Sources: Armada send Richie Ryan to Miami in record transfer deal

Richie Ryan v NYC


In an unprecedented NASL roster transaction, the Jacksonville Armada have completed the transfer of club captain Richie Ryan to Miami FC.

According to several sources, Miami FC are paying a record transfer fee of $750k dollars to Jacksonville for the Soccer Bowl winning midfielder. Northern Pitch was first to break the story. Empire of Soccer can corroborate the report.

As if that number wasn’t enough to grab your attention, Ryan’s salary adjustment will.

The now-former Armada captain is set to make nearly three times his current salary with Miami FC. EoS has learned that the 31-year-old Ireland native, who was making $80-90k a year with the Armada, will now be paid from $20-25k a month through 2016, with annual increases to his salary coming in 2017 and 2018.

When combining all of those numbers, this deal surpasses the seven figure threshold; a record total for the NASL and a number that likely obliterates any club-to-club transfers on the Major League Soccer level as well.

Ryan’s transfer comes mere days after Miami FC coach Alessandro Nesta took to the media to express his disgust in his team’s performance following Miami’s 3-0 loss to the Cosmos. Speaking to the Miami Herald, Nesta admitted errors in building his roster and promised changes to come.

But no one could quite have imagined this.

For his part, Ryan is considered both the best captain in the NASL as well as a proven winner. He was a vital fixture in Ottawa’s ascension in 2015 and the face of the franchise en route to their Soccer Bowl defeat to the Cosmos.

Neither the Armada, Miami FC nor the NASL were available for comment at the time of this report.

The move is expected to be completed tomorrow.

  • slowleftarm

    $1m and all you get is a guy who spent most of his career in the Irish league? Guess you really have to pay to get anyone to come to NASL.

    • slowlefttroll

      Reading is fundamental. He was already in the NASL.

    • slowleftarm

      He was with the Fury last year and Armada this year try to keep up slow brain.

      • slowleftarm

        William – you forgot to change names before you insulted me.

        • slowleftarm

          eh ?

  • LOL

    “…that likely obliterates any club-to-club transfers on the Major League Soccer level as well”
    Typical NASL fanboy-ish bull crap from Dave.

    • Joshua

      Kei Kamara from Columbus to New England didn’t even get to 750k in TAM/GAM. Come on.

      • Eric B

        But there were also 2 draft picks and an int’l player spot. Not sure how to quantify them monetary-wise, so a one-to-one comparison is hard.

        • Len

          lol, draft picks!

        • John R

          draft picks aren’t worth much when they just send that player to USL

          • Eric B

            But if they’re MLS starters from day one?

    • Dave Martinez

      Fanboy? Not at all. Allocation money of this magnitude does not trade hands in MLS on the club-to-club level. That is fact. Where it is a GOOD fact is where the debate should be.

    • Mark Gullen

      It’s not fanboy-ish. Technically speaking, no MLS clubs ever engage in transfers between themselves. A transfer, by its very nature, is the transfer of a player’s registration from one club to another. Single entity means all players are basically signed to one big club called Major League Soccer and Major League Soccer has mechanisms to allocate players to teams. That’s how single entity works.

      In short, get your facts straight before ****-talking Dave.

  • Don Garber

    Carry on my MLS loving Fan Boys.
    AKA soccer wannabees for 20 years and going.

    • Larry\’s A Simpleton

      lol, as compared to who? you nasl fanboys who hold a circle jerk when one of your independent clubs get more than 5ooo into the building?

      come on angry bill, have some balls and post under your name instead of a retard who uses some dumb handle

  • The only garber

    I don’t know what to say or think…..
    Is this a move to win the open cup or something.
    I say this,if you nasl teams have the money like cosmos, Miami, then do it to win the open cup.
    By the way, garber told ESPN deportes, that the mexiCan league is better than mls and he wants another mls vs ligamx tournament.
    Will any nasl team go after Ronaldinho or Tim Cahill.

    • slowleftarm

      The problem is that signing a 40 year old has been isn’t enough to beat 3 or 4 MLS teams in a row, which any NASL team would need to do to win the open cup. Cosmos already tried it. It was clear that a geriatric like Raul couldn’t play at an MLS level at that point in his career.

      • Len

        Who said anything about a 40 year old? Sheesh, you have no credibility at all and seriously no nothing of the NASL, typical Mls/Usl fanboy.

        • slowleftarm

          Cosmos signed a couple of 40 year olds last year and got blown away by RBNY. Did you miss that game?

      • slowlefttroll

        Seems being a crappy team from the Jersey swamps isn’t enough to advance past even one MLS team, says the 2015 Open Cup record.

  • slowleftarm

    LOL…This clown club got 3k for their last game against the mighty global brand known as Hempstead Cosoms, MLS is coming to town but hold on they got Ritchie Ryan aka some dude from the Irish league. Yeah that should save them!

    • Larry\’s A Simpleton

      I guess Messi was busy.

    • Mark Gullen

      Whether Richie Ryan is good, bad or average, let’s look at this for what it would be in the wider footballing world, which is a panic buy. Jacksonville had them over a barrel, they wanted this player and were willing to pay over the odds.

  • Len

    Richie Ryan is a quality player and leader, will surely be a big asset for The Miami FC. Ryan’s a great passer, one of the best in the NASL in ball distribution.

  • Milton Reese

    Everyone giving slow a hard time misses one very important fact- the NASL is a complete joke. It’s followed by a few thousand fans and is played in garbage fields with no media or coverage. People are more interested in arena football, college lacrosse or the WNBA. Fact.

    • Randall McFisticuffs

      I don’t understand the hostility so many have toward lower division soccer.
      More soccer = more better, right?

      Lower division ball brings the beautiful game to every nook and cranny. Des Moines and Harrisburg and OKC aren’t major media markets. But surely they deserve something they can call their own.

      • Baah

        Yes, but MLS gives slow left arm a boner.

      • Hrvat

        Absolutely right. We can argue about how the leagues can’t come together. I don’t care who is at fault. It needs to be fixed. The more teams the better for development of the game and players. I might not like the way MLS does business but in the end I don’t want it to fold. I love to hear that more lower teams are being created. The fact that we argue which league is better sucks

    • Len

      @Milton Reese – You really know nothing of the NASL (or facts) Time to school you, they have 3 national TV deals for this season with regards to media coverage, a real fact.

    • Shake Shake Shake Diego Sanora

      Yes, like MLS in the 1990s.

      Every league had to start somewhere.

      • slowleftarm

        MLS in the 1990s was light years ahead of NASL. Seen this flawed analogy floated around a lot. When I saw look at the attendance figures all the NASL people say is that the MLS figures are made up. There’s no evidence of that but that’s all they got.

        • Mark Gullen

          Yeah, those fucking people with their fucking eyes, ruining everything.

    • Dom

      I guess you haven’t been to see the Fury in Ottawa. It’s a pretty awesome stadium. Decent amount of fans and great facilities. But I guess it’s always fun to throw out random things without actual knowledge of facts. I really don’t understand this little crappy MLS vs NASL war going on. So lame.

  • Arenas kid

    NASL has their beckham signing :)
    Oh i forgot it was Raul
    Ronaldinho to NASL……..

  • The rest of the world

    MLS=Mostly Lame Soccer

    • slowleftarm

      I guess that’s why MLS has tv deals in numerous foreign countries while NASL doesn’t even have a real TV in this one.

      • Joey

        MLS has a TV deal?

        I know SUM bundled together a combined USMNT / MLS / World Cup / Mexican friendly TV deal, but I wasn’t aware that there was an MLS TV deal


      • Have’t the last 2 Red bulls games been on Unimas. Is that the tv deal you are talking about?

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  • Reading is fundamental. He was already in the NASL.

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