Sources: Cosmos, Union trade Restrepo for loanee, transfer fee



The New York Cosmos are set to lose another valuable piece from their 2015 NASL Championship winning side, but they won’t be left empty handed.

Following reports from’s Kevin Kinkead via Twitter, EoS can confirm that the Philadelphia Union have signed Walter Restrepo to a one-year deal, with a club option for year two. In return, sources tell EoS that the Union will pay a transfer fee for Restrepo and will also send an unnamed player to the Cosmos on a season-long loan.

EoS can confirm that the player will not be former Cosmos loanee Leo Fernandes.

Restrepo was under a club option for the 2016 season with the Cosmos. However, team manager and sporting director Giovanni Savarese gave his player the green light last month to explore his options on the free agent market.

The Colombian playmaker had interest from teams in South America, MLS and NASL. However, it was the Union that provided the most enticing offer to all parties involved. Initial discussions between the Union and Cosmos saw several trade scenarios, including a situation which would have seen the Cosmos pick up a pair of Philadelphia loanees for Restrepo. Ultimately, they decided on a transfer fee and a loanee instead.

Sporting KC were also chasing Restrepo’s signature.

Restrepo comes to the Union after an outstanding season with the New York Cosmos, appearing in 32 total matches, scoring three goals and adding five assists. He is a proven winner in the lower leagues, boasting two NASL Soccer Bowl victories and a one-time NASL Best XI award in 2013.

His departure, along with the losses of Raul, Marcos Senna and the aforementioned Fernandes, leave the Cosmos with many holes to fill for the coming campaign. However, those losses are cushioned by the addition of the aforementioned loanee and a transfer fee which can be used to further bolster the club.




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  • Don Garber

    I approve this deal.

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  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    f.cosmos need all the $$$ they can get from philthydelphia so they can make payroll.

  • The Real insider

    This is great news, this shows that the system is really working well a players gets great experience in the minor leagues and when he is ready he moves to the major leagues when the opportunity is there for him.

    Everyone wins the Cosmos get much needed cash and a player, Restrepo gets to play in the major leagues and make more money and the Union get a player that can help them.

    Great day for soccer in the USA.

    • Anthony

      Cosmos don’t really NEED the cash and getting a loaned player from Philly isn’t anything special (although Fernandes would have been). Its good business though, getting value for a player who is looking to move on.

      For Restrepo, he likely is getting either more $$$ or a fresh opportunity. As a two time NASL winner he might be looking for something else. The difference on the pitch between Cosmos and Union isn’t a whole lot, if any.

      • The Real insider

        But you have to admit that is how the system should work, a player from the minor leagues get promoted to the Major leagues it is a good thing.

        • Anonymous

          “Getting promoted from the minor leagues” to an inferior team.

          • Eric B

            How is a team that didn’t have room for one of the Cosmos’ top players last year somehow inferior to the Cosmos?

            • We played the Union and were the far better team, that’s how. But yeah, with your reasoning I guess Man U, who couldn’t make room for Chicharito, is the far better team than Real Madrid. I thought you were better than this Eric B. I thought wrong I guess.

              • Eric B

                The Chicharito example was terrible because Moyes had no business running that team and couldn’t properly use Chicharito.

                I can’t believe I have to explain this to you, but in a one-off game, anything can happen. I could say that the Union were a better team than the Red Bulls because they beat NY 2-0 at RBA in May, but we all know that’s not true. Over the course of a full season, things tend to even themselves out. Also, the game you were referencing was 2 years ago, so that has no bearing on today. I guess that because Ottawa was crap in 2014, they must have still sucked in 2015, right? Things actually change over time.

                Finally, the Cosmos LOST that game against the Union. And spare me that the ref stole it from you. Score more than one goal if you want to win.

        • Carter

          It’s how it works nearly everywhere else: (1) A player does well = interest from higher leagues and opportunity for the lower league team to get needed cash. (2) A team does well = promotion to the higher league.

          At least we’re getting closer to having (1) happen more often. Maybe Restrepo will become the next Luke Muholland. As for (2) happening, with Garber wanting to make MLS the soccer equivalent of the NFL in terms of its structure, I’m not holding my breath.

      • Anonymous

        That penalty kick in 2014 still haunts my dreams.

      • Sal

        The Union actually draw crowds, play in a major league, play in a league that didn’t go 0-7 against the USL, and actually have a fanbase and get media attention. But other than that, no difference. lol.

        • Dr. Freud

          You are a very sad & lonely man, Larry.

  • Calvin

    I would’ve liked Restrepo on NYCFC. He’s a true winger and a good crosser into the box.

  • Mrs. Garber

    Larry Simpleton….you are a clown.
    Go away

    • Larry’s A Simpleton

      ditch don. maybe we can hook up tonight.

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  • joe the plumber

    Smart move , another young player joins , opens up international player spot

    • Scott

      I don’t believe it does. He was born in San Diego

  • Soapy & Sal

    You can’t blame him for wanting to play at a higher level, use better facilities, and play in front of more fans.

    • True.

    • William

      The talent level will be decreasing at a more rapid pace going forward.

  • Kevin

    We are having a tough off season. Losing some solid players. Would love to know the Cosmos plan this coming season.

    • Jspech

      Season starts in April

      • Anthony

        Sounds like they are in for Juan Arango, that would be a great replacement for Senna.

    • MTF

      The plan is to keep a lid on expenses until attendance improves (and more money flows into the coffers) and they have some closure on the Belmont situation.

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  • Kevin

    And MWF I understand that. But don’t you think they should be thinking about bringing players in that might attract some extra fans. I understand trying to keep a lid on expenses. But we’ve lost Raul, Senna, Fernandez, Wright and Walter. We still could lose Cellerino. I agree with Jspech the season starts in April we have time, but right now we are losing a lot more in quality players then we are picking up. I guess I’m panicking after a championship season.

    • William

      But Kevin the Cosmos have done that and it hasn’t materialized at the gate so this season will be more of a budgeted approach. Last season was pure magic what out of 32 games they played really 1 bad game vs the Fury in September an amazing season which was only sporadically supported by the fans. For me I am at every game but for others only when they clinched the spring title vs the Armada in June, Rauls first game and a couple of other games in October, the Open Cup game vs NYCFC and of course the championship final.

    • MTF

      Unless the Cosmos sign Messi, Neymar or Ronaldo there’s nobody they can sign that’s going to increase attendance. Playing at Hofstra in a minor league environment, they are attracting their 1,000 strong supporters and 2,500 families and local youth soccer teams who are looking for enjoyable entertainment close to home. They have to keep expenses low or they will be folding sooner than later. They are still three years from having their own proper stadium, whether it’s at Belmont, Coney Island or elsewhere in NY. Ownership was hoping to catch lightning in a bottle with the big money Senna and Raul signings: win a U.S. Open Cup quickly and land a spot in the CONCACAF Champions League…begin to rebuild the cachet of the brand. That hasn’t happened. They can win Soccer Bowls (and meaningless 10 game “spring championships”) with the likes of Carlos Mendes and Danny Szetela…they don’t need to sign Messi.

    • Anthony

      Wright was always leaving when he turned 18. Raul and Senna were likely leaving at the end of the year in did. Replacing those two is the priority. Leo we want back but Union won’t deal, can’t help that. Restrepo isn’t gone but we still have Seba and Flores and Bover looks promising.

      If the rumors about AranGOAL are trust and Cellerino comes back we are still in decent shape at the core of the club. Just add a center back to take over for Mendes soon, and perhaps another striker or a player with a marketable name

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  • David Carlin, Farm Animal Molester

    At least The Cosmos don’t have to service john’s at Hunts Point for extra cash like Simpleron does.

  • johnson

    agree the cosmos can’t do much to increase attendance playing the weaker teams in the nasl who lose to USL teams, and any of their decent players will want to move up to MLS in front of bigger crowds, better facilities, and better competition…

    • Dr. FREUD

      And Larry finds yet another name to post under. So full of self loathing. So ashamed of his girth and dark desires. So sad.

      • Larry’s A Simpleton

        wrong again dr fraud, but then again as a f.cosmos fan you’re a dope to begin with. and i love the way you’re obsessed with me. turns me on.

        RIP f.cosmos

  • ted dev

    agree that any decent cosmos players would jump at the chance of playing in MLS vs. better competition in a second, in front of real crowds, real facilities, and on actual TV.

    You don’t make a name for yourself playing in the minor leagues vs. teams that lost 7 games in a row to USL teams…

    • Larry’s A Simpleton

      they’ll all be free agents when the f.cosmos go belly up. it’s only a matter of time. bobble head giveaways and free tickets to all those soccer moms just aint gonna pay the bills.

      RIP f.cosmso

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