Sources: “No Truth” to Xavi, New York Red Bull rumors


Barcelona star Xavi continues to be connected to the New York Red Bulls, but a league source with knowledge of the situation tells EOS that there is “no truth” to the rumors.

“There is nothing to Xavi coming to the New York Red Bulls,” we are told.

The reports of his arrival have certainly ramped up this week and there is plenty of reason to believe the rumors hold water. Several sources out of Florida tell EOS that representatives from Xavi’s camp are taking in the MLS Combine. While one would assume that their presence would be directly connected to negotiations with the Red Bulls, that does not seem to be the case.

In Major League Soccer’s continuing effort to expand their global presence, the league has arranged for a large conglomerate of respected Spanish agents to attend the Combine and speak to league officials to learn more about the intricacies of the American game. Amongst them are representatives for Xavi.

“There is a very big group of Spanish agents in Florida. They are agents to a lot of very good Spanish players … It’s their first time with any relationship to MLS,” one source tells us. “They definitely are not meeting with (just Red Bull).”

Spanish agents met with Red Bull brass this week, but the topic of Xavi was never broached. “It was a first time meeting, a getting to know each other thing,” we are told.

Now, it is worth noting that “@Barcastuff” on Twitter, a roving reporter with the Blaugrana side and the person who broke Neymar’s arrival to Barcelona, tweeted “Xavi (33) has received an offer from American team New York Red Bulls and is thinking about it.” Others have also expressed that negotiations were “happening at a rapid pace.”

While their seems to be truth in the initial report that Thierry Henry reached out to his former teammate, our league sources vehemently deny there is anything else going on between either party or that any substantive contact has been made with Xavi’s representatives at all.

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