Seattle Reign issue statement on Rapinoe’s Anthem stance

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Megan Rapinoe displayed her solidarity with Colin Kaepernick last week, taking a knee for the singing of the national anthem just prior to the Seattle Reign, Chicago Red Stars match.

Her club issued a statement on her protest on Wednesday afternoon.

Here is the full take from the club:

Prior to the start of Sunday’s match against the Chicago Red Stars, Reign FC’s Megan Rapinoe elected to kneel during the playing of the national anthem.

We recognize Megan’s decision was offensive to some and a source of inspiration to others.

We empathize with those offended, as we understand that the playing of the national anthem is one of our nation’s most revered public celebrations, honoring the sacrifices that have been made — and continue to be made — by those serving in our armed forces.

At the same time, we see many inspired by Megan’s decision, as the courage she exhibited by acting on her beliefs empowers others to take action as well.

We will continue to encourage all Reign FC players to participate in the pre-match ceremony, which honors those who have served and made sacrifices on our behalf.

We will also continue to allow players to participate in the pre-match ceremony in a manner consistent with their personal beliefs, reflecting our respect for the rights earned and defended by those fighting for our nation.

And we will continue to support Megan in her efforts to make a positive impact on our country, encouraging her to do so in a way that provokes needed conversation about serious issues, in a manner consistent with the values of our organization.

  • Rest of World

    I am offended by this being news.
    Go away. You all get paid to play a child’s game. If you want to make a difference, donate your millions and your time to the communities that need help

    • jwright

      agree, think these athletes should feel privileged of the opportunities this country has given them and take their protests somewhere else or get in the neighborhoods and help the issues for real. Any of their supposed things they are protesting have nothing to do with the entire country and US people/government/military as a whole – I like the US hockey coach’s approach the best…

  • Arsenal10023

    Talk about sitting on the fence. What a wishy washy PC statement by Seattle. They are basically saying to all of the players – “do whatever you feel like today, no problem”

  • Respect

    much respect to Seattle Reign

  • Joan Spangler

    This answer is like kids playing soccer, not keeping score, and everyone getting a participation award. Enough already. The focus is now her, not her cause. To continue takes everything away from the NWSL & USWNT because the media will blow this out of the stratosphere. I hope Rapinoe is happy with her choice, no public USWNT or NWSL player support. To give a profanity laced angry interview over Washington.. How is Solo any worse than this? I am sick of it, get over yourself, you didn’t realize the scope of anger over this.. To continue is just selfish…

  • slowleftarm

    Megan should be suspended from the league for her behavior.

    • slowleftarm

      Disagree but someone should ban this impostor from this site. Come on Dave Martinez.

      • Arleen

        what do you care ? you little jerk.

  • Jenee

    What conversation are they supporting by kneeling. I have not heard one thing about fixing the police and community ties. Its all about these fools who get paid to run up and down a field. Then I must be a fool too, cause I got paid a hell of a lot less serving in the US Navy protecting their rights. Oh and once again…. The police are govern by city and state not a federal issue. Read your consitution… So instead of blaming a whole nation for a few troubled cities. Take your butt there and work at fixing the issue. Rapione stop throwing the gay card out there…. I’m gay, I served and now I am a disable vet.. I don’t get half the medical care you do. We have come so far from where we were in the 80s. I find it totally offensive that you throw that around like its a free pass to Disneyland.
    So in the long run I bought a O.U softball jersey and didn’t subscribe to any channel you’ll be playing on. Won’t be watching much NFL either.