Poll: Should NYCFC Fire Jason Kreis?


Reports on the possible firing of Jason Kreis have caused raucous debate amongst New York City FC fans and soccer pundits alike.

On the one hand, this is an expansion club and Kreis is a decorated MLS manager with an MLS Cup and Supporters’ Shield title under his belt. He, along with former Real Salt Lake GM Garth Lagerway, built one of the most unlikely perennial Cup contenders in the league with RSL, both acquiring and integrating talent in a seamless and effective manner. With NYCFC — and through no fault of his own — he has suffered through roster turnover all season long, playing on a field that is not built for soccer. Still, he managed to keep his team competitive throughout most of the season.

On the other hand, Kreis has, on several occasions, confounded many with both his roster decisions and the general preparedness of his club. From his starting XI selections to his use of subs, his occasional public critiques of players and the confounding fitness issues that have haunted this team since the start of the season, Kreis has a shared responsibility in several of the club’s failures.

The record doesn’t lie … but is that enough to give Kreis the boot?

That is the question we present to you today. Have a vote and share your take below:

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  • Tim D.

    Hell no. He’s a good coach, effective leader, works his tail off. Lampard didn’t spark for what, 3 months? Pirlo came in late. Plenty of injuries. He should stay and continue developing this club.

    • William

      good luck with that. a complete and utter disaster

    • NJ4NYCFC

      Spot on. Spot on, Tim D.

  • I only say Yes in order to send NYCFC further down the path of creating a 5 year mess.

  • Anonymous

    I say yes. I don’t think he’s the right coach for this group of players and he’s certainly not the right coach to work with the ownership, which might be the bigger issue.

    This is not saying that Kreis is a bad coach. I just think that whatever the vision happens to be, everyone on the team needs to be on the same page for something to move forward. Right now, it seems like Kreis might be the odd man out in this case and it might just be better for him to move on to a more suitable job and for someone more accustomed to working with CFG or similar organizations (big club experience) to step in.

    And yes, I realize the argument about Kreis’s knowledge of salary caps and all that, but none of that matters if the ownership ultimately doesn’t listen to you. And given the fact that our ownership isn’t likely to change any time soon, we might as well get a coach that is on board with CFG’s vision and move things along for better or for worse.

  • Mike

    I’d say no. It’s the team’s first year. There will be growing pains.

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