Seattle Sounders fire Sigi Schmid


The Seattle Sounders have fired Sigi Schmid after more than seven seasons as their head coach.

Schmid had been the Sounders’ coach since they joined Major League Soccer in 2009. He presided over immediate success as the club made the playoffs as an expansion team—and every year since. Schmid led the Sounders to four U.S. Open Cup triumphs, and the Supporters’ Shield in 2014. But MLS Cup constantly eluded the team, and Schmid came under fire for failing to succeed in the playoffs.

“Sigi departs the club with our utmost respect and gratitude for his years of service. Ultimately the club and Sigi agreed that a change was needed at this time, but Sigi’s legacy will always be a part of our history,” said Sounders owner Adrian Hanauer.

The Sounders are in the midst of the worst season in their MLS history, having amassed just 20 points in 20 games. They sit ninth in the West, and have suffered losses to Portland, LA, and Kansas City in an eight-day span that sealed Schmid’s fate.

Schmid is the third MLS coach to be fired this year, following Owen Coyle in Houston and Adrian Heath in Orlando.

Schmid will be replaced on an interim basis by Brian Schmeltzer, an assistant coach with the Sounders.

  • Captain hook

    I feel bad for sounders fan base, if nycfc and Miami can get their own stadium then what about sounders.
    Sounders should be a powerhouse but all they care is about having 35,000 plus fans and no future.
    I got two words for you Seattle

    • MTF

      NYCFC can’t get their own stadium. If Claudio Reyna is to be believed, I don’t think they’re even trying.

      • Captain hook

        Nycfc could have had their new stadium by now but they want a prime location, and its nyc.
        Becks and Miami is just too good to let go and garber will do anything to make that happen.
        But sounders after 5 years show no intention of moving out of Seahawks.

        • MTF

          I would have to agree that after naming themselves New York CITY Football Club it would be foolish for them to build a stadium outside of the City, i.e., the five boroughs. Even if they were willing to look outside the City in Westchester or Long Island, they would not have their stadium by now.

          • Captain hook

            At the end of the day, I would love for all MLS teams to have their own stadium. Cities like Seattle, Vancouver, Miami, and even Columbus deserve a top class soccer stadium.
            Garber should be bullish with MLS stadiums at every city council.

  • Arsenal10023

    Sigi had a nice run….won some trophies and put an entertaining product out on the field. He knows the league and will land on his feet I am sure….how about LAFC or Atlanta United?

    Sounders really need a world class striker and put some grass down on the field….the fake stuff sucks. Robbie Keane said a while back that MLS needs to go all grass all the time to be taken seriously as a league. I agree.

    • Captain hook

      About 3 years ago I told my MLS buddy that Seattle would hit a nasty rock bottom.
      Their fan base is a one of kind and they have never gotten it right, kinda like the Toronto situation.
      Seattle is a beautiful city with a passionate fan base, and if they have the money to go after zlatan, giovani, a giant dp with talent, then what are they waiting for. I don’t have nothing against Dempsey but he can’t do it all.

  • Blimpie

    Should have spent less time at the buffet and more time game planning and maybe he would still have his job and be able to see his feet.

    • Captain hook

      He’s done and been done.
      Seattle should go for exmexico coach Aguirre. Lots of experience there

  • i wonder if Kreis would have held out for this opening if he knew it was coming.