Survey: The EoS New York Soccer Census



Welcome to the first annual Empire of Soccer New York Soccer Census.

For more than 5 years, Empire of Soccer has had its finger on the pulse of the New York soccer scene — and what would that scene be if not for the fans of its big three clubs?

If you’ve read any of my articles, you know that—when I’m not pontificating on supporters group lyrics— I’m obsessed with statistics and data, which is what led me to create the EoS NY Soccer Census. The purpose of this exercise isn’t to measure and brag about which team has the most fans. Instead, what we are intrigued by is the makeup of the red, blue, and green fanbases in New York.

This survey hopes to challenge some of the preconceived notions and stereotypes about each set of fans. Are all Red Bulls fans from Jersey? Are all NYCFC fans brand new converts to soccer? Is there a single Cosmos fan who doesn’t want to see pro/rel? With enough responses, these are the questions that we hope to answer.

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 3.38.54 PM

Please click the photo above (or click right here) and take about 3 minutes to fill out the EoS New York Soccer Census. The survey will ask a few questions about you, the reader, but nothing too specific or personal. We ask you to be truthful. Remember, this isn’t about who has the most fans, it’s about creating a profile of who the fans are.

The full results of the EoS New York Soccer Census will be published next Monday, October 10. In the interest of full disclosure, the author is, and has been, a Red Bulls fan for the last seven years, which is why we will publish the raw data of our results so that—if you don’t trust my analysis—you can make your own conclusions.

So please, share this article with fellow fans, be they blue, green, or red. Just like the real U.S. census, the more responses we get, the better you and your fellow fans will be represented.

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  • Goodfella

    Very interested to see the results. Great idea!

  • Onionrings

    Three big clubs? Red Bulls, NYCFC and who?

    • Anthony

      Who Only the club that wins Championships – only one here. Thank for your interest !

      • Onionrings

        And who would that be?

        • Ant

          What an effin moron you are dumb bastard

          • Larry\’s A Simpleton

            o look. dead cosmos fanboys getting bitch slapped around. again. you mad bro?


            • Ant

              Go eat your raw Chicken !!!! hows the sex change operation going you queen bitch.

              • Larry\’s A Simpleton

                ROFLMBBAO! typical fan of the dead cosmos. low class and no brains. thats all you got? i hope you’re 11 years old , because if you’re not you really have problems. lol


                • Ant

                  You are a filthy piece of crap. Ignorant, Uneducated, a person of no character, principles a common low class street urchin and those are your good points NOW GET OUTTA HERE PUNK !

                  • Larry\’s A Simpleton

                    come on now ant-knee. you gotta do better than that! or are you a rider on the short yellow bus and thats all you can come up with?

                    • Onionrings

                      Ant getting all violent just as the Cosmos are starting an anti-violence campaign. Pele weeps.

  • BigTimeCosmosLoser

    You needed to get more specific, this is like written by a Democrat. Find out how many left because they are little girls about Metro being bought by Red Bull. Next question would be what grade level did you finish school (8th being the highest). Then how many got their panties twisted because of Petke. Then ask do you follow NFL and know where the Giants and Jets play. That would give you all the answers you need.

    • Larry\’s A Simpleton

      Actually this poll is no different if someone on a baseball forum asked people to give their opinions on the Mets, Yankees and Brooklyn cyclones. You know, 2 MAJOR league teams and one low MINOR league team that bases its entire existence on a team that died decades ago.

      • Leo Glickman

        Who do the cyclones base their existence on? I mean, the least you can do is make your analogies work.

        At any rate, as always, it’s really funny to see fans of RB and NYCFC, two teams who have never won a championship in the extremely minor 25th best league in the world, MLS, laugh at the also extremely minor 30th best league in teh world, NASL.

        If the Cosmos die, I look forward to watching Arsenal and trolling NYCFC and RB comments section about the minor league you play in.

        • William

          I agree Leo ! you are always so correct. Loved the letter your wrote very impressive.

        • DanGerman

          So essentially you’re admitting to being a euro poser all along! For Shame Leo. I hope the Cosmos don’t fold but sell to someone who has the ability to run the team better and actually know what to do to become a solid D2 franchise. You’d rather see them fold apparently but I have hope someone can keep them going and give the fans a team to cheer for a long time.

          • EPL guy

            You know Dan you seemed to always take this high and mighty attitude when someone takes a shot at the MLS like the NASL is so below the MLS in quality. Really if you are a knowledgeable soccer fan even you must realize that the quality of play is not MAJOR LEAGUE in anyway. Compare MLS to leagues around the world and it isn’t even top 10 I would say top 20 especially Manchester Light.

            • Larry\’s A Simpleton

              oh look! Dan mentions euro poser and EPLguy-opencupfan-angry bill shows up. nasl is the same quality as mls? you’re a retard—or british—same thing.

            • DanGerman

              Listen I realize that the level isn’t at say any of the big three, but you know what it is? Its my local soccer league and I follow it because I want to be able to see live soccer and root for a local team. I’m not from London or Barcelona or Munich. I’m a New Yorker and proud of it so why don’t you take your EPL team and STFU!

              • EPL guy

                Just saying wowowowwow what a classless piece of garbage. Go to hell Jerkman !

                • DanGerman

                  U mad bro?

                  • Opencupfan

                    Not really Support your independent SOCCER CLUBS !!!

                  • Troy

                    Not really you are just a damn blowhard so blow it at yer arse ! baby blue team loser

                    • slowleftarm

                      What are these Cosmos trolls going to do when NASL goes bust?

                    • DanGerman

                      So I take it Troy YOU are “EPL guy” as well as “Troy”? Why the sock puppets buddy? Sad really

                  • tomisaacs

                    Dan just shut up damn fool !!!

        • Larry\’s A Simpleton

          roflmao. you’re a loser leo. you always have been and always will be. nasl 30th bet in the world? you dropped a 0. bet stover and obrien had a helluva laugh this week.

          i guess the burro boys put the DNR in your care.


        • slowleftarm

          NASL is 30th best in the world? That’s a good one.

          • EPL guy

            MLS a league of wanna b soccer players. Nice to be fooled by Garber enjoy that garbage.