Gonzalo Veron officially signs DP deal with Red Bulls

gonzalo veron Red Bulls

New York Red Bulls fans, your wait is over.

Former San Lorenzo striker Gonzalo Veron has officially signed with the Red Bulls, according to several sources with knowledge of the negotiations. The Red Bulls will make an official announcement tomorrow.

As reported by EoS last week, Veron has signed a Designated Player contract with the Red Bulls. This comes in the wake of a heavy investment from New York, who have reportedly paid a $2.2. million transfer fee for the speedy striker.

That is not all. If the Argentine goalscorer gets his visa in order this week, Veron may be up for a big splash debut for Sunday’s third and final encounter this season between the Red Bulls and New York City FC.

Veron, who fell into spot duty at a talented San Lorenzo, scored eight goals and added six assists in 52 appearances with the club. In order to accommodate the player and find him minutes, San Lorenzo coach Edgardo Bauza has played Veron on either the left or right wing of his offense, leading many to believe the 25-year-old striker is a natural flank option. However, Veron featured centrally as a striker for the club in his earlier years, just as he did against Club Sportivo Italiano before them.

The New York Red Bulls take on the Montreal Impact this Wednesday night at Stade Saputo.


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  • splinter

    This is a great signing for the red bulls.

  • JD

    Is he a forward or a CAM? I have heard different reports.

  • Nat Mac

    Hopefully, he will fit well in the squad. Team chemistry has been good of late.

  • ElMetrofan

    EA will downgrade him just for joining the MLS…just as they did SWP..

  • red eye

    I have a feeling hes good and if he is,he wil be sold to ligamx or sime midtable European team.
    I also gotta ask, who did petke ask for, given that marsch already got 2 dps.

    • Justin

      Marsch got 1 DP. BWP was signed to a DP contract before Marsch was named manager

    • Andrew Bissonette

      Dude, the guy hasn’t even gt on the practice field for us. Why don’t you slow down on kicking him out the door.

    • CosmosPetke

      You are still crying about Petke? Get a life. Petke already had Henry and Cahill.

  • Dan L

    I think the point is how would Petke be doing with this group of players right now, it does not seem to be a bad mix, albeit missing any real stars (maybe that’s a good thing for chemistry/team cohesion?).

    Just remember, Petke had the best 2 years – SS and 1 game from MLS cup – wonder how this group will do this year and next, will they achieve the same success and will they then be canned after as well?

    • CosmosPetke

      So weak. I know this is a soccer site and nobody here has any idea about the popular sports in the US that exist, but do you think Michael Jordan won 6 championships because of Phil Jackson and that Michael Jordan this loser that all of a sudden was molded by a genius? Get real, it was Henry’s team and Petke did a good job but to do this tired line of Petke was the winner is not only absurd, but highly uneducated for someone who would just follow soccer. They didn’t get rid of Mike because of his record, they had a new system and said he wasn’t the best person for it. Truth is hard to swallow, but it’s a business.

      • Anonymous

        If an individual player’s talent alone could carry a team, Lebron would have surpassed Jordan’s six championships by now. Jordan succeeded due to a combination of his raw talent and the fact that he had a strong team around him. I think a lot of people are quick to forget this fact. As for Phil Jackson’s contributions, I don’t think that there’s any doubt that he played a crucial role in bringing that talented roster together to play as a cohesive unit with a solid vision. Basketball like soccer, is a team sport and team sports are a delicate balance of individual talent, effective leadership, and sound tactics. To simplify it to Jordan winning six championships because of his brilliance alone is just ignorant.

        Henry was also an incredibly talented individual player and played an important leadership and playmaking role for the Red Bulls, but like Jordan, he wasn’t the only player on the field. I think it would be a mistake to pretend that the coaching and management were irrelevant and that it was Henry’s brilliance alone that carried the team. Every single aspect of the team is important and deserves its due respect. That means acknowledging Petke’s role and importance to that team without oversimplification or hyperbole.

        Also, just because someone happens to follow soccer, it doesn’t mean that they’re ignorant of everything else in the sports world.

        • CosmosPetke

          Annie you are blind. To simplify what I’m saying to the homo erotic Petke nonsense is who do you think they ran personnel by on the Red Bulls during Henry’s time aside the coach? Yup, Henry. Same way Jordan asked for Doug Collins to be removed so he could control Phil Jackson, who brought nothing and Tex Winter ran the offense that made the team (common knowledge). If the Red Bulls win it all this year, the morons will still cry and say Petke, Petke, Petke. If we don’t, same thing.

          My comment on how everyone is a girly sissy and doesn’t know NFL, etc., is in response to the fact that if they did follow they would know across sports in the US, when a new GM (aka Sporting Director) comes in, he usually brings in his own coach. It’s business. Curtis felt Marsch was better suited for his vision. End of story. Stop talking about Petke.

        • CosmosPetke

          And personnel wise Phil Jackson didn’t assemble that team, Jerry Krause did.

          • slowleftarm

            Are we really trashing Phil Jackson and his 13 trips to the finals and 11 championships? Yeah, I get he had great players but teams generally don’t win anything in the NBA without them. How did the Bulls and Lakers do before he got there with similar personnel?

            • CosmosPetke

              I was hoping you went there. David Blatt, coach of the Cavs, genius? Give me a fucking break, moron arguement. Next. How about the great and almighty Erik Spoelstra, a basketball genius, 4 straight finals because he is that great of a coach. Had enough? Case closed.

  • george naj

    think the key for Petke, not saying he was the best coach/tactician ever or that he was solely responsible for positive results, was that he really cared about the heart and soul of the organization, the fans, etc.

    He was a fan himself and really cared about the results. With the organization not doing the best to connect to fans, he was a key connection to the past, to the fans, and was a former passionate player- that’s why people like him.

    Also, no matter who gets how much credit, the fact stands that the best 2 years for the team were under his coaching, so if you remove him then the bar is set higher b/c the new regime should match or exceed those accomplishments, or they are at risk themselves b/c he was let go unceremoniously after 2 good years – what will happen to this regime after 2 years?

    • CosmosPetke

      He was a fan himself and really cared about the results – Do you really believe Masch doesn’t care? Are you 12? It’s a business, Petke is gone, quit being a homo and stop crying because Santa isn’t real. If we win it all, you losers will say Petke’s team. If we don’t you losers will say because Petke wasn’t there. The constant theme is “you losers”, the players on the pitch moved on and so should all of you.

      • Mike Smith

        @CosmosPetke : Why do you have to be so condescending with your replies and a general douche-bag with your belligerence? It obfuscates the points your are trying to make.

  • Mike Smith

    Veron has been a bust so far ….. I hope he can turn in around.

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