No Thanks: Cosmos’ Savarese passes on chance for Dynamo coaching gig


Most coaches in the lower divisions of the American soccer pyramid would jump at the chance to interview for a managerial position within Major League Soccer.

Then again, most coaches aren’t Giovanni Savarese.

EOS has learned the New York Cosmos boss has turned down the opportunity to interview for the head coaching vacancy at the Houston Dynamo.

According to several well-placed sources, Dynamo President Chris Canetti personally pushed for Savarese as a managerial candidate. The Cosmos boss turned down the offer for an interview citing his commitment to the Cosmos and his desire to “see through” the team’s efforts with the signing of Raul.

The Dynamo’s interest makes sense. With the departing Dom Kinnear, Houston are set on a path towards rebuilding; an area where Savarese has excelled in his still-budding managerial career.

Canetti, who was an assistant general manager with the Metrostars from 2000-2006, has first hand experience seeing Savarese build programs from nothing. While removed by a couple of years from Savarese’s playing days in New York, Canetti did work hand and hand with the Venezuelan striker in 2005 when he was charged with overseeing the team’s youth development program. Savarese’s work set the foundation for the Red Bull Academy; widely considered one of the best youth soccer programs in the nation.

After a contentious departure from the Red Bulls, Savarese landed with the New York Cosmos as their head coach and technical director. Once again, he was tasked with building a program from scratch. In 16 short months, he did just that, leading the club to a Fall Championship trophy and the 2013 Soccer Bowl, all while accumulating an outstanding 20-8-13 record.

According to one source, the Dynamo were “flabbergasted” by the outright rejection. Nevertheless, it does little to deter their search, which is said to be moving on as planned.

EOS reached out to both the Cosmos and Dynamo but failed to receive comment at the time of this report.

  • Stopher

    Yes! Love this man.

  • Dave from Dix Hills

    Red Bulls have Petke, Cosmos have Savarese, both have been unbelievable reps for their clubs. This is some class ish.

  • Fred

    Good old, Gio! Love that guy.

  • jspech

    way to go!

  • chepe pedos

    it would have done the same thing.. . no way i would trade the world famous cosmos for the dynamo …especially with the project the cosmos have planned..

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  • Big Picture Gio

    I do think one day we will see Gio become more of a GM/TD/President for the club & maybe a Raul or Senna becomes the eventual coach.

    • chepe pedos

      true, i see that too, hes been there since day one back in 2010… gio is probably meant to be in the cosmos, he has pictures with pele , when he played here in the 70 s …

  • The Cosmos are bigger than the Dynamo.

    • Anthony M.

      According to Forbes, the Dynamo are worth $125 million and had $32 million in revenue for 2012. Not to mention the fact that they have their own stadium. While there is certainly a historical significance to the Cosmos, they are in no way bigger than the Dynamo in 2014.

      • Jspech

        What would the Cosmos worth w/a brand new stadium?

        • Anthony M.

          Hard to say because we don’t know much about their financials. All we know is that they have to be spending more than they make given their attendance figures and lack of national television revenue.

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