Rumored Cosmos target Totti re-signs with Roma



The New York Cosmos has missed the opportunity to sign another legend of European soccer.

It was announced by AS Roma that 40-year-old striker Francesco Totti has elected to remain with the Serie A side for another season, denying any rumors that he would move abroad.

In mid-April, the Italian legend was linked with moves to both Leicester City and the New York Cosmos. New York’s head coach Gio Savarese acknowledged the rumors later that month, saying that he and his staff were looking into acquiring the Italian.

“There has been for sure a contact,” he said. “There has been a conversation, but that would be the max I’d be able to say right now.”

The move to New York seemed unlikely for the aging striker due to his time at Roma as well as the likely salary decrease. It was reported that Totti was looking for a deal around $400,000 to play in the NASL Fall Season. As of 2013, the Italian legend was making around €4.5 million a season, suggesting a move to New York would result in a significant wage drop.

Towards the end of April, Cosmos COO Erik Stover played the rumors down, admitting the signing of Totti would be unlikely.

“[Savarese] been talking to Totti for a while, but the honest truth is I think it’s really unlikely under the circumstances.”

What circumstances? Aside from the wage issues, the New York Cosmos are maxed out on international players. Stover suggested that one player may acquire a green card soon that would clear up a spot, however, it wasn’t quick enough.

As great as it would have been to see Totti play in New York, it is hard to see a legend who has been with a club for 25 years move away so easily.

“I really wanted this contract, it represents the realization of my dream,” he said. “I always wanted to end my career having only worn one shirt – the Roma one.”



  • slowleftarm

    This guy isn’t old enough to play for Cosmos yet. Maybe in a few years (assuming the team even exists by then).

    • smurf040

      Sorry brother, The Cosmos don’t hire old players that come to play hurt and/or a distraction to the team. You worry about Old men ( I can’t run more than 20 minute! Pirlo and fat ass Lampard ) Let us worry about our soon to be 2016 spring champion N.Y. Cosmos!!!! by the way,,,7-0!!!!! lol!!!

      • Stephen Kingler

        I mean I don’t like what slowleftarm says, but he is not a NYCFC fan… He is a Redbulls fan… So you kinda didn’t insult him…

    • slowlefttroll

      first in, worst in! troll on, troll brother!

  • redjet23

    this is what was always going to happen, he was never coming to the US. He’s been with Roma since he was 12.

  • Kevin

    Agreed, he,was never coming here. EOS even had a comment from an Italian coach he was never leaving 3 weeks ago.