed and helping to bring in MLS castaways that would eventually become Supporters’ Shield winners.  Unlike his predecessors, Roxburgh achieved with limited funds and very little cap room throughout his two year tenure.  His greatest coupe may be the signing of Bradley Wright-Phillips; the current MLS golden boot leader.  He was also instrumental in bringing on board homegrown talent Matt Miazga as well as Ambroise Oyongo.

Of course, not every deal turned out right for the elder Scotsman.  Offseason acquisitions Bobby Convey, Richard Eckersley and Armando each failed to live up to the team’s lofty expectations.

However, Roxburgh will likely be remembered more for what he didn’t do in the offseason than otherwise.  His message of continuity was embraced by the fan base, and was considered a departure from the team’s norm.  His pleasant demeanor also served to shield the franchise from the press during a tumultuous transition in power.



  • Billy

    I just keep thinking to myself, who’s next? I hope this all works out for the best. I didn’t really have a real problem with roxburgh. Sure, not all of his moves were great, but overall it I think his tenure was positive for the club.

  • Sam U El

    We don’t need no water let that MFer burn!

  • Andrew Bissonette

    While I understand that Roxburgh was never going to be here long-term, (most likely) because of his age, we can’t keep changing sporting directors every 1-3 years. We need to get guys that will stick around for a decade. Hopefully this doesn’t trickle down to guys like Petke and Fraser(I worry about Fraser with coaching positions opening up already). We can’t be a team with continuity if its just the roster that doesn’t change. It needs to be the roster, coaches, and front office all together as one.

    The only things that I ask whoever the new SD is to do is to fill all the DP slots properly and for a good price, and to get the team a lot younger. We can’t relying on the likes of guys in their late 20s to mid 30s.

    • Billy

      I don’t know why, but I just have the feeling that Frasier is gone after this year. I think you’re right about getting younger, I want to see what these young guys can do.

  • After the mess of Stover and Backe I am glad he came in. But at this point we need an AMERICAN as the sporting director. It seems to work with a lot of the clubs in MLS. The big thing is getting younger players. If Henry and Cahill move on that is fine. But we need to dump some of the players as in Armando, Convey, Kimura etc. Problem is Petke has to take some blame in this a little. We should have gotten more of Bover and Obekop on the team this season. Miazga getting minutes has been helpful. With NYCFC coming on line we have to make sure we make the right signings. I do not think RedBull corporation is comitted to US in the long run.

  • Anonymous

    i actually forgot convey was on the team until this article

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