Samuel Caceres will not return to the New York Cosmos

Cosmos Cuba Caceres Wright


Following a loan spell from Argentine side Nueva Chicago, New York Cosmos centerback Samuel Caceres will not be returning to Hempstead next year.

EoS has learned that the Paraguayan centerback’s loan to New York has expired and the club has decided not to trigger their buyout option on the player.

Caceres, 26, appeared in 14 matches for the Cosmos this season, starting in 13 of those encounters. Thirteen of his appearances came in the Fall Championship season, filling in for injured starter Roversio. He excelled in his short starting run, helping New York to a 6W-5D-4L record.

Caceres will now rejoin his club with Nueva Chicago.

The Paraguayan defender was just one of four centerback options on the club, with the aforementioned Roversio (31), Carlos Mendes (34) and backup Hunter Gorskie (24) completing their depth chart. With his departure, the Cosmos will once again be forced to look for reinforcements on a backline laden with veteran talent. One person they may rely on is Cosmos B captain, John Neeskens, who was an integral figure on the team’s championship winning reserve side. His contract situation, however, is unknown at this time.

  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    so that makes 4 guys the f.cosmos are letting go because they cant make payroll. pathetic. hope they have better luck and bigger crowds up there in connecticut next season.

  • Kevin

    Ha ha, ur a joke. Do u actually believe everything u make up… Cancers barely played. And when he did he was overmatched most of the time. This has nothing to do with money. Anyway my sources tell me NYCFC is moving to Hartford

    • Larry’s A Simpleton

      nope not going to happen. nycfc gets thousands people in the stadium, sells season tickets, sell a ton of merchandise, makes money from sponsors, gets on a major network like YES, gets a lot of media coverage…… know, all the things the f.cosmos dont get. that’s why dillon stadium is going to be their new home.

      look. they just started cleaning house.

      • Jordy

        I’m not even kidding, but I heard rumblings that CFG are already looking to part ways with NYCFC as they set up for a Messi bid. Sell the team, do the same setup in China with their new partner, offer Messi an ungodly contract, and ngaf. That’s what I would be worried about it I were a NYCFC fan.

        In other news, the length of Caceres shorts points more towards the financial struggles of the club other than sending him back to his team.

  • Peter from Family guy

    With MLS getting bigger and gaining territory in the US, I see cosmos thinking twice their future and red bulls getting worse.
    Cosmos can not waste any more time and rely on nasl dreams of being D1, and MLS can not wait on red bull.
    Cosmos should go for MLS and MLS should pressure red bull to do something in their giant market.

  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    f.cosmos are done. they’re cleaning house. you delusional schmucks need to open your eyes

  • Kevin

    larry you have no clue what youre talking about.They are dumping salary? Really genius? So they dumped 5 players who barely ever played. What about the money from Raul and Senna? The two biggest contracts. Come on dude, know what youre talking about. The only thing roster wise that sucks is Restrepo leaving thats it. There are guys that come on these forums that talk so much smack and have no clue what they are talking about, you are the leader of that group by far.

  • Anonymous

    You guys can’t blame Simpleton’s remark. No matter how much he hates the Cosmos it must burn his sphincter to speak about the ONLY soccer Champion in NY!! Let him talk!! and let it burn!!! lol!!