Watch: Snakebit striker Jozy Altidore scores for Sunderland


It took over 1o months, 293 days and a League Cup competition to do it, but Jozy Altidore has finally snapped his goalless drought for Sunderland.

Stoke took a 2-1 win over the Black Cats, but Altidore’s less-than-graceful notch may be the best silver lining Sunderland could have hoped for.  Desperate for a goal on the club level, Altidore has been relegated to bench duties for much of his time in the Prem.  That snide breaks on just his second start of the season.  None of those starts have come in regular season play.

Whether this sparks a turn of fortune for the young American striker is anyone’s guess, but it certainly won’t hurt the former Red Bull product moving further into the season.

Here is the long awaited goal:

Jozy Altidore GIF