Pair of 2015 MLS SuperDraft picks trial with Red Bulls

HARRISON, N.J. – The New York Red Bulls continue to look for answers to their depth issues through youth players.

That is evident in the club’s new crop of team trialists.

Following a trend of youth trialists this summer, the Red Bulls have brought in two 2015 MLS SuperDraft picks to camp, Stefano Bonomo and Oumar Ballo.

If Bonomo’s name rings a bell, it should; he was the second of four draft picks this season by Jesse Marsch and his Red Bull side. Leo Stolz, Shawn McLaws and Manolo Sanchez have all been under the eye of Red Bull management for first team minutes. Bonomo, meanwhile, chose to make a go of it in Europe, seeking trials but falling short of a contract.

If Bonomo manages to sign with Red Bull, it will mark the first time the Red Bulls have retained the services of every draft pick in an expanded MLS draft since 2010 (In 2014, New York drafted Chris Duvall and Eric Stevenson).

The striker joins former Houston Dynamo defender Ballo in camp. The 6’2″ Mali native is a UMBC product capable of playing both center back and right fullback; two positions which the Red Bulls desperately need to reinforce.

It is unclear whether or not both or either player is being looked at for the club’s USL team or senior side. However, it is yet another indication of the Red Bulls thrifty, yet youth-focused approach to team building.

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  • BleedingRed

    Pay attention Boy City. This is how you build a house from the ground up.

  • Andrew Bissonette

    The Red Bulls shouldn’t bother with Bonomo if you ask me. He couldn’t cut it for 3rd/4th division sides in Europe and He clearly never wanted to play for NY by basically shunning them for these shitty opportunities that he failed at. Plus, even if he does manage to get a contract, he’s just going to sit on the bench and never contribute anything to the team.

  • Dan McD

    The Red Bulls had two draft picks in 2014 – Stevenson and Chris Duvall.

  • Edited and noted!

  • Anonymous

    Bonomo might make sense as a USL signing. Abang seems to have solidified himself with the first team and it would be good to have competition for Tsonis on RBII. Ballo however plays a position we are thin at in the wake of Duvalls injury, so of the two he might be more likely to make the first team due to gaps.

  • Ruse

    who cares

  • slowleftarm

    By trailing low level youth players? Get real. NYCFC are terrible right now but the way they are building – i.e. by signing good players is the way to go. Too bad our ownership is too cheap to follow suit.

  • slowleftarm

    Dave – you mean to write “The New York Red Bulls continue to look for answers to their depth issues through CHEAP players.” Right?

  • Anonymous

    Ali is doing a great job of finding players nobody else wants to build up RBII.

  • tony

    LOL….you got that right. Galaxy just signed Dos santos on a 4 year deal, and we have these dipshts to talk about.

  • tony

    Sadly we truly have nothing to muse about in this dynamic metro market other than sht on NYCFC and the Cosmos b/c our beloved RB arent doing squat to make things even remotely interesting. Having a decent record but being boring dont cut it for me. Its just not good enough in the end.

  • CosmosPetke

    I was involved in Occupy Wall Street, we didn’t really do anything but at least my mom wasn’t asking me to get a job. Sure I’m 28, but screw her. Now I hate Ali Curtis because he fired Mike Petke and I cry.

  • Haha, you have a small pecker!

    I was at occupy Wall Street. If I knew you were there we could have shared a tent or a sleeping bag or something. Hey, contact me privately, I have some poetry I want you to hear. I call it “Owed to Mike Petke’s Balls.” Its a play on soccer balls, get it? Anyway, call me.

  • cran

    notwithstanding who you two back, you both are idiots

  • Ali?

    Then shouldn’t RB2 by successful? Why are they under the red line in an ‘inferior’ league?

    RBs are avg at best, top to bottom. Ali/Marsch knows all they gotta do is play it safe in the East where everyone makes the playoffs.

    How’s that transfer window looking for NYRB?

  • The Mets Of MLS

    That’s all the Harrison Pink Cows will be. They’ll never achieve anything above mediocrity with the smoke & mirrors and bs they try to get their miniscule fanbase to drink. Crap organization. That’s why MLS abandoned them so quickly once NYCFC showed up.

  • slowleftarm

    It’s a sarcastic comment buddy.

  • kingofspain

    It’s a sarcastic comment.

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