Soccer Bowl Preview: Cosmos Host Ottawa Fury



Sunday’s championship final between the New York Cosmos and Ottawa Fury FC will not only determine who lifts the Soccer Bowl trophy — the match will also determine who comes out on top in a season where the two sides played to a virtual deadlock.

It was a tight race throughout the NASL table this year, and the battle at the top of the table was no exception. New York claimed the Spring Season title with an impressive undefeated run, while the Fury clicked on all cylinders in the back half of the year to claim the Fall Season.

The three-game series between the two sides ended with each one taking a win and a scoreless draw in the middle to even things out. The Cosmos were only crowned the top seed by virtue of the second tiebreaker of total goals scored as both sides finished even on points and goal differential atop the combined table.

As hosts of the championship match, the Cosmos are hoping to replicate the magic that helped them secure their first NASL title back in 1972. Like this week’s impending bout with the Fury, that 2-1 result of the St. Louis Stars was also played at Shuart Stadium. While it took the original Cosmos six seasons to claim two league titles, these modern era Cosmos are already angling to win their second in three years.

The Cosmos clearly have prestige on their side heading into the weekend. For their Canadian opposition, Sunday is all about taking advantage of an opportunity to forge their own history. The upstart club has a chance to earn championship glory in only their second year of existence.

Starting XI Predictions:

Cosmos (4-2-3-1): Maurer – Gorskie, Mendes, Roversio, Ayoze – Senna, Szetela, Restrepo, Raul, Guenzatti – Cellerino

Fury (4-3-3): Peiser – Richter, Alves, Falvey, Trafford – Eustaquio, Ryan, Ubiparipovic – Wiedeman, Heinemann, Paulo Junior

Fitting Send-Offs: Much has been made of the extra motivation that the Cosmos have to push for the Soccer Bowl given that the match will be the last time that the esteemed Raul and Marcos Senna will ever take the field. That desire to send the two greats off into retirement on a positive note has shown through in the determined nature with which the team has approached recent matches.

But Ottawa has their own added motivation to take the title. Head Coach Marc Dos Santos won’t be retiring at season’s end, though he will be departing for another coaching opportunity. Dos Santos wants to validate the system he built from the ground up in Ottawa with the ultimate prize, and there is no doubt that his players will be driven to help their coach do just that.

Moving on from September: Ottawa’s 4-1 triumph over the Cosmos on September 22 is hard to ignore, but the Cosmos are in a vastly different place over a month later. That stumble came during one of the most congested stretches for New York this year, when Senna was still working his way back into the fulltime lineup, and center back Roversio was still sidelined by injury.

Those players have now returned to form, along with holding midfielder Danny Szetela and attacking midfielder Sebastian Guenzatti, who have become mainstays in the lineup once again. A rout like the one in the last match up between these two sides is highly unlikely. Fans should expect a competitive match.

Defensive Prowess: With a healthy Roversio back in the mix, the Cosmos should be far less exposed when matching up with the Fury and will look much more like the squad that only allowed 30 goals in 30 games this year. That’s a terrific statistic for the Cosmos, but it’s only second best when stacked up against the Fury, who conceded only 23 goals in the same amount of games. Given the defensive dependability on display this weekend, the match could prove the old adage that defense wins championships. Like the scoreless draw between the two sides in August, true scoring chances will probably be hard to come by.

Peppering Peiser: A keeper getting on the shortlist for league MVP is no easy feat, though it’s exactly what Ottawa’s Romuald Peiser did this year with his stellar play. The Frenchman has made a habit of denying opponent’s on seemingly sure goals on a regular basis. The low scoring rate for Peiser’s opposition is exactly why the Cosmos need to test the keeper as much as possible. Ottawa’s attack has thrived off limited chances through some clinical finishing, while the Cosmos have been a little less fortunate on capitalizing on their chances. The advanced attacking role that Raul has taken up recently could play a huge part in how productive the Cosmos are. Forward Gaston Cellerino has yet to prove himself a serious threat when stranded up top. He’ll likely need all the help he can get to best the Fury back line.

X-Factor: The NASL took a risk scheduling its championship final during an international break, and the move has cost the Fury veteran midfielder Julian De Guzman who will be away with Canada. Cosmos attacking midfielder Andres Flores, though, endeared himself supporters for many years to come by declining El Salvador’s call up for the next round of World Cup Qualifying. Flores has become a regular substitute with tremendous potential of changing any match he enters, which is something that could come in handy for a match that is likely to be hard-fought to the very end.

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