EOS Staff Predictions For 2016

Crystal Ball Predictor

DAVE MARTINEZ, Editor in Chief

On The Cosmos: “The New York Cosmos will be changing direction in 2016. No longer will this be the team of Pele, Beckenbauer, Chinaglia and Alberto. Hey — it may not be the team of Raul and Senna anymore either. Say goodbye to the big-spending, big-name ways of the past and expect a more budget conscious approach to their roster this season.”

On NYCFC: “Patrick Vieira will bring an improvement to his team’s on field performance. However, expect some of the same struggles from the Kreis era as it pertains to fitting Poku, Pirlo, Lampard and Diskerud into a cohesive midfield. That, along with several backline question marks, leaves NYCFC battling for a wild card spot.”

On The Red Bulls: “New York make a big money transfer, sending Matt Miazga to Europe this summer.”

On EoS: “Expect a new podcast dedicated to all three professional New York teams — and some video offerings to boot!”


On Vieira:Patrick Vieira lasts the year holding his own as a manager and in getting acclimated to MLS.

On Academy/Development Side: “NYCFC further develop its infrastructure by adding academy teams and maybe a USL team.”


On MLS Expansion: “Delays and debates will continue to cloud the future of David Beckham’s team in Miami. Meanwhile, Minnesota United will be given the go-ahead to start in MLS at a temporary venue in 2017.”

MARK FISHKIN, Red Bulls Contributor

On Gonzalo Veron: “Veron will become a major cog for Red Bulls, scoring 10 goals & adding 7 assists. He’ll displace Grella at left wing.

On the Hudson River Derby: “NYCFC will take a match from Red Bulls for the first time.”

On Homegrowns: “Derrick Etienne will be the most impactful of the new Red Bulls Homegrowns. Corboz a distant second.

On The CCL: “Red Bulls will win their CCL group for the first time.”


USMNT FINISH THIRD IN COPA AMERICA: 2015 was a year that saw the Americans swing and miss in a big way after their run to the Round of 16 in Brazil. While some of the results were painful, the groundwork may be set to make a splash at the prestigious tournament. Even though Jurgen Klinsmann’s side flamed out at the Gold Cup, the Stars and Stripes have historically made deep runs in tournaments held on U.S. soil. In addition, the much talked about talent pool isn’t nearly as shallow as many make it out to be. Expect the 23-man roster for this tournament to feature the likes of Matt Miazga, Cameron-Carter-Vickers, Emerson Hyndman, and Gedion Zelalem. The insurgence of youth into the experienced line-up that the United States currently plays with can only bolster the side’s chances. While it may be too soon for most of these young players to influence the game, letting them experience a major tournament will only help the United States going forward. Most importantly, this side will go deep at Copa America because Klinsmann will finally make Fabian Johnson the attacking central midfielder and move Bradley to his natural holding midfielder role. Once the Americans figure out an efficient midfield pairing, the skies the limit to what the program can achieve.

RUSS McKENZIE, Red Bulls Beat

The Red Bulls will make it to the knockout round of CONCACAF Champions League: Jesse Marsch and the Red Bulls have proven that they can manage a busy schedule, but probably his greatest challenge thus far will be to succeed under the harshest of conditions that are provided by the travel and environmental stress that come with a berth in CCL. However, New York will handle it with grace and get chance to play in the knockout round.

The Red Bulls will win another piece of meaningful silverware: New York finished the 2015 saeson winning their second Supporters Shield in three years. They have an identity, they have confidence, and they have a system that works. It might be an Open Cup win, another Shield, or something more special, but the trend of consistent excellence will continue.


RBNYII Will Finish Third: “New York Red Bull II has made significant strides with homegrown talent and a system that promotes unity from the top down. The first year team was impressive in making the Conference Semi-final last season and should be able to improve with goal scorers like Stefano Bonomo having a full year to play up to potential.”

MLS2 Side Wins USL Championship: “2016 sees another influx of teams into the league, many of which are hoping to make an immediate impact with big name coaches and hungry youthful talent. Last season saw an MLS 2 team nearly win the USL Championship and I think this year may be the year where a development side finally topples the establishment. Look for LA Galaxy II, New York Red Bull II or Orlando City B to provide a shock season in the USL.”


On The Cosmos Belmont Stadium: “One way or another, the future of the New York Cosmos at the Belmont site will be decided in 2016. After waiting for over three years to hear word from the state capital on their ambitious stadium plan at the Belmont, the club and its supporters are rightfully getting antsy. Cosmos COO Erik Stover said in the fall that the club would decide whether it was ready to move on from the site by the end of 2015, but in December, the club submitted a revised plan at the request of the Empire State decision makers. Whether lawmakers finally make a decision, or the Cosmos pull away from the table themselves after years of silence, supporters will know at some point this year if they’ll eventually have a home of their own at Belmont.”

On A Post-Traffic RailHawks: “The Carolina RailHawks will experience a resurgence under new owner Steve Malik. While the ominous cloud of Traffic Sports’ legal troubles loomed over the NASL in general 2015, it was a much more immediate concern in Carolina. The sale of the club to Malik in the final week of the regular season seems to have quickly alleviated most of that consternation. A local entrepreneur with a longtime love of soccer and sports, Malik appears to check off every box RailHawks supporters were hoping to find in a new owner. His relationship with local business leaaders, as well as investment in the roster and actual marketing could turn the RailHawks into a marquee club in North America. It could be argued that the RailHawks have already been overachieving on and off the field under the guidance of underrated Club President Curt Johnson, so Malik’s investment could be what takes them over the top.”

BILL REESE, Contributor

1. Red Bulls 2 will win the USL Championship

It would be incredibly “That’s So Metro” for the USL to win a championship before the MLS team.

2. RBNY will draw Saprissa—and Roy Miller—in the CCL

…and he will score.

3. Sky Blue FC will announce a partnership with New York City FC for 2017 season

…Because City Football Group values women’s football and Red Bull GmbH doesn’t4. There will yet again be no action on the Cosmos stadium project in Belmont

“60-to-90 Days”: Part II

5. Carmelo Anthony’s Puerto Rico FC will be an abysmal failure

…eclipsed only by Rayo OKC, but we all knew that.

6. MLS Cup 2016 will be played on a Friday night to avoid College Football and the NFL.

Ratings will improve, but only because the contest will be between RBNY and Seattle.

7. Gonzalo Veron will have a breakout season, and will recount his glories in an autobiography ghost-written by Dave Martinez.

Proceeds from book sales will be recycled into lavish EOS staff parties, causing Shep Messing to comment that “even we didn’t get that crazy at Studio 54 in the 70’s, man…”

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  • yaki

    use some money to hire an EOS staff psychiatrist is my suggestion

    • Larry’s A Simpleton

      I know i can surely use one!

  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    The New York Cosmos will be changing direction in 2016. No longer will this be the team of Pele, Beckenbauer, Chinaglia and Alberto.

    oh for the love of god dave they never were!!! the f.cosmos out there in nassau county have more in common with that con artist who bought the team to sell black out jersys and tee shirts that the cosmos in the 70s and 80s

    • Dr. FREUD

      You are a deeply obsessed man. You think of nothing but the Cosmos. You need to go out and meet people and find new hobbies. You need to accept that you are a fat lonely man and then go about losing the weight and making friends. Good luck.

  • Kelly Leak

    I predict the turd fail,er,the third rail will finally master the art of hanging a banner right side up! This is REAL
    tough stuff but I have confidence they’ll pull through. The team will still suck though,that’s a given. Now- where’s my
    raw chicken,I’m hungry…

  • MLS minor league soccer

    My predictions :)
    Cosmos will not get the stadium, they will start sinking, they haven’t brought any big names. They should have gone for Ronaldinho just for exposure and even tevez. Cosmos need to get their head out of their ass.
    Maybe their owner should buy red bull right?

    Red bull, their fans will explode and walk away if they don’t win MLS cup and specially if they don’t get big names. Their fans just care of the NYC game, so that says it all. By the way, I don’t see red bull winning the east.

    Nycfc, they will do better for their SECOND YEAR, so let’s relax on them.
    They have the most pressure in MLS and probably the most hated team. I got nycfc making the playoffs but not winning the east.

    MLS cup prediction:
    Galaxy vs tfc
    Sounders vs tfc
    The east so weak and the west is crazy.
    Sounders got nothing to lose, and Galaxy will be a very strong team.
    Toronto will win the the east, simple as that.

    • Anthony

      NYCFC aka Man City USA will continue to be an embarrassment and run like the farm team they are. They will miss the playoffs again, won’t beat the cosmos or red bulls again, and still will be irrelevant.

      Red Bulls will actually take CCL seriously but still fall short, they will make the playoffs and lose without a championship, as per usual.

      Cosmos will continue to defend their title, win at least one more trophy, beat at least 1 MLS team in the open cup and get a final answer on Belmomt.

      Araos will still be a fucking massive hack douchebag

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