MLS sanctions NYCFC supporters four matches for behavioral issues


News keeps getting worse for New York City FC supporters.

After the New York Red Bulls took away 1,000 of their allotted 1,500 traveling tickets for the third and final Hudson River Derby of the year, Major League Soccer added to their woes, levying sanctions on their fans for the next four away matches due to  behavioral issues. Sanctions include restrictions on TIFO, instruments and flags during matches.

The sanctions stem from a series of behavioral issues that have caught the ire of the league. One source tells EoS that the league is troubled by NYCFC fan behavior, particularly from traveling supporters who have taken to throwing smoke bombs, flares and bottles during and after matches, including incidents at Red Bull Arena and the U.S. Open Cup tournament against the New York Cosmos.

While MLS did not have a comment on the sanctions at the time of this report, a Third Rail memorandum was forwarded to EoS revealing the nature of the punishment:

[colored_box color=”blue”]

Dear Third Rail Member,

We are passing along the official notice from MLS restricting supporter privileges for the next 4 AWAY matches. The restrictions will be any TIFO, instruments or large flags for the following games. Please be aware that there are additional restrictions put in place by Red Bull Arena for the match there on August 9.

NYCFC @ New England Saturday, July 18, 7:30 PM Gillette Stadium

NYCFC @ New York Red Bulls Sunday, August 9, 7:00 PM Red Bull Arena

NYCFC @ Columbus Crew Wednesday, August 19, 7:30 PM MAPFRE Stadium

NYCFC @ LA Galaxy Sunday, August 23, 5:00 PM StubHub Center

If you have any questions, please contact MLS.


Your Third Rail Board



  • Anonymous

    Hipster Cosplay

  • Storms

    I’m an NYC fan but I dispise supported groups, especially Third Rail and co. just a bunch of guys who saw Green Street and are too socially retarded to meet people outside of organized social clubs

  • Andrew Bissonette

    Having been to Red Bull Arena about 20 times, I can say that the NYCFC fans were, by far, the most misbehaving fans I’ve seen come to the Arena. It wasn’t just the supporters groups either. They were incredibly vulgar, obnoxious, throwing objects.

    And to think, the South Ward gets criticized for doing YSA half a dozen times throughout the season…

    • Bushwick Bill

      We will not stand for this!

      All of Bushwick will rise up against this!

      No organic dairy products or indie folk music for you!

      • BkVegan

        No dairy for anyone!

    • slowleftarm

      Agreed. I’ve been to every home game the past four years and NYCFC fans were the biggest and most obnoxious clowns I’ve seen. Taunting (difficult because they were losing the whole time) and just generally trying to make things as unpleasant as possible.

      My favorite was the moron who ran from his seat in about row 20 of my section down to the front row following an NYCFC “goal” and turned around to taunt everyone, only to look like a complete ass when the goal was ruled offside.

      Still, since most of these guys just discovered that soccer exists this year and the sum total of their knowledge of soccer fandom comes from watching Green Street Hooligans, their behavior isn’t surprising.

  • Anonymous

    So what exactly are these supporter groups anyway? Is there some benefit to being a member?

    • Dave

      Front-office runs a supporter group

    • Anonymous

      You need to be a member to buy tickets in certain sections of Yankee Stadium…

  • BkVegan

    I used to like mls when it was underground. Now that it’s mainstream I only watch Philipino knife fighting and Cricket. All because of NYFC. Red Bulls are sellouts too for staying in the league. I like their early stuff but if they had any integrity at all they’d have switched to a more experimental league once the nycfc posers came in and made the whole thing passé.

  • Harry

    I agree. The Red Bulls should have quit MLS after London Calling came out.

    • trollleftarm

      I’m waiting for the reunion season.

  • Johnny Feelgood

    But what am I gonna do without my cutting edge flares, my upside down tifo and my hardcore smoke bombs? It’s all good- I still have my artisanal toast, my skinny jeans, my ironic
    beard and my red framed glasses. I’ll never smile – I’m too hip. I’m a hooligan!

    • Bushwick Bill

      Maybe we should disguise ourselves? You know, shave our ironic facial hair? Wear loose fitting jeans? I don’t know. This is a shift in the cultural paradigm.


        Yeah NJ hates NY… Except that’s not true. You guys are just two guys from Jersey that hate New York. The reality is that we’re friends and allies and always have been. Much love for NYC! Much love for NJ! Screw these guys.

        • ANONYMOUS

          NYCFC and RBNJ FTW

  • Tim Boston
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  • Inwoodite

    And you guys wonder why Inwood is not keen on the idea of hosting NYCFC in a residential neighborhood…