1,000 New York City FC supporters expected for Cosmos Open Cup encounter


Tickets for the New York Cosmos, New York City FC U.S. Open Cup match are set for sale Friday morning — and the visiting supporters have quite the allocation of tickets.

EoS has learned NYCFC supporters from the Third Rail, Hearts of Oak, Brown Bag et al. have been allocated 1,000 tickets for the Cosmos encounter, in sections 25-27 and 25A-27A — an amount they fully expect to fill.

“Since it was announced, our members have been counting down the minutes for tickets to be available,” one NYCFC supporter said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if all 1,000 tickets are sold out by Friday afternoon.”

That would be quite a showing for a Wednesday night in Long Island. The New York Cosmos will play host to NYCFC at Hofstra’s Shuart Stadium. The capacity for soccer matches ranges from 11,500-12,000 seats, giving the expected 1,000 fans of the MLS side a strong voice in the modest confines of Shuart.

That presence may be magnified by the unpredictable nature of a Wednesday night draw for the Cosmos. Aside from major events like home openers and the like, the New York Cosmos draw anywhere from 4,500-6,000 fans per match at Shuart — and those are weekend numbers. Last year’s Red Bulls encounter landed on a Saturday, making for a vibrant showing of green at the Hofstra complex. Still, Red Bull fans — who were also allocated 1,000 tickets in the same section — certainly made their presence felt in the deflating 3-0 loss to the Cosmos.

For a midweek match, the chances of a strong home showing dwindle greatly, giving NYCFC fans outside of the supporters’ section ample chance to expand the club’s presence in enemy territory.

One subplot which may attract the casual soccer fan is the chance to see Raul and Marcos Senna take on David Villa. All are Spanish international legends in their own right, and will certainly be the centerpiece of this encounter.

The Cosmos host NYCFC June 17th, 7:30 P.M. at Shuart Stadium. You can purchase tickets at this link.

  • slowleftarm

    Wow, so there will be more NYCFC fans there than Hempstead supporters?

    • Kevin

      love that your obsessed with my cosmos. you should worry about your boys and that thrilling game vs. the mighty Union

    • trollleftarm

      Stop me before I troll again!

      • Anonymous

        How old are you 12? You act like a kid. Trolls are for little kids who are immature. Go play dungeons and dragons or play video games. and please do not write on this site anymore

    • Randy Winn

      Defintely Cosmos Fans. This is our stadium! On our island!

      • Chris

        Randy you need to learn how to spell. “Definitely” is spelled like this! Your an illiterate fool from long island. As a loyal supporter from Manhattan, we will win the game with class and at least have 3,000 fans at the game.
        NYC Supporter since day 1!

        • trollleftarm

          You should have used the contraction “you’re”. That stands for ‘you are’. Also note that “Long Island” has uppercase letters.

          P.S. It’s great to see a supporter who has lasted tens of days!

        • Anonymous


    • anonymous

      Easy to do when your supporters are just interns for the marketing department.

    • Alan Smithee

      The last time MCFCB won a match your jokes were funny.

  • The Truth

    Ask South Ward if it mattered when they brought their sorry supporters last year – it didn’t matter. Cosmos supporters were still louder than them and so was the team on the pitch. NYCFC could have 5000 supporters there and the outcome in the stands and on the pitch will still be the same LMAO!!

    • Terrence

      Your wrong. Your ignorant. NYC is a MLS team. Your team is a NASL team. You give the respect of the top league or you don’t talk. Yes, there is a chance your team might win, but nothing is guaranteed in life. Grow up and Please be realistic. Your just a coward hiding behind the computer who probably is not going to the game.

      • James

        A top team? With 1 win? Funny,

  • The Truth

    Besides – once the Cosmos score the first goal, 500 of you will sit on your hands and start throwing tantrums that your team sucks – then you’ll start insulting each other – bwaahahaha!

    • Rico

      There will be 5000 of us at the game. You will lose and this will be our stadium on June 17. HaHa maybe we will clinch the opencup on your soil/turf because Yankee stadium is booked that day.

      • trollleftarm

        Bragging about not having a stadium? Tell it to The Don!

  • terry

    Love the Cosmos – believe they are a much stronger side than last year { also remember they didn’t have Senna in last yr’s USOC } – but i don’t dis-like NYCFC – i wish them good things going forward – To their supporters – THEY WILL IMPROVE.. also feel same way for NYRB….Don’t we have enuff knuckleheads insulting soccer football !

    • Rico

      No one wants to hear your sorry story. Tell it to mommy or something. Just be prepared to loose on June 17!

      • Your English Teacher

        You mean “lose.” The only thing “loose” here is your grip on the language.

  • Just wanted to add that last year, MLS lovers whined how RBNY was without Henry and Robles and whomever else. Not only were the Cosmos without Senna for that match but they were also without arguably their best defender at the time, Roversio. Plus they were without one of their best strikers in Diomar Diaz. No one seems to have wanted to argue that for the Cosmos – but why would they right? We still spanked the crap out of them 3-0, while outshooting them 23-3 lmao!

    • slowleftarm

      You can pretend it was close to a first choice RBNY squad but the fact is, it wasn’t. Here’s the RBNY team for game against Hempstead:


      Here’s the lineup for the second-leg MLS Cup playoff game against NE (i.e. a game they cared about winning):


      Pretty dissimilar and Roy Miller would’ve played instead of Oyongo if he’d been available.

      • sammy

        You make no sense!

  • And here’s the lineup they fielded a couple of weeks prior to the match with the Cosmos – where they also defeated New England and that match as well was considered a “huge win”

    G Luis Robles
    D Chris Duvall
    D Matt Miazga
    D Armando
    D Kosuke Kimura
    M Lloyd Sam
    M Eric Alexander
    M Ibrahim Sekagya
    M Bobby Convey
    F Péguy Luyindula
    F Bradley Wright-Phillips

    With the exception of Robles & Oyongo – looks pretty identical – and you didn’t hear the end of it how well Red Bull beat Revolution leading up to the US Open Match.

    Don’t worry – Cosmos never get respect no matter how much they earn it. Fans are pretty much used to it.

    • slowleftarm

      You missed the point. When they had to field their best XI available it was a far cry from the XI they ran out against Hempstead. That NE game was during the world cup which explains the absence of Cahill and Miller, plus Henry didn’t play regular season games on turf.

      Cosmos haven’t earned the amount of respect they seek. They play in a college stadium with no fans and couldn’t even win the minor league NASL last season despite vastly outspending everyone.

      • tomas

        Get your facts right you idiot. your a fake fan.

      • trollleftarm

        I would like to correct my alter-troll-ego. We meant to say, that even though Henry was great, not playing on turf was a defect of the squad. And furthermore, even if it wasn’t their best XI, the complete lack of any showing was a disgrace and indicative of a lack of depth and character in the team. There’s no evidence that Red Bulls could have won in any case, though obviously they could not have done worse than they did.

        Thanks for listening, we feel so much better now!

  • John

    Hey the Cosmos might sell out a game not get 3,000 fans to a game — Thank you NYCFC

    • Tim

      John your right. Cosmos is a nasl team. Not even good to be a feeder team. They got a 38 year old Spaniard on the team.

  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    As usual the only way they get any decent numbers out there at Shuart is when the cosblos are the secondary story. Even wheeling out Pele’s corpse doesn’t do the trick any more. 1,000 nycfc fans out there means there will be twice as many people in the lacrosse stadium as usual. Buy hey! the f.cosmos have a huge following in el salvador!!!!!!!!!

    • slowleftarm

      Don’t forget Sweden. According to Leo they are huge there.

  • Fedelito

    Us Cubans will kick your ass in the scrimmage soon!

    • Anonymous

      That why we won 4-1 right

  • Will thompson

    Cosmos suck! They really really suck!

  • Realist

    It’s interesting. Love ’em or hate ’em, every Cosmos piece on EOS gets passionate responses, both for an against. That real soccer passion.

    Compare that to the tepid response most Red Bulls pieces get or the complete silence that follows NYCFC pieces.


    • Un-Realist

      Yo realist, who gives you any right to determine if something or someone is passionate. This is one site and your making a literary error and McCarthyism. You have no evidence to back this up. Your full of s**t

      • Realist

        Well, if you look at most NYCFC articles there are few comments. Same with Red Bulls pieces. If you notice Red Bull fan slowleft arem is more likely to comment on a Cosmos piece than a Red Bulls piece. Also, Larry’s a Simpleton, who is an NYCFC fan, is also more likely to comment on a Cosmos piece. Their dislike of the Cosmos seems greater than their love of their own team. Do you see what I mean. (And there’s no reason to say I’m full of shot. Look up past NYCFC articles, for example, and see how few comments there are)

  • jorge

    Funny all the people saying Cosmos suck yet man shitty has 1 win 7 losses and 4 ties

    • jorge

      Correction man shitty jr

  • Jin Old-Boy

    Comparing NYCFC to the Cosmos are like apples and oranges. The Cosmos are a independent club while the NYCFC are a franchise club. Since we have a handicapped soccer pyramid for MLS’s gain, NYCFC have the upper hand for long term success whole the Cosmos are in doubt if anything happens to the struggle NASL after the FIFA scandal. However, NYCFC is also in a problem with MLS’s large expansion plans that could in the future, fold the league. Between the two clubs, the Cosmos run more professionally because the owners and coaches have full control over the team while NYCFC are controlled mostly by MLS for forced parity reasons. NASL is trying to cater to the international market while MLS is creating a Americanized market with unrealistic dreams of being a world leader (not to dog out MLS). The NASL also have unrealistic dreams of being first division under a federation that could care less about the lower divisions and how they will survive as long as MLS comes out on top. Same thing with fans. I realize that a lot of American soccer fans are all talk and no action. They say they want American soccer to grow, but want it to grow on MLS’s terms. Sadly, the soccer fans the NASL needs gave up on American domestic league soccer because of the amount of middle fingers MLS gave traditional soccer loving fans.

    • Anonymous

      Jin Old-Boy will you be at the game? Since you probably have nothing to do in your ordinary paltry life!

    • lou

      That’s your opinion not mine. Nobody asked what the state of soccer is in the united states.

    • trollleftarm

      Old Jin, are you under the impression that rational discussion can be found here?

    • Ulrich

      “However, NYCFC is also in a problem with MLS’s large expansion plans that could in the future, fold the league.”

      So expansion translates to the league folding??? That statement makes zero sense; if anything, with $100M expansion fees, MLS expansion ensures financial success of the league.

  • Terry C.

    Cosmos are going to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James

    Maybe the boy city fans can manage to hang their banner right side up this time. I doubt it.

    • Niche Chavez

      Maybe I should issue a CALL TO ARMS????????

  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    Another crowd of over 25,000 at Yankee Stadium tonight. Stover and O’Brien must be shitting their pants. Someone should pass them the ketchup, it’ll make all those thousands of unsold seats at the lacrosse stadium they have to eat taste a lot better!

    • Realist

      And another game without a win!

      NYCFC may not win 4 games this year.

      • Niche Chavez

        Don’t worry!

        I’m preparing a call to arms!

      • Larry’s A Simpleton

        quite ok. we suck because we’re an expansion team. no doubt about that. on the other hand why is it a sucky plastic expansion team is getting 10 times the crowd that the mighty cosmos who have all that world wide recognition, history, past glory, and the only authentic grassroots organic team in new york?

        26,000 > 3,000 in every part of the world. even nassau county. stover, obrien and the donkey boys are choking on their tears! BUT HEY!!! the f.cosmos were getting crowds of 20000 in china!!!

        • Dr. Freud

          You are obsessed with the Cosmos. It is unnatural and unhealthy. You need help.

          • Larry’s A Simpleton

            you’re wrong doc. like the millions of new yorkers i don’t give a **** about some minor league scrub organization that pretends they’re somehow relevant to the new york sports scene.

            so why dont you and the rest of the burro boys take your circle jerk back over to the f.cosmos forum. you know, the place where you retards can pretend the f.cosmos are special. hee haw, hee haw

            • Buck Owens

              Thank you for mentioning “Hee Haw.” Great TV program.

              Oh, yeah and you are obsessed with the Cosmos and are deeply in need of therapy.