Red Bulls limit NYCFC supporters’ ticket allotment due to behavioral issues


HARRISON, N.J. – Bad behavior will be punished.

That is the message from the New York Red Bulls Front Office as they have officially limited New York City FC supporters from their original 1,500 ticket allotment to just 500 seats in the third and final edition of the Hudson River Derby.

“Because of safety concerns of all guests of Red Bull Arena, we limited NYCFC Supporters to 500 tickets to make them a more manageable group size,” a Red Bull spokesman informed.

NYCFC fans came in droves, descending upon Red Bull Arena’s upper deck in a vibrant show of support for the first encounter between the clubs. Unfortunately, as the match went on, fans were in violation of several Arena policies, the most egregious being a flare thrown to the left of goalkeeper Luis Robles during a stoppage in play.

“At the last NYCFC game, several smoke devices were lit inside and around Red Bull Arena, including some that were thrown onto the field, causing issues with the match and safety concerns of the fans seated in close proximity,” the Red Bull statement continued. “Although the leaders of the various NYCFC Supporter Group tried to, they were unable to curb the actions of the large group inside the Arena.”

While a blow for NYCFC fans who will undoubtedly seek their place at the highly-anticipated third match between these rival sides, Red Bull management does give hope for more sizable allotments — if behavior improves.

“We will continue to work with the NYCFC Supporters to re-allocate their allotment as they continue to adhere to RBA regulations at future matches.

“This has happened before with other visiting supporter groups where we have taken action.  As we have always done, the safety of the fans remains our number one priority at Red Bull Arena.”

  • John

    So next year do the same to the NJ red bulls when they come to Yankee stadium.

    • Leo


    • Joe

      The problem is that NYRB fans don’t cross the line, you guys are to new in MLS and don’t know **** about the rules, is simple behave and you will not have any problems, also you did not see any flares or smoke in our section or outside of yankee stadium, so before you talk **** learn the rules

      • FlightBoss

        “The problem is that NYRB fans don’t cross the line,”

        You didn’t actually attend the match at Yankee Stadium, did you? The huge number of Red Bulls fans sitting in the upper sections sent trash and beer and whatever they had in their hands sailing into the lower levels any time the Red Bulls scored, and when both the halftime and fulltime whistles were blown. That’s not even counting the intimidation and harassment of NYCFC fans by the Garden State Ultra’s on the 4 platform after the game.

        The fact is, both sides are guilty of crappy behavior in each other’s houses and should be sanctioned for it until we all shape up.

      • Anonymous

        Funny thing is that at the game at YS there were numerous reports of NJRB fans tossing all sorts of garbage off the upper decks…..guess we’ll have to “manage” their behavior next time too

      • Anonymous

        Cutting down the number of tickets is only going to hurt the already shitty attendance record at RBA. NYCFC fans will probably account for about 75% of fans in the stadium next game.

        • slowleftarm

          Funny, I didn’t see more than a handful of NYCFC fans in my section at RBA. Maybe they all left when it was clear they were going to lose.

    • Gruff and Manly Bob

      LOL 1600 who generally behaved. Had RBFO not done it…MLS would have and I’m sure MLS was in on this discussion. Bottom line is your reputation across the league for doing stupid **** precedes you in many an away stadium at this point.

    • Aidan

      Here’s the difference: we didn’t try to throw flares at your keeper when we visited (not that we needed to, Saunders happily let in 3 goals without any added encouragement). You have a problem with the situation? Take it up with your own “supporters”, because they’re the only ones to blame.

    • Johnny Feelgood

      So hardcore yeah man….it’s NJ, not NY. Yeah man we’re NY thru and thru. Jersey sucks man. Now where’s my Giants hat?

      • Anonymous

        Funny… that’s exactly why I DON’T cheer for the Giants and Jets. The Buffalo Bills are the only real New York NFL team–which, incidentally, is the reason why I don’t follow football. LOL

        • JD

          Go Bills!

        • slowleftarm

          RBA is closer to most of the city than Yankee Stadium. It’s all the NYC metro area. Get over yourself. You probably moved here from some podunk state and are now obsessed with proving how NY you are.

          • Anonymous

            Umm… are you on drugs? RBA is most certainly NOT closer to most of the city than Yankee stadium as far as travel time is concerned. If you’re going to make a claim like that, please at least back it up with evidence.

            Even if we’re talking about departing directly from Penn Station, Yankee Stadium is quicker travel by mass transit and the same travel time by car. If you’re going from Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, or the rest of Manhattan, Yankee Stadium is quicker to travel to. I don’t know about Staten Island, but if your claim is that RBA is the more convenient trip for most of NYC residents, please take your blatant lies elsewhere.

            • Anonymous

              Jesus Christ you idiots act like RBA is in State College PA. Morons.

          • Anonymous

            As for where I’m from, I was born and raised in Queens. Been a New Yorker all my life. Where the **** are you from?

          • Anonymous

            And the whole “NYC Metro Area” thing is pretty funny. It’s sort of like “Tri-State Area” in the sense that it’s just a way for people in New Jersey and Connecticut to pretend that they’re somehow associated with New York.

            Truth: Red Bull Arena is in New Jersey.

            Stop fronting like it’s all the same thing by using the whole “NYC Metro Area” euphemism. A different state is a different state. By your argument, Nassau County is the same as NYC because the LIRR happens to connect it to Penn Station. The fact that you even make that argument makes me thing that if anyone here is the transplant, it’s you. Either that or a New Jersey resident that probably commutes into Manhattan for work and believes that it makes you a New Yorker.

    • Andy

      So yeah next year who will put a limit on the Red Bulls supporters’ ticket allotment, Columbia University or Randall’s Island field 86?

  • NYCLightBlue

    I was more offended by the behavior of NYCFC on the pitch the first 2 times

    • Harry Harrison

      Ba dump bump!

      Not a surprising development. The hipsters and Euro-wannves that support City Lite think they are acting like real “supporters.”


  • Anonymous

    …and all the Red Bull fans throwing beer on the lower levels at Yankee Stadium?

    • Aidan

      I’m glad that you think having some beer fall on your head equates to throwing flares at the opposing team’s keeper.

      • Anonymous

        Umm.. throwing items down to lower levels and actually hitting opposing team fans with them is pretty bad, too. One can debate what’s worse–a flare (an inherently dangerous object) thrown onto the field that hit nobody or all manner of detritus (most of which may not be as dangerous) raining down and actually hitting people–but that would really be missing the point.

        They’re both wrong and I think it’s pretty clear that all three NY sides (Cosmos fans included) have a minority group of supporters that are acting like a bunch of twats and whom should rightly be banned from attending MLS games in general.

        I’m all for passion and hype, but that doesn’t have to mean being a jackass. This **** has gotten way out of hand.

        • Bushwick Bill

          Look at me!

          I’m a Brooklynite!

          And an NYCFC fan!

          And a real “supporter!”

          Let’s invade the “pitch” with artisanal grilled cheese sandwiches!

          • Anonymous

            I’m actually from Queens and not a member of any supporters clubs. I don’t call the field a pitch, and anyone that calls **** “artisanal” should be punched in the face as far as I’m concerned. And yes, I am an NYCFC fan. And you are a massive douche. Please feel free to go **** yourself with a spiked baseball bat.

            • Bushwick Bill

              Are you in Astoria? That’s kinda hip too. I have a friend who lives there. He works at a hip bar on Ditmars.

              • Anonymous

                Grew up in Sunnyside before the yuppies started moving in, but I’m in Jamaica now. Not really hipster central, although I suppose I could always hop on the J train to Williamsburg if I feel in the mood for artisinal, farm-to-table, [insert stupid foodie buzzword here] meals…

            • Anonymous

              It’s been a looooooong stressful and trying time being an NYCFC fan. I’ve paid my dues!! I’m hip and all but I’m
              paying the price. Being a TRUE fan means sacrifice,man. It’s been 5 months. I deserve the best! MLS Cup this year!! Or bust!

          • FlightBoss

            Who needs positive discourse when you can just throw insults at people over the internet?

            • Anonymous

              The idea of positive discourse on the internet seems like such a quaint notion, doesn’t it? I think they went out with 14.4k modems…

              • FlightBoss

                Not to mention their ideas about the NYCFC fan culture are completely ignorant and untrue anyway, and presented without a trace of irony as though RB supporters didn’t partake in shitty behavior themselves.. But whatever, no reason to continue trying to talk to anyone if this is the kind of response we can expect to receive.

                • Larry’s Left arm is a simpleton

                  You tell ’em!

                  All this talk about artisanal cheese!

                  Not a word about scooter pies, Moby or dance parties!

                  You should SEE Nick Chavez do a split!

                  • Aidan

                    You, sir, win the Internet.

        • Anonymous

          And for full disclosure, yes, I am an NYCFC fan. And yes, I believe the handful of NYCFC supporters being dicks and setting off smoke grenades every game and getting other people in trouble because they’re “bad-ass” enough to break the rules, but too ***** to face the consequences and hence, throw it at someone else who inevitably gets blamed are pieces of **** that are fucking things up for everyone else.

          That having been said, I think it’s unfair to judge the group as a whole based on a small, but persistent group of extremist outliers. I wouldn’t judge NY Cosmos fans as a whole by the idiot that ran across the field and mooned NYCFC fans. I would hope people don’t judge NYCFC fans as a whole by the behavior of idiots acting out on their own against the common voice of our supporter’s clubs and our own team.

          Most of us go to games to have fun. Not to cause trouble.

        • Dave L

          The Red Bull fans were angry at YS because they found out there were a ton of soccer fans in NY and nobe of them cared about RB.

          • Johnny Feelgood

            Cmon Dave it ain’t like that at all…we’re just in awe! You’re organic, you’re hip, you’re hooligans to the core, man. You’re anti- establishment. You make the rules and
            set the pace. I gotta go – my skinny jeans are done drying…..

            • Bushwick Bill

              Never wash them! They lose their patina!

              I’m thinking of growing my mustache into a Dali style ‘stache. Here’s the irony….wait for it…I don’t even like Dali! I’m a Picasso man!

            • Rip73

              So what is this meme you have going of the NYCFC hipster thing? I mean I get why some might object the NYCFC as being the over-spending get rich quick type of organization….but counter-culture? I don’t care one way or the other, but I thought I would let you know that it makes you seem like a douche. And logging in under another name to second the meme every time? God……that is really pathetic man….even for the internet that’s low. Get out and play a little… you’ll relax and feel better.

              • Bushwick Bill

                Dude! You are counter-counterculture! Almost like the Ramones! Or like opting for the Piels when Micro-brewed beer is around!


              • slowleftarm

                Cut him a break – he’s a Cosmos fan (one of the few). His hipster thing is a distraction from following minor league soccer all season.

                • Bushwick Bill

                  I am NYCFC all the way because they are hip! Happening! Now!

                  I am like Mandar colgne!

                  • Bushwick Bill

                    or “Cologne.”

                    I am so excited about Frank Lampard that I cannot even spell!

  • Johnny Feelgood

    But flares are so cutting edge. I mean, I’m a hooligan. I’m supposed to act like a hooligan. I’m a soccer aficionado!
    I know it all! I’m hip! I’m ironic! I’m cool! I mean cmon, NYCFC all but invented soccer here….this is how I’m supposed to act, right? Right?

    • Bushwick Bill

      Yes it is!

      We are real supporters!

      We love footy!

      We love pace!

      Frank Lampard is class!

      Bushwick is great!

      • Johnny Feelgood

        I’m watching a YouTube Lampard video collection right now! After that I’m heading out to Whole Foods with my recycled bags. They have a sale on green juice and vegan cookies.

        • Anonymous

          You guys done jerking each other off now?

          • Johnny Feelgood

            I just get so emotional regarding NYCFC.
            They’re the first REAL thing in my life.

            • Bushwick Bill

              Yes, REAL!

              But not “real” like “Real Salt Lake.” That’s a silly name. They’re posers!

              NYCFC is a great name and we are proper footy fans!

    • hooliganJ

      Green street elite

    • Anonymous

      If you’re asking if you’re supposed to act like a schmuck, then I say yes because it sounds like you are one. Keep in mind though, Girls isn’t the only TV show you can watch to find out what life is like in New York. Friends and Gossip girl also have it spot on. The entire five boroughs are nothing but celebrities and 21 year old NYU students from Jersey.

  • My other ride is dave’s mom

    Hipster trash with be treated as such. Then they play “victim” when they get caught doing something their not supposed to be doing. Kudos to Redbull for clamping down on this unwanted vermin!

  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    of course the red balls are going to limit tickets to away supporters. this is one of the few game they wont have to pad the attendance numbers like they always do. if they had 18000 vs the revolution then red ball arena hold 40000.

    hows that #redbullout thingy working for you guys?

    and really, f.cosmos fanboys have no business in any discussions concerning attendence. unless of course if they want to compare f.cosmos numbers to those of the ny liberty.

    • Larry’s Left Arm is a Simpleton

      I just bought a new DVD, “Frank Lampard Recalls 9/11”

      I’m gonna show it at my next dance party!

  • redbulls rob

    I am a die hard ny redbulls fan and this is another stupid move to add to the list from the past 10 years. They have just infuriated an entire fan base, including those less passionate to rally behind. I love what tthe progression of the RedBulls this season. The Pirlo signing would have made more sense for the RedBulls than an expansion team but so be it. But to limit the tickets to NYFC fans – insanity.

    • Joamiq

      This might be the most hilariously transparent attempt to pretend to be another team’s fan I’ve ever seen on the Internet. Try again, “redbulls rob”

  • hooliganJ

    I guess the third fail watched green street hooligans one toomany times. This isn’t europe and you haven’t played a whole season yet.

  • Anonymous

    Damn what’s with all the hate for NYC. I live in Jersey. I like it here. I also like New York. My whole family is from NY and they aren’t hipsters. Also what the hell is wrong with good cheese? You guys are the reason people hate on Jersey. I suspect that the people who are saying NY is full of hipsters have limited exposure to the city based on a few visits they’ve made to hipster neighborhoods where their hipster friends live. Like anyplace else on the planet, NY is mostly populated by families.

    Also, I’ve met very few hipsters that are actually from NY. Many are from Jersey but it seems like the majority are from the Midwest or the West Coast.

    I like NYCFC because I like Soccer and the stadium is much more convenient for me. Before NYCFC, I wanted to be a Red Bulls fan but it always kind of ruined it for me that the Red Bulls were named after a sports drink. If it doesn’t ruin it for you, that’s nice.

    • Smith

      I don’t think anyone is hating on NY. They’re hating on the midwestern hipsters who moved into Brooklyn and think they “discovered” it.

      And, hey, I’m born, raised and live in Brooklyn and have nothing against NY; except for the Bayonne Bridge …which is almost always closed.

      • Smith

        I mean “I have nothing against NJ”

    • Anonymous

      Nice try. Red bull was Metro. Less than 10 years ago. Where were you then? Now you’re a poseur. A cliche.Just deal.
      That’s OK,enjoy the ballgame,I mean match,lol

      • Anonymous

        Did you seriously just call me a poseur? I really hope you’re in junior high. When I found out the Redbulls existed, they were already called the Redbulls. I offer you my most sincere apology for discovering MLS after you already had.

        By the way, which one of us is supposed to be a snobby hipster?

        • Anonymous

          Wait Are you 12,13? Where you been the last 20 years? Seriously. Man you’re dense. Tell me
          how are your seats? 3rd base line? You found out about the Red Bulls exsisting after they were called the Red Bulls?
          Wtf? Huh? You sound as intelligent as the idiots look on that boy city hooligans poster.

          • Swamp Thing

            A lot of people didn’t know about MLS until it started to get big. Probably the best way to handle this situation is to discourage them from getting into it. That way we can prevent it from growing right?

      • Anonymous

        1. Not everyone is of an age when they would have been able to go to a MetroStar game, right?

        2. Not everyone develops an appreciation for the sport or discovers MLS at the same time, right?

        3. Even for people who were interested in soccer, it’s only very recently that MLS became a league even worth watching, right? (And some would argue that it’s STILL not at a level worth watching.)

        Given the fact that 10 years ago, nobody in the USA gave a **** about soccer, I don’t think it’s surprising at all that people weren’t around following MLS or the MetroStars in general. It’s only in the past few years that MLS has really started to grow into a respectable league and that soccer has really started to take root as a serious sport in the American consciousness. So instead of bitching about people not being there back when nobody else was there anyway, why not celebrate the fact that soccer is growing in this country and that MLS is continuing to grow into a better league?

        On another note, since its inception, NYCFC has really been doing a lot to reach out to people in this city and tapping a previously untapped fanbase. I’m sure NYRB fans will complain that these fans were not around when the MetroStars were playing in the city all those years ago, but I don’t ever recall the MetroStars or NYRB doing the level of outreach to try to gain new fans the way NYCFC is doing today. Granted, part of that I’m sure has to do with soccer and the funding/marketing for it not being remotely at the same level back then, but the point remains nonetheless. If you’re going to ask us where we were all that time, I’ll fire back and ask where the team was in reaching out to me as a potential fan. Because I cannot for the life of me remember reading or seeing anything about the team except what I had to go out of my way to search for back then.

        NYRB fans like to bitch and moan about latecomers and posers and they like to say that NYCFC was two decades too late, but maybe MetroStars/NYRB were just two decades too early to really catch the wave of growing soccer popularity across the country and, by extension, in this city. And that’s really nobody’s fault necessarily. Just bad timing… It’s how these things go.

        • Anonymous

          1- Fair point
          2-so 17 thousand ST or whatever the number all developed
          an appreciation all at once? Ok if you say so
          3-Sorry -I’m American I supported MLS since day 1
          4- 10 years ago no one gave a **** about soccer ? That might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. In the 70’s-80’s the cosmos packed em in at Giants Stadium. Many many times. In 2007 the Red Bulls drew 66,000 plus at Giants Stadium. World Cup? 1994 ? Google it.
          The 1996 MLS season drew 2.8 million fans. Pretty sure LA was averaging close to 30 G a game. And as far as the league being tough to watch, **** the Eurosnobs – it’s a U.S. League it’s all we got so we have to support it. But please don’t act like NYCFC is organic and real and the antithesis of RB- your ownership has big time issues and frankly acts like a 2 bit farm squad.

          • Anonymous

            If you haven’t noticed, soccer’s had an explosion of popularity here in the past few years. So I would definitely believe that at least 17,000 people in a city of millions probably developed an appreciation for it relatively recently. Keep in mind that there’s also the other issues of league quality and travel (many people just don’t fancy traveling to NJ for home games) as well as an overall lack of outreach within the city limits by NYRB so it’s probably a combination of reasons why NYRB didn’t get all those fans earlier.

            I don’t doubt that you supported MLS from day 1. I’m sure many people did. Am I’m also sure you know exactly what I mean when I say that nobody in the USA gave a **** about soccer 10 years ago. Obviously, I didn’t mean it literally. I just meant that soccer was off the radar of social consciousness and nowhere near the other major sports in this country. It’s still not close to the big 4, but it’s gotten a lot closer in the past decade. As for the Cosmos, you’re talking almost half a century ago and you’re also talking about a team that had freaking Pele… Until Beckham, who did the MLS have to attract fans on that level? You can’t seriously compare the two.

            As for your argument about World Cup viewership, that was great, but can hardly be accepted as a metric of consistent soccer interest in the country. The World Cup is a once every four years event. Where did all of those soccer fans suddenly disappear to when the World Cup ended? It’s like the Olympics. Most people in this country give a **** about stuff like figure skating, swimming, and the pole vault once every four years and they tend to do so more as an expression of nationalism than a genuine interest in the sport. Soccer was in a similar category in the American consciousness until only recently when we really started to own it.

            Just to be clear, I’m not trying to disparage the work of everyone that has put in the effort and passion to build the sport to where it is today. The MetroStars/Red Bulls did important work to grow the sport over the years as did the rest of MLS. The fans that were signed on from Day 1 went through a lot of **** and certainly deserve their kudos for sticking through it.

            But let’s not be so delusional to suggest that soccer was anything close to as mainstream back then as it is today or that hardcore MLS fans were anything other than outliers in the landscape of American sports. Yes, NYCFC is coming late as are a lot of fans and perhaps we haven’t all put in our dues while we’re reaping the rewards of the growth that came as a result of others’ work, but that’s not really our fault. It’s just a matter of circumstance. It’s not like I was sitting around saying “I’m not going to care about soccer until NYCFC is created a decade from now.” I genuinely didn’t care about MLS until a few years ago and I’m sure many, many people are in the same boat. Hell, it was only when Beckham came over that MLS became anything more than a footnote to me. You may have your opinion of fans like me that came later. Hell, you may just think of us as a bunch of bandwagoners, but are the only people who have a right to genuinely enjoy the sport people who were there from the beginning? How absurd is that notion?

            As for City Football Group’s ownership, I completely agree that the owner is an absolute scumbag, and I can honestly say I don’t care at all because I’m not cheering for the owner. I’m cheering for the players on the field. You can argue that I’m lining his pockets by attending games and buying merchandise, but I line scumbags’ pockets everyday when I pay to fill up my gas tank. Or when I buy clothes made from exploitative sweatshop labor. Or when I drink my energy drinks that cause health problems and caffeine addiction, but are actively marketed to our youth nonetheless. (I drink Monster…) Supporting scumbags and assholes is something we all do everyday when we engage in the beautiful system of capitalism and interact with all sorts of business owners and corporations… so I personally don’t see this as any different. I, for one, can easily support the product on the field while still acknowledging that the guy owning it is an *******.

            As for the whole farm team thing, I maintain that as a second-tier league in the world, we’re all farm teams on some level in the MLS. Maybe it’s a bit more obvious with NYCFC because of the very visible connection, but how many of our youth with genuine talent that we develop actually stay in the league for their entire careers? If they could go play for Manchester City, most of them would leave in a heartbeat. It’s just an unavoidable reality that comes with being a lesser league. The difference between NYCFC and other MLS teams in this regard is that while we will all lose our most talented youth, at least NYCFC directly benefits from its connection by getting talented prospects from Manchester City’s youth system as well. So for us, it’s a two-way street. Do I believe that Angelino will stay longterm? Of course not, nor should he have a desire to if he has the talent to play somewhere better. But in the meantime, we get to enjoy having him with the team and watching him develop as a player–something we otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to experience at all. Even if we may be a farm team (which I wholly accept the possibility of), it doesn’t have to be a completely negative thing.

            One last thing that I appreciate about the ownership in terms of the product is the fact that they’re not shy about spending cash to improve the team. While I don’t necessarily agree with the particular selection of DP’s, the fact is that they’re showing a willingness to invest in the product and I think that’s something that any fan can get behind.

            No, NYCFC is not perfect–not by a LOOOONNG stretch. But it’s really nowhere near as negative and shitty as many people here seem to make it out to be.

            • Anonymous

              On a side note, keep in mind that NYCFC is the shiny new toy in the city and in MLS. Yes, there might be 17K season ticket holders and consistently packed games now, but that happens all the time with new things. We still don’t know where the team or attendance will be 5 years from now. Like you said, the Red Bulls used to draw a lot more than they do today. I think we’re all still discovering what the genuine level of interest for soccer is in this city. Initial attendance figures can be pretty misleading–especially if the team continues to struggle to win games.

    • Anonymous

      If it doesn’t ruin it for you that you root for a plastic farm team……by all means…..hahahahahaha

      • Smith

        The best part of this is that we have two “Anonymous” arguing. I’m imagining one deeply bi-polar fellow having it out with himself.

        This is the best wesbite in soccer. Articles are good. Posts below them are increible.

      • Anonymous

        Every MLS team is a farm team on some level. It’s not like the genuine talent we develop ever end up sticking around… I think you may be operating under the delusion that we’re a first-tier league.

        • jimbo

          This is what gets me. It’s all relative, but everybody thinks where they draw the line is the only logical place to draw it.

          Like what you like. That’s fine.

      • Larry’s A Simpleton

        then tell us how it feels to be third in the redbull pecking order. you fucking clowns take a back seat to a second division club in germany. redballs fans are starting to encroach on fcosmos douchebag territory.

  • Anonymous

    ‘Smith’ is real believable. Just post as anonymous ok?

    • Smith

      No. It is my real name. My father is English. Our family is from Sheffield. It didn’t get to be the most common name in the world with no one having it. I swear, it is my real name. No joke.

  • Alan

    Wow. So much anger. So because NYCFC is new… it isn’t real. And since the Red Bulls play in Jersey they suck….

    Morons. How about people cheer for a team they have access to or agree with on some level?

    FYI, I’m from the Midwest and am neither hip nor… wtf did you call it…a schmuck I think? By the way Columbus Crew has a cup and two shields. Do either of you? I live here because the job market is better, and I hope you realize 65% of NYERS were born outside NYC.

    I support NYCFC cuz it is convenient to me and my hometown team of the Crew has too much history with the Redbulls to cheer for them.

    • Alan

      FYI, still think Redbulls are a high quality team. Just beat my boys a few too many times, haha.

    • Anonymous

      Not you. Bush wick bill asked what he sounded like and I said he sounded like a schmuck. I think it’s fine if people want to move here. I also support nycfc. I don’t really think it matters where people are from. That is why the ny vs nj thing is stupid.

    • Johnny Feelgood

      They should’ve kept the original Crew logo. Just sayin’

      • Alan

        Oh man are you ever right. New one is a piece of corporate crap. Oh well, Precourt has the cash to do what he likes, haha.

  • Bottom line…soccer is a second class sport in this country and will always be. That hasn’t changed and never will. Just because you got some pro leagues and more kids playing at the grassroots level don’t mean ****. So all this clever rhetoric is just that. Focus your energies on the real American sports you freaks and stop playing with yourself with “soccer”,whatever the hell that means

    • Anonymous

      Go watch a bunch of men in tights pile up on each other…

    • slowleftarm

      Poor Johan – he’s afraid of soccer’s growing popularity and he knows the NFL is at the peak of its powers now but the rot has set in. The concussion issue will slow destroy football over the next 20-30 years. Johan – while you still can, enjoy watching a bunch of 300 pound rednecks slam into each other for two seconds and then huddle up for a minute and half. Sounds like a great way to spend four hours!

  • mike q

    well written out posts by anonymous – agree that to grow the sport, casual and new fans should be welcomed in. I am an old original REd Bull/Metro guy so I have some frustrations too that people did not support the team 15-20 years ago, but glad if they are on board now either way. As long as MLS grows and people support it US soccer will be growing year over year and that is the most important thing – just don’t bother supporting the cosmos b/c they are in the same market and no good players will be developed through them, it is somewhat of a waste…

  • Anthony

    The only reason it feel sliek soccer exploded these past few years ANONYMOUS is that you weren’t a fan a few years ago so this is all out of nowhere and out of the blue for you. Its something pretty common i find with these weirdo NYCFC supporters…tons of naivety and tons of ignorance. Fact is soccer was popular years ago too. The WC in 2002, 2006 and 2010 all were huge ratings successes in USA, 1994 was the bets attended WC in history until they expanded the field to add more games, NYC bars were packed for CL games years ago as well. There has been a slow growth in viewership and acceptance, but to say it exploded a couple years ago is something only some dolt NYCFC fan would say because a couple years ago he was probably laughing with his friends about how gay soccer was.

    • Johnny Feelgood

      Anthony I think you nailed it perfectly. Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      Once again, your primary argument is World Cup viewership, which I argue was, until recently, more of an issue of nationalism than actual sustained soccer interest. If soccer really was so popular and mainstream as you seem to suggest, why is our domestic league still in its current state? I can quote you viewership statistics about US Olympic National Team figure skating, but that would say nothing about how many people actually give a rat’s ass about it once the Olympics are over. If your only argument is to quote statistics on a handful of major events, then I won’t bother arguing with you because you’re right. A lot of people tuned into the World Cup as well as several other major soccer events that this country participated in. My question is: How many of those people were then going home and watching MLS or attending MLS games?

      I think that as a longtime domestic soccer fan, you probably have a pretty skewed view of how popular soccer actually was across the country in mainstream culture. If you’re hanging around the sport all the time and interacting with people interested in it, of course it will seem to you like it was actually really popular all along.

      As for your accusations, I’ll admit that I wasn’t into soccer for a long time. There are many reasons for this. Back in the 90’s, I was in elementary school and intermediate school and I tuned in to watch World Cup matches along with everyone else. I had a mild interest in it in the form of playing it in the schoolyard and reading about Cobi Jones and Alexi Lalas, but growing up in Queens, NY, I never really had a team to follow. You’d probably argue that the MetroStars were around back then, but it’s not like an elementary or intermediate school kid is going to go out to Giants Stadium on his own from Queens and it’s not as if my parents were going to take me out of state to watch a game either. So I just continued to watch USMNT games every 4 years whenever World Cup time came around (I didn’t even know that national tournaments other than the World Cup existed for a long time). I was faintly aware of MLS back then as I’m sure many people in NYC were, but it’s not as if the league was making huge waves amongst people my age. I could be wrong, but I don’t even remember the league being regularly played on broadcast TV like the MLB, NBA, NHL, or NFL so it wasn’t like it was really easy to follow the MetroStars back then even if I wanted to.

      Fast forward to high school when I finally have a little bit of money to spend from working part-time and by that time, without a team to really follow all that time, my interest in soccer largely waned and I started following the Mets because I could just take the 7 Train from Sunnyside to Shea Stadium and buy tickets in the nosebleeds for $8 every weekend. It’s not like I was going to all of a sudden go out to New Jersey and MLS games were still not regularly broadcast as far as I can remember (I didn’t have cable until 5 years ago). None of my friends really followed soccer either so I would have nobody to go with anyway. All of us tuned into the World Cup, though, because that was just the thing to do every 4 years.

      I never once thought soccer was gay. I always enjoyed watching the World Cup. I just never had an environment to really encourage further exploration. Traveling to New Jersey is just a hassle and it’s the same reason I’ve never attended an NFL game. So now I’m 30 years old and I find out that a new MLS team was formed and is going to play in Yankee Stadium. It’s admittedly not the most convenient location, being that I’m in Queens, but I don’t have to pay a toll to get there nor do I have to spend more than an hour traveling by mass transit. So I decided to go check it out and I loved every minute of being there during the Inaugural Home Opener vs. New England. It’s certainly not as pretty as World Cup soccer, but it’s different because whereas before, soccer was something just on a TV screen once every 4 years, now I can be in the stands week after week. Tickets are cheap and the atmosphere is great.

      I have no particular love for Manchester City. I have no particular animosity toward the Red Bulls or Cosmos (whom I didn’t even know existed until after I had already discovered NYCFC). The only thing that pisses me off is the longtime fans of the team that seem to have baseless animosity toward NYCFC fans as if we’re nothing but a bunch of bandwagoners supporting a rich team. Maybe some of us are, but I can definitely tell you that if it was the Red Bulls playing in Yankee Stadium and I had found out about that, I’d be a Red Bulls fan today, not an NYCFC fan. If I had even heard about the Cosmos before I found NYCFC, I might very well be a Cosmos/NASL fan. But the fact is that the circumstances of my life have found me in Yankee Stadium cheering in blue and white.

      Hate me if you want and call me stupid and blind to the supposed popularity of domestic soccer if you want (I don’t ever once remember seeing a single person wearing an MLS jersey throughout my entire time in the NYC school system or even on the street in Queens). But the reality is that the reason I’m supporting my team rather than yours is nothing other than timing, coincidence, and circumstances. I don’t give a **** about the sheik. I don’t care about Manchester City. I don’t care about being a farm team or whatever. I care about the fact that NYCFC is the first team that made me aware that soccer was accessible in this city and that’s why it’s with NYCFC that my loyalty now lies.

      What I don’t understand is how you and others like you reconcile wanting the league to grow with your resentment of newer fans just because they weren’t around for whatever reasons two decades ago. It’s not as if NYCFC has hurt NYRB’s fanbase through poaching because it’s pretty clear that the vast majority of us weren’t NYRB fans in the first place. We’re people that didn’t exist as far as the MLS was concerned a year ago. But now we are here and we’re fully supporting this league of ours (all of ours). In what world is that a bad thing? New York has two baseball teams, two basketball teams, (arguably) three football teams, and two hockey teams. Why the hell can’t it have two soccer teams?

      • Anonymous

        No offense to the Cosmos there, but you guys are in a different league so I’m not sure that’s as much of an issue…

      • Anonymous

        You take yourself too seriously bro. Cool – you just got into MLS. You’re a die hard boy city fan.
        Congrats – but stop, ok? Soccer hasn’t had a major explosion in the last few years. It’s been slow and steady but this isn’t some earth shattering increase in attention. The last thing this area needs is clueless,naive boy city fans explaining and trying to school fans that have been here for the last 20 years, if not many more.

        • Anonymous

          It’s pretty clear that soccer as gotten much more attention specifically in recent years largely due to its recently increased popularity amongst euro-centric hipsters and their disdain for traditional American sports. When I don’t see anyone other than South Americans wearing soccer jerseys for the first 27 years of my life and all of a sudden start seeing a bunch of white people all around the city wearing Premier League, Serie A, and La Liga jerseys, what am I supposed to conclude other than a sudden explosion of interest in the sport? (You can argue what the precise reason for this interest is, but it’s interest nonetheless.)

          Domestic soccer may be a different story, but I would argue that European soccer coming in vogue has very much caused a recent spike in interest in domestic soccer, much of which NYCFC has benefitted from.

          As for me taking myself too seriously, I don’t take myself too seriously at all. I’m not a member of a supporters group or one of those people jumping up and down in the bleachers. The reason I write what I do is that I’m pretty fucking tired of being constantly derided and accused of being some plastic bandwagoner by a bunch of self righteous pricks that need to feel superior for having been around longer.

          Congrats, you’ve been a diehard soccer fan for 20 years, if not longer. That’s pretty much what you want, right? For all of us “naive” new fanboys to look up to your greatness for having “discovered” soccer before all of us? Yeah, you’re real OG and legit. I bow to your greatness. Please continue to bestow upon me the wisdom garnered from your severely distorted perceptions of the reality of soccer’s position in the US sports hierarchy.

          • Anonymous

            And I fully understand that I completely deserve the aneurism that I’m likely to get from responding to repeated stupidity and douchebaggery for violating the #1 rule of the internet: Stay away from comments sections as nothing good will ever come of them.

            So I’m off now. Go support your team and I’ll support mine. Call me plastic. Call me a bandwagoner. Call me a douchebag hipster. Call me whatever illogical, baseless name you want. Frankly, I don’t even give a **** anymore. Because in the end, we’re all a bunch of dumb-ass keyboard commandos that clearly have nothing better to do with our lives than argue online as if the person on the other side actually gives two shits what we think. **** me. **** you. **** everyone. Goodnight.

            • Bill Bushwick

              Ok. As per your request:

              You are plastic. You are a bandwagoner. You are a douchebag hipster.

              I don’t really feel that way, but you asked me to say that.

              • Anonymous

                Thank you, artisanal hipster Bill. Have you had your farm-to-table micro-greens with yuzu infused broken vinaigrette today?

                • Anonymous

                  Only if it’s organic.


      Ok first of all, there was more than one anonymous poster arguing with that guy that hates New York. I agree with most of what the other person or people were saying though. The last thing I posted was that The Red Bulls were already called the Red Bulls when I found out that MLS existed.

      I feel compelled to explain further only because you all seem to be insisting that all NYFC fans are some kind of wannabe British hipsters.

      I played soccer until I was 13, then I got into drugs and cutting school and stuff and MLS came out AFTER that without my knowledge. Then I grew up. Then, during the 2010 World Cup, I found out that the MLS existed. I told several people about this and most of them were unaware so I don’t think that it was unusual at that time to be unaware of its’ existence. I googled to see what the New York team was (and if we had one) and discovered that it was the Red Bulls. The name really bothered me. If it does not bother you, I think that is nice. Genuinely. I’m happy that you (or at least the ones that are decent people) have a team that you love watching. I say this without a hint of sarcasm. Why would it bother me that other people get to enjoy watching and going to soccer games and rooting for their favorite team?

      I do not see why it is so upsetting to you that I now have a team that is close to my home and that I can take my kids to soccer games and share the sport that I grew up playing, with my children. I sincerely find it baffling that this upsets you.

      I also find it baffling that a bunch of people who presumably live reasonably close to New York City are unaware that there are places in NYC that are not full of hipsters.

      I suspect that the hostility on this board is not representative of Red Bulls fans as a whole but just a few jerks that vent their anger on the internet.

      I’m not willing to fight with you and I refuse to give any credence to the idea that NYCFC fans are some kind of hipster wannabes pretending to be British hooligans from the 70s.

      I probably am some kind of “cliche” but I don’t think its’ the kind you’re hoping for. For example, I’m an engineer and I wear jeans to work. I’m a practicing Catholic and I send my kids to Catholic school. These kinds of cliches I may be but a hipster? I am too old and generally unaware of current trends for me to possibly be a hipster.

      I suppose maybe I should be taking your accusations as a compliment though :)

      • Anonymous

        I really don’t understand why you guys are attacking this dude. Who gives a **** if he doesn’t like RBNY? They’re still better than NYFC. And if you haven’t noticed NYC is pretty awesome!

        • Anonymous

          Who’s attacking what dude? Is this real life?

          • Anonymous

            Clearly, the anonymous guy is attacking the other anonymous guy, who is attacking the other anonymous guy while being attacked by the anonymous guy.

            • Anonymous

              I think one of the anonymous guys is from NYC or something…

      • Smith

        People are just having fun. Don’t take it personally. Good for you for kicking the habit and raising your kids the right way.

  • mike q

    even if there are some new fans coming in for NYCFC that don’t have a great clue of the past, or followed US soccer closely in the past, we should all be happy even these people are getting in the tent of overall soccer fandom in this country. Yes, we can begrudge them for not supporting sooner, but I am just glad the more butts are in seats and buying merch, etc. – it is all helping US soccer improve for the future!


      Thanks Mike. I suspect that there are many more people like you than like young boys that are berating people for getting into MLS.

    • Bill Bushwick

      Yes, NYCFC is developing American players!


      David Villa!




      Goat cheese!

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  • Ignoring domestic soccer for 20 years, HARDCORE.

    • Johnny Feelgood

      …..but but its so real! So hip! Cmon get on board !
      Join the turd rail, I mean third rail.
      We’re hooligans ! We throw flares! Hardcore!

      • Bill Bushwick

        New York City Hardcore!

        Murphy’s Law!

        Agnostic Front!

        Billy Milano and the Physchos!


        • ANONYMOUS

          Ok, if you’re trying to draw some association with NYCFC and 80s NYC hardcore, I welcome that although I find it surprising. That’s awesome if my favorite soccer team represents the music I grew up on. I also skated. Maybe that makes me a hipster some 20+ years later?

          I thought hipsters were more of a pop culture thing but if you’re trying to say we’re a bunch of aging punk rockers in our 40s, I don’t think that’s true, but I’ll take it.

          I’d add to your list:
          Token Entry
          Grey Area
          Black Train Jack
          Reagan Youth
          The Fatalitees
          Sheer Terror
          Gorilla Biscuits
          Tribe Called Quest
          Run DMC
          Beastie Boys
          Big L
          Gang Starr
          De La Soul
          Wu Tang Clan

          Unfortunately for the Red Bulls though, Jersey is also guilty of spawning great bands:
          Bruce Springsteen
          The Misfits
          Hogans Heroes
          Adrenalin OD
          Bouncing Souls
          Dead Milkmen (Pennsyltucky… Almost)

          Shame on you! How could you possibly like soccer and also have great bands come from the same place as you? You can’t!

          I can’t wait to tell my wife that I’m a hipster cause she thinks I’m pretty clueless and out of touch.

          By the way, as you said earlier:
          I hate American sports… I’m trying to be British

          A few exceptions:
          Go Knicks!
          Go Islanders!
          Go Yankees!

          If you ever need to know what’s hip, just let me know and I’ll tell you.

          Hint: Dig up your Members Only jacket cause those things are coming back

    • Anonymous

      Domestic soccer not being readily accessible or reaching out to the lot of us for 20 years. HARDCORE…

  • Anonymous

    Domestic soccer here for 20 years and people too lazy to take a few miles trip over to Jersey! HARDCORE!
    Now – let me go – I have to find my Giants shirt.
    They’re in NJ, lol.

    • Anonymous

      A bunch of old shits that were old enough to travel a few miles over to New Jersey to support domestic soccer 20 fucking years ago bitching that younger people were too lazy to have fabricated enough interest out of thin air to go out of their way to cross state lines to watch a team that hardly marketed itself in the city playing in a league that hardly marketed itself in the city. HARDCORE!

      Excuse me, I seem to have misplaced my AARP card… Oh wait. I don’t have one…

      • Anonymous

        A bunch of young shits and a bunch of old shits shitting on each other anonymously. HARDCORE!

      • Anonymous

        Marketing ! That’s it ! I’ll blame marketing ! I’m too stupid, lazy and hip to find a team so I’ll just wait till one moves a few blocks away ! Genius! Ironic! HARDCORE ! I’m a REAL fan now! Now where’s my Kale, Artisanal toast and tofu? Oh that’s right, in the kitchen near my HARDCORE flares and turd rail membership card!

        • Anonymous

          I would argue that it’s not a person’s job to find a team to support. There’s nothing stupid or lazy about not going out of one’s way to look for something that you otherwise have no reason to go out and look for–even if you may love the thing after you finally do discover it through whatever means.

          I would very much argue that it’s the team’s responsibility to go out and market to potential fans to educate them about the team and generate the hype to make them want to come and check out what it’s all about.

          The understanding that people won’t seek out products to purchase without us reaching out to them to educate and generate interest in it is exactly why we have advertising and marketing in the first place. If the Microsoft Zune fails because nobody cares enough to go check it out (even if a lot of them might have enjoyed it had they tried it), we don’t assume that people were too stupid and lazy to check it out. We assume that either the product itself sucked or that the company failed to hit the mark in marketing their product to generate the requisite interest.

          If NYCFC has developed a fanbase in a market where the Red Bulls previously failed to make significant inroads, instead of criticizing the consumers, why not take a good look and see what NYCFC did differently to attract those fans that the Red Bulls could learn from and improve on? Even if, as you believe, we’re all a bunch of bandwagoning hipsters, why did we suddenly decide to hop on this particular bandwagon? Might be something to consider…

          Or you can just continue to consume yourself with denial and resentment because your team is incapable of making mistakes and therefore, something must be intrinsically wrong with us for not making the choice to get on the PATH train wearing red and white. Your choice, really.

  • Anonymous

    Yay for Anonymous posters. <3

    • Anonymous

      I’m Anonymous, too.

      • Anonymous

        No, I am.

        • Anonymous

          No, we both are because you’re me and I’m you because I’m talking to myself. Being Anonymous is fun because I’m me and I’m everyone. GO ANONYMOUS!

          • Anonymous

            My mom said that my dad was Anonymous… Does that make me your son?

            • Anonymous

              But you’re Anonymous. So are you me? How can I/you be my/your own father?

              • Anonymous

                Because we’re in Terminator 15: Anonymous Time Travel Paradoxes

                • Anonymous

                  What does a movie franchise have anything to do with soccer?

                  • Anonymous

                    Absolutely nothing. Just like all of the comments in this section.

                    • Anonymous

                      Barney The Dinosaur was my imaginary friend.

                    • Anonymous

                      It’s OK. Posting random, off-topic things anonymously makes us cool. By “us”, I mean “me”, of course. Because we’re I and I am we.

                      Pop-Tart brown frame headphone water…

                    • Alcoholics Anonymous

                      You’re driving me to drink!

  • Cosmologist

    Amazing thread. When someone tells me they don’t think people in the U.S. have an emotional connection to the game, I’ll just direct them right here.

    And I plead guilty to using the word “artisanal” in a thread a few days ago. Now I’m seeing it with worrying frequency…

    For the record: being a fan is about emotional attachment. It can’t be manufactured. It doesn’t matter if you grew up in the shadow of your team’s stadium or on a different continent. It doesn’t matter if you love their home city with a passion or detest it more than you detest cruelty to bunnies. It doesn’t matter if you lob trash into the other guys’ seating or chuck flares at their goalie: you either have it or you don’t.

    Do the hordes of Barça fans walking around these days really have that passion? I doubt it; I seem to remember when I lived in DC in the nineties, the only shirts I saw (not that I saw many) were Milan or Juve shirts. Do they feel like they were punched I the guts when the opposition scores? Some do, I’m sure but many don’t.

    The posters here do, though, when it’s their team. That’s why this is such a good community. Don’t ever change. Keep up the taunting — artisanal or otherwise — because disliking the other team is as much part of being a fan as loving your own.

    • Smith

      All true..but, really, let’s not try to throw things. That’s just dangerous and silly.

      EOS should sponsor an EOS fanfest where all the posters, regardless of teamm affiliation, get together, eat barbeque and make fun of Euro Snobs.

      Dave – any plans?

  • mike q

    OK, go RED BULLS!

    maybe even NYCFC when we are not playing them.

    GO MLS! – the future of US soccer (maybe not developing all US players today, but moving toward that tomorrow)

    • Smith

      Actually, if you look at Adu, Sztetla, Agudelo & some others, MLS has done a very poor job at nurturing young talent.

      I’m sorry to break it to you, Mark.

  • Tibor

    Typical MLS fans. A collection of illegals, gays, and hipsters.

    • Anonymous

      And what league do you support, good sir?

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  • really pleasant

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