Sanna Boom! Nyassi Hat Trick Rost’s New York Red Bulls 4-1

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Are you Messi in disguise?

That must have been the question on the mind’s of Tim Ream and Carlos Mendes last night, as Sanna Nyassi‘s hat trick turned the Red Bull’s defense inside out en route to a dominating 4-1 victory for the Rapids.

Things were looking bad for the Red Bull’s before the game even began. Steadfast midfielder Teemu Tainio was a late scratch, forcing the tandem of Dax McCarty and Mehdi Ballouchy to command the midfield. The combination failed to bring any physicality to the middle, and Nyassi would expose that flaw early, and often.

In fact, his first notch came just two minutes in, as the Gambian, who had previously only scored two goals through 52 games, burned past Carlos Mendes, split the defense, and beat a charging Frank Rost to take the early lead.

This would be Rost’s first goal against, and it wouldn’t be his last.

The Red Bulls would go on to put the pressure on the Rapids. By the sixth minute, Juan Agudelo dished a clear opportunity on net to Dane Richards who one timed a shot over the cross bar. Henry would challenge as well by the 23rd minute when he sent in a shot that forced keeper Matt Pickens to bat it away.

It was an opportunistic moment that wound up breaking the game wide open. A searching pass sailed into the Red Bulls are from the Rapids back line, finding Carlos Mendes just in front of the box. Mendes blindly back heels the service into the middle of the pitch for the clearance, where an on rushing Sanna Nyassi gathered the ball and sent a blast from 30 yards out. The shot caught Frank Rost by surprise, clanging off the left post. Well Thompson would cradle the rebound, and beat the German keeper for the 2-0 lead.

Nyassi wasn’t done. By the 30th minute, he single-handedly took Tim Ream for a ride, stringing along the defender, and changing speeds until he slammed a shot to the upper left corner, beating Rost for the 3-0 advantage. The Rapids would challenge again by the 34th as Wells Thompson was stoned by the German keeper at point blank range.

The second half was the same story. This time, the home side took advantage of what they learned in the first half and concentrated their attack on the middle of the pitch, exposing a weak McCarty / Ballouchy tandem. They pressured early and often. Once again, it would be Nyassi who would find daylight. Facing a one on one with Carlos Mendes, Nyassi would feign left, and cut inside, exposing the defender and allowing a clear one on one with Rost, which the Gambian would win once more for the hat trick.

Thierry Henry, who was playing a left wing position and as a withdrawn forward for the second, sent a clinical finish on net off of an Agudelo dish to close out the game.

The loss leaves the Red Bulls one game from an even record (6-5-11) as their mediocre play continues to haunt them. They will be hosting Brek Shead and red hot F.C. Dallas this Saturday at 6 p.m. This will be the teams final game before the All Star Break and the Emirates Cup.

  • When the season began we appeared to be one of the league’s best teams not only because of our starters but also what seemed to be solid depth behind them. Halfway through the year that has been completely proved otherwise. It’s one thing to be missing half of your starters as was the case during the Gold Cup, but to continue to perform poorly with 2-3 players missing it just flat out terrible. Last season Mendes, Ballouchy and Agudelo were all good enough to be solid starters for us so there really is no excuse for the recent form other than that Backe has lost this team.

  • Larry

    Depth LOL. DM, can you research this. Name the players who have come off the bench and played more than 15 minutes in one game as a sub. I bet that is under 5. Albright played more than 15 last night, Da Luz I am sure has, even started. Agudelo for sure. Mehdi is another, but he is soooooooo inconsistent it drives me crazy. Mehdi can’t get within 5 yards of a player without falling or plowing clumsily into him committing a foul. And then he acts surprised. And I’m talking MLS games, not friendlies, open cups….And here is another thing, we have not one (don’t include Agudelo), not one South American on our team. Not Argentine, Brasilian, nada zilch. in fact, only one Central American, one Mexican. Check out the best team in MLS FC Dallas roster. Checkout Seattle’s. What fan base can NYRB sustain when we only have college players, who we draft number 1 and then give away to our rivals? NYC is made up of enclaves of Brasilians and Hispanics etc..And though I do like the northern Europeans they have brought over, they are old, like 29, 30, and 31. And what is the timeline for Brian Nielsen. And Dane Richards, speed galore, but lets really get down to it, his technical ability or lack there of is oppressing. How did he sky that shot that Agudelo put on a platter for him. Keep it low and on target Dane, what a disaster! Who is Marcos Paullo? I just saw the roster and wha wha what??? Brasilian riding the pine, damn, he must be awful. Can’t we get better defenders than Keel (blame that on Petke) and Mendes? Mr. Mendes, you are the proud recepient of the Nyassi award, the player who gives a guy a hat trick who only scored 2 times in 52 games, WOW! Speech. It just seems other clubs are NOT afraid to use their subs while Backe is deathly afraid to use more than 1.

  • Larry

    Lets look at the MLS games and the sub times for those games. How many did Backe sub earlier than than 75 minute?

  • Jeff

    To be honest, there’s not much on the bench anymore these days. Tchani and Da Luz both could provide a real spark off the bench, and Borman speed if nothing else.