New York City F.C. still searching for temporary, permanent home; Yankee Stadium still favored


New York City, N.Y. – New York City F.C. are a year away from their Major League Soccer debut, and yet, there is no home stadium to be spoken of — temporary or otherwise.

“As we’ve shared before, we’re spending a lot of time on it,” NYC FC Chief Business Officer Tim Pernetti told reporters at the club’s badge unveiling event in Soho. “We’re definitely looking for a home, not just a place to play. We’re going to spend as much time as we need to spend, not only the people we need to in the boroughs where we’re looking, but the administration. We’re going to work through it in the most positive, productive way possible.

“When we have news, we’re going to tell you guys.”

While a permanent home remains years away, the announcement of a temporary facility has been surprisingly difficult. EOS had the chance to speak to NYC FC Director of Football Claudio Reyna at yesterday’s event who revealed that the club would have an announcement on a temporary facility “within a month.” If that sounds familiar, it should; MLS Commissioner Don Garber made a similar statement as did team CEO Ferran Soriano. In fact, the timeline was once described as mere “days.” That was back in January.

The solution for a temporary home may be more difficult than NYC FC is willing to admit. An EOS report last month cited concerns from Major League Baseball surrounding the usage of Yankee Stadium as a soccer field. While it wouldn’t be the first time a baseball team and a soccer club shared facilities, the concern remains that Yankee Stadium was simply not built to withstand the kind of abuse that stems from steady professional soccer matches. “Soccer divots” were a common problem when the Yankees and Cosmos shared space in the mid-70’s and interrupted play on occasion — a major concern for MLB.

While that may be the case, team sources tell us that Yankee Stadium continues to lead the charge as the temporary solution for next season.

“We’ve made great progress on that, a temporary stadium,” Pernetti said. “We’ve been pretty clear from the beginning that we’re going to have a home before we actually have a home. We’ve made great progress on it. We’re not ready to talk about it yet, but we will be soon.”

  • Anonymous

    no one cares, tell me Dave how many supporters of this attended last night or even showed up at the Adidas store for the Grand Unveiling ? How many of those people write blogs for the team or are interns or paid employees ? This is a joke.

    • Not many supporters, but I wouldn’t expect any this early to be honest. They don’t have the Cosmos lineage to build from nor the longevity of RBNY. Will say, they do have a top fan relations committee guiding their show, with some star former RB/Metro execs heading the charge. Their experience will be invaluable in cultivating a following.

      • Anonymous

        so even the fan base and potential SG’s are being manufactured ! Great awesome sounds like a disaster to me.

  • Goodfella

    I care anonymous. Couldn’t make it to Adidas store as I was stuck at work but avidly following as are 40 or so of my friends.

    • Anonymous

      good for you , followers of this are the same people who buy everything they see on TV ! , Can i sell you a Slap Chop or maybe Some Crazy Glue ?

  • Steve

    I hope it’s not too late to build the stadium in Flushing, NYC FC should come to an agreement with the Mets as far as building in the area! And if that can’t happen how about building the stadium by the Throggs neck/Whitestone bridges ?