The World According to Weimer: A Road Win, Finally

Boston, MA - Saturday July 01, 2017: Boston Breakers celebrate Margaret Purce's first professional goal during a regular season National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) match between the Boston Breakers and the Washington Spirit at Jordan Field.

Breakers logoI realize that it’s the end of September and I’m writing that we, the Boston Breakers, just got our first away win of the National Women’s Soccer League season. That sounds super harsh and feels terrible to type, but there is something about the win against the Washington Spirit over the weekend that doesn’t feel terrible at all.

In my last blog I wrote about how we would be relentless in finishing the season with five wins. I meant it.

What I liked most about our win against the Spirit was that we weren’t completely over the moon about it. We were happy to win, but we also acknowledged that it wasn’t a complete performance and that we aren’t in a place to accept that as good enough.

It’s funny in sports like that. We lost, 1-0, to Portland the week before and felt like we made great progress with the performance. We walked away feeling like we should have won. That’s a much different feeling than walking away feeling like we could have lost, which is what happened against the Spirit.

After the game, Matt Beard brought us in and explained that he has higher standards for us as a group. That we can celebrate a win and it was good we scored goals, but we should be striving for more.

Standards are the difference between good teams and great teams. I think that when each person can hold themself to a high standard, whether up by 3-0 or down by 1-0 (doing extra, helping teammates, having a good attitude regardless of circumstances, doing the little things) the team reaches a new level. This has started to come together more in the past month or so.

And this is exactly what we need going into our last week of training and our last game against Sky Blue. We want to walk away with a win, a shutout and a good performance for our fans. Nothing else to say about it.

Quick Hits: Before the Breakers Break

• It’s always cool to see someone get their first NWSL appearance, as Hayley Dowd did this past weekend against the Spirit. Congrats to Hayley!

• Thanks to the work done by Tori Huster, The Young and Brave Foundation will be the recipients of a nice donation through an NWSL-flavored auction that she put together. Please check it out here and consider donating to a great cause. 

• Thank you to the NWSL for awarding Adriana Leon with a goal on Saturday. She wasn’t going to let it go, so thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

• One of the coolest things I’ve experienced as a pro athlete was seeing my club and my new company, Duktig Brand, combine forces to form a mutually beneficial partnership. I don’t know how many times I have been in a half-time talk and seen Matt Beard using his Dukitg Brand Trainer and have had to refocus to what he’s saying because I’m so proud for a hot second. I’m proud to play for a club that supports us so much.

Sammy Jo Prudhomme and I had our last away trip together over the weekend. We took it all in. Every last minute and although our time together is over for this year, we have already called dibs on each other for next season. Sorry to other teammates who thought they had a chance.

• Last but not least: It would be awesome to sell out our last game of the season Saturday. If you’re reading this, and you can make it to the match, let’s make it the best night of the season in every way possible.

That is all folks.