The World According to Weimer: Hitting Reset


This is the eighth article for Empire of Soccer by the NWSL and Boston Breakers player Tiffany Weimer. The Connecticut native and former star at Penn State who has played professionally in the U.S., Canada and abroad offers an inside look at the care and feeding of a soccer player.


Breakers logoIt’s a cliché to say “I can’t believe it’s June,” but I have to say it.

I can’t believe it’s June.

It’s unfair that our off-season seems to go on forever and the actual season flies by. It’s a good sign that we’re having fun, working hard and not bored. But still.

The past weekend we were in Orlando, Fla. This was actually my first trip to play the Pride at Orlando City Stadium and my first pro game in Florida, which was really cool because a lot of my family was there.

In typical Florida rainstorm, we struggled to put together a full performance against the Pride and left 2-0 losers. The loss has put us in a tough position in the table and the week for international play could not have come at a better time.

These breaks are good for the non-international players to catch up on recovery, sleep, mental health, etc. We shall miss our internationals, of course, but we are thankful for the break they provide us, too.

Good luck to Emelie Haavi (Norway), Adriana Dri Leon (Canada), Alyssa Chappy Chapman (Canada), Rose Lavelle (U.S.) and Abby Smith (U.S.) in their camps and games.

It also gives us the opportunity to hit reset if needed. Hitting reset is something I talked about in a blog I wrote back in July 2015. Hitting reset, to me, means to take a look at the way you’ve been doing things, analyze what works and what doesn’t work, and make some changes. Go back to the basics even. As my good friend Carmelina Moscato said to me in college many moons ago, “baby steps till you die you goof.”

The reason for this is simple, too. I am hardly satisfied. I am certain most players in this league feel the same way, too.

As I wrote in that blog, “when you find the most joyous thing you’ve ever experienced, no matter how many times you have to reset, you’ll do anything to keep doing it.”

O.K. what else?

We’re back in Boston and summer is trying so hard to make its annual appearance. It’s funny because in our locker room there’s a shovel with a note on it that says, “it might still snow,” because literally, who knows what the weather will be like here. Maybe snow in June is extreme, but is it? (I’m just going off of what Vanessa Williams says.)

Takes break to watch “Save the Best for Last” music video.

Summers in Boston are fun. Crowded. But fun. I’m looking forward to doing more, like see a Yankees game (Yeah, I know what I typed) and go to Quincy Market, check out Walden Pond (especially since I’ve read the book), bike recklessly in the street. … You know things people in Boston do.

Quick Hits

¶ The UEFA Women’s Champions League final was played last week. It was cool to see so many people watching it, especially NWSL players. We need to support each other more in that way. It was unfortunate the game ended in penalty kicks. I guess when two teams play to PKs twice, they’re pretty close to equal. And maybe the experience of Lyon’s goalkeeper, Sarah Bouhaddi, was the difference.

¶ I’ve been on a lot of teams and have learned that there are two types of coaches –those who jump in and play during training and ones who don’t. It’s especially entertaining during 5 v 2. But the best is when the goalkeeper coach jumps in and gets chipped from 40 yards out, right Neill Caine? I have an appreciation for coaches who can tell players what to do then get out there and show them how to do it.

¶ Teammate of the Week: Christen Westphal for saying “hi” to me every day and for trading her small Nike travel top for my medium. That, to me, is true friendship. She is also funny without trying, which I value in people.

¶ Speaking of teammate of the week, I would add. … It’s amazing when you have a blog how many people want to be in it … and for no good reason whatsoever. So, to all those who want mentions in my blog here’s what you need to know: I like gifts, compliments on my shoes, food delivered to my bedside, when people laugh at my jokes, pictures of myself and texts reminding me that I’m wonderful. All these things and more will get you mentioned in the blog.

¶ Staff Member of the Week: Laura Doran. What would we do without our operations director? I really don’t ever want to see that. Thanks for all you do Laura! It’s really quite special to have a team mom (and much more obviously) who is younger than me. <3