The World According to Weimer: It’s a Wrap


Breakers logoThere was a time, not long ago, when a successful season for a women’s professional league meant that it didn’t fold.

I think we are finally past that.

In the last five years, the National Women’s Soccer League hasn’t had any teams fold. We have added two new markets (Houston and Orlando) and had one team change its location for what seems like the better (North Carolina Courage).

The 2018 season will be the sixth year for the NWSL. As a player who watched the WUSA fold and was part of WPS folding, this is incredible.

While I was listening to General Manager Lee Billiard and Mark Thomas, the club’s president of business operations, speak at the Boston Breakers end of the year Meet and Greet, I started to think about how far the league has come.

Mark spoke about our impressive sponsors like Dunkin Donuts, JetBlue, SNHU, Marathon Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, Steward and how much they mean to the club and the league. Lee spoke about the academy program and the next generation of players. In the past, the first teams were so worried they wouldn’t be around that it was hard to think about the next generation of youth teams. This is also possible through the help of NEFC, our academy partner that has done so much to make the program what it is.

If it wasn’t obvious how much attention the next generation needs before the men’s team lost to Trinidad and Tobago, maybe now people know that the youth programs need more and they need better. It makes me proud to see what the Breakers are doing to put a priority on the academies and connect them with the first team.

The Breakers front office, staff and volunteers have done an amazing job in making the club complete and creating a club for everyone. If it wasn’t for the people, nothing works. We have incredible host families who housed our young players, making sure they had an easier adjustment to pro life. We have volunteers like Cliff Rober, David Kimmleman and Carla King who have been involved with the Breakers since WPS. These are the types of people who make what we do possible and then go ahead and make it a better experience for everyone. We are so thankful for them.

The Boston Armada, the Breakers' supporters group, featured Weimer, in front, in a faux movie poster to honor the club.

The Boston Armada, the Breakers’ supporters group, featured Weimer, in front, in a faux movie poster to honor the club.

The fans. What would we do without the fans? We would play to empty seats. We wouldn’t have that extra boost. We couldn’t do all this without the fans and especially the Boston Armada, who show up every single game for us. Thank you to all the fans who have come out to the games, watched online, etc. You guys are amazing.

There are so many pieces to each club. There are people all over the world at all the different clubs I’ve played at, who make the whole thing possible. I always look at it as a car. A part can be missing and the car can still run, but for how long? And how well will it really drive without it?

The Breakers have been around since 2001. That’s the longest tenure for a women’s professional team in the U.S., which is an amazing feat. After being back in Boston this year and being around all the people who make it work and the people who care about the club as much as we do, it’s a great reminder how much one person can make a difference – not just in a club, but in a national league, then in the generations coming up who are counting on it.

So, to all the people in NWSL who make what we do a reality, thank you. Your work and your dedication is noticed. To all who have maybe been considering it or are just thinking about it now, being involved in something like this is being involved in the future of the sport and maybe making a dream come true for you or someone you know.

Now, to some awards for the season that are more important than the usual ones like MVP, etc. Drum roll. …

My 2017 Awards:

Travel Roommate of the Year – Sammy Jo Prudhomme

Regular Roommate of the Year – Angela Salem

Funniest Teammate on Road Trips – Adriana Leon

Most Dangerous Teammate – Rosie White

Most Interesting Teammate – Allysha Chapman