The World According to Weimer: Road Map


Breakers logoDuring our first away trip to Kansas City, the Boston Breakers’ coaches assigned us roommates based on some data we gave them about sleep conditions. I’ll admit, I was a little hesitant at first to be paired with a rookie (Sorry Sammy Jo Prudhomme). Who knows what their habits are like, are they going to expect me to remember the schedule for them, do I give them a curfew, etc. But then as the season went on, I found myself not wanting to room with anyone else.

We got along great and started to realize that we talked a lot about the places we were staying. We kind of felt like travel bloggers. We’re dumb. I know.

Since then, Sammy Jo and I have been working to compile a list of the top three places to stay on National Women’s Soccer League away trips. The only negative is that we’re unable to rank the Boston accommodations. We obviously don’t get to experience the Boston away trip.

These categories were considered (scale is 1 to 5):

  • Location
  • Room quality
  • Meal quality

See below for our rankings and a little bit about each hotel. Sammy Jo aptly titled this piece “Hotel Hunting: NWSL Edition.” Yeah. She’s good.

No. 1 … Seattle: Hyatt House Seattle/Downtown

Room quality: 5

Meals: 3

Location: 5

While Seattle may have gotten a lower rating from us on the meals, the hotel still steals the No. 1 spot. This hotel had beautiful rooms with high-quality appliances, a modern lay out with a kitchen, living space with a couch all open to the bedroom. While the room was on the small side, the location more than made up for it. It was across the street from the Space Needle and near lots of food and coffee shops, which made for great site-seeing and exploring in our free time! Not to mention, it was walking distance to the Reign’s stadium. Oh, and there was rooftop lounge area with corn hole and a view that wasn’t too shabby either! Finally, what likely put the whole thing to rest right then and there were the room’s blackout curtains. When sleep is enhanced, the whole trip is enhanced, let’s be honest.

No. 2 … Houston: Doubletree by Hilton Hotel and Suites

Room quality: 4

Meals: 3

Location: 4

Houston came in second. On our first visit, we were blessed enough to have an awesome suite that came with a kitchen, living room and a separate room for the bedroom and bathroom! Not to mention a balcony! Yes, folks a balcony. The hotel was next to the largest mall in Houston, The Galleria, and there were many food and shopping options that allowed for fun time wasting (especially since it was easy to get lost …  seriously this mall is enormous). On our second trip, however, we were downgraded to a non-suite, which led to a major disappointment and is the reason the hotel took the second spot in our ranking!

No. 3 … North Carolina: Hilton Garden Inn Durham/Southpoint

Room quality: 3

Meals: 3

Location: 4

Taking the third and final spot is North Carolina! While the rooms were not the suite layouts of our previous two hotels, they were fairly roomy, nice and clean. The biggest upside to this hotel was its location! It was nestled in the middle of a beautiful plaza with many food options, nail salons and shopping. It was also directly across the street from another large plaza with a Target and a Bruster’s Real Ice Cream, which is always a plus (great ice cream)! The location of a hotel is important for having a good weekend. It can really make or break the whole stay.

As you can see, we have thought about these weekend getaways quite a bit. Being the away team isn’t easy, especially in this league, but quality hotel locations make it a little better. But no matter where we went this season, the staff at the hotels knew that we were in town to play and were always accommodating and helpful.

I would like to thank my guest blogger, Sammy Jo, for joining this week! Tune in next week when I rank the people on my team from best to worst!

Haha. Just kidding. Bye for now!

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