Cosmos’ Savarese flirts with idea of signing Spanish great Raul

Raul Cosmos

The New York Cosmos turned heads last season with the signing of Spanish midfielder Marcos Senna.

Will he be joined by some familiar company in 2014?

Cosmos coach Giovanni Savarese was quoted by this week, gushing over the idea of acquiring former Real Madrid striker and Spanish international, Raul.

“If you told me I could sign a forward now, I would love to bring in Raúl, because of what he represents as a person – with his professionalism, commitment and ability,” Savarese says. “He’s exactly the type of person we want at the club”

The comments dovetail nicely with recent criteria delineated by the coach for a potential big name signing. EOS asked Savarese about the possibility of signing a “Marcos Senna” type player for the busy 2014 season.

“The important thing is not the name as we say always — the important thing is to bring the attitudes that somebody like Marcos Senna brings,” he said. “He is a big name, but a bigger person. He is committed to the program and is an admirable human being. That is what we are looking for as well.”

Raul, 36, is currently under contract with Qatari side Al Sadd. He is best known for his 16 years at Real Madrid where he appeared in 550 matches, scoring 228 goals while winning six La Liga titles and three UEFA Champions League trophies. The celebrated striker also donned the colors of La Furia 102 times, scoring 44 goals.

One hitch in his acquisition, of course, would be both price and availability. According to, Raul is the 13th richest player in the world, making up to $16.7 million with Al Sadd on a one-year contract that is set to expire this coming May. While Cosmos ownership are well funded, a financially equivalent salary would be unprecedented across the American soccer landscape and goes against the team’s previously stated, measured stance in player investment.

To compare, Senna’s salary is rumored to be just north of half-a-million dollars.

Still, as Marca points out, it is interesting to see the usually guarded Savarese so openly pine for the services of this soon-to-be veteran free agent. As previously stated, the club is primarily in the market for a striker, amongst other needs.

  • Zach Weiss


  • rafael

    Wow….its like the Cosmos did not learn their lesson from the last time. Open up your wallets and bankrupt NASL – The Sequel.

    • Zach Weiss

      Sounds like an MLS fanboy. Why don’t you tell that to the LA Galaxy when they signed Beckham, the NY Red bulls with Henry, and recently the Sounders with Dempsey.

      The NY Cosmos are doing the right thing. Champions gaining a champion.

      • Stan

        LMNYAO, are you serious? Did you see the part of him being one of the highest paid athletes even at age 36… and you’ll pay him that money when your club plays 2nd division and doesn’t even produce that type of revenue. NASL, 3rd division or over in 5 years

        • Peter D. Ross

          The Cosmos and the NASL are going to be very well in the long run. Slowly but surely they are making their mark. I just love listening to MLS dogma preachers trying to instill their own fears on others. It just shows how much the NASL is standing out. Go Cosmos! This is the right thing to do! Raúl, NY loves you!

      • rafael

        MLS has the revenue and infrastructure. NASL doesn’t even have a TV contract and the 3rd division Orlando City club outdraws all but the Cosmos in NASL. It’s just simple economics – money in vs money out. Google it.

        • Zach Weiss

          MLS has the DP rule and limitation on foreign players. MLS holds contracts on everyone. MLS draws revenue from the clubs’ sales including merchandising. Yeah, paradise. Such a great model that everyone in the world follows it. Wait…no they don’t!
          NASL is growing steadily, and the Cosmos are building successfully. No one is competing with anyone. Both the league and all of the clubs are just doing their own thing. You talk about simple economics. I say, its a free country and a free market.

          • Oculus

            People love a fantasy world. Go look at other NASL club budgets, they are less the 500,000. Now, tell me how anyone is going to compete with the Cosmos? This is not helping NASL, it is repeating the same idiotic moves they did in the past. STOP COMPARING OTHER LEAGUES TO MLS, WHY? Because MLS doesn’t make half of the revenue the other top soccer leagues do, nor is soccer even the fifth most popular sport in this country. For this reason, MLS produce a league structure that will help the league grow, without clubs going bankrupt. Also taking into account that Americans sports fans like competitive. And since every successful sports league in this country needs casual fans, you have to make your league similar to the other US leagues. Zach Weiss, you are a fucking idiot. No

            • Max

              I have seen MLS games over the year, and I have to say that the league is nowhere near on par with the rest of the world. That said, they are doing the best they can within their structure. However, that is not to say that they are the only way to do things and should be the only soccer in people’s minds in the US. By comparison the Cosmos and the clubs I have seen in the NASL are actually doing more with less in a short period. I actually see this league expanding in the next ten years. I don’t know about competing, but surely venturing on their own. Why do people bring so much hate into the conversation? This guy “Oculus” really needs to tone it down even if you are defending “rafael”, or yourself. If you are concerned about MLS, then that is ok. But don’t try to sell your negativity to anyone because no one is buying. I am a long time Red Bulls fan, and I also welcome the Cosmos. Take a chill pill dude. If the Cosmos and the NASL can do it, let them by all means. It only makes soccer better in the city and the country. The more international exposure the better.

              • Oculus

                @MAX-Nowhere on par? please. My Father is Nigerian and has familiy in London.So I have traveled to London and all over Europe, and MLS is on par with mid table Championship sides. And I also been to many NYRB games this past year. Now lets get back to the NASL talk. The NASL isn’t doing anything but following a path MLS already laid out for them. Nothing the NASL is during is new. What I said is the truth, look at the past, having one team dominate is not good for a league. The old NASL tried this and failed. Over expansion wasn’t what killed the old NASL, trying to compete with the Cosmos is what killed the league. Having clubs who make less then MLS clubs, spending more money then they take in, is what killed the league. It took till 1996 to get a new league and it has taken this long for clubs to just survive. The only stable lower division is the USL Pro. Like you I think having a stable second division is good for American soccer. To bad the NASL is not during what is best for American soccer and will most likely not exist in five years. Nothing I said was negative, but truth. This is bad for AMERICAN SOCCER STUPID, NOT GOOD!

                • Oculus

                  The NASL is a joke of a league, and many NASL fans are saying the same thing. Only idiotic Cosmos fans are not.

                  • Jerome

                    I am so happy for the Cosmos and NY if this happens. What an amazing treat. I am sure that fans around the world that support both the Cosmos and Raúl are excited. There will always be people who are sour to any great news and create a mission to try to ruin a party. This is excellent. I too am fan of MLS and like the LA Galaxy, but I have lived around the world. I can say with certainty that MLS is not on the same level as any of the big leagues around the world – not even close. But they are still good in their own way. Why people want to criticize others like the NASL is beyond me. It sounds like propaganda. Ridiculous really. Soccer is growing in the country. With stars like Raúl, the sport will expand in the states. Let’s go Galaxy and let’s go Cosmos. I want you guys to bring Raúl to the Open Cup next year and hopefully the stars align for our two clubs to meet.

                    • Barry

                      Yeah, I am just linking from an MLS article ( about Lampard and Cole, and it pointed me here. Raúl to the Cosmos? Excellent! This means things are taking off in the states. I am from England, and I am long time Arsenal and Real Madrid fan. I don’t know what the other guy is talking up above, but I have seen MLS games on the telly and while in the states I caught a game to see Henry. There are some quality players, but the majority of the game and level of intensity is not like in Europe. No way! So please stop comparing. MLS has a long way to go. Despite that, there is still promise. With more quality stars going from Europe to America, things will change. Congratulations to the New York Cosmos and Raúl if this happens. Experience will help build quality over there. Cheers.

  • Carlos Rioja


  • Shawn Roberts

    Are they serious? He’s 36, he has a couple of years left in him at best. This would be a waste of money.

  • Roberto

    Dios! This is great news! All the Spanish people from NY and the metropolitan area will come to support the Cosmos. Grande Raúl – todos te esperamos en NY. Madrismo!

  • Xavier

    Oh this guy needs to come and pronto. Raúl is a legend and a monster of a striker. We want you Raúl!

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