The World According to Weimer: When I’m 64

Boston, MA - Saturday July 01, 2017: Tiffany Weimer and Havana Solaun during a regular season National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) match between the Boston Breakers and the Washington Spirit at Jordan Field.


Breakers logoSince I became a professional soccer player, I have had the pleasure of entertaining many interesting questions from people.

What’s it like being a professional athlete? What’s your real job? When are you going to stop playing? Are you friends with Alex Morgan? What’s up with Hope Solo? Bro, I don’t know. Ask her yourself.

Man, I strongly dislike when people ask me when I’m going to be done playing.

After watching a video from ESPNW about a group of 80+ -year-old women who still play competitive basketball called Splash Sisters, I asked myself a serious question: Could I play pro until I’m 80? Haha. JK. I asked myself, Why am I crying right now? (I’m not crying, you’re crying.)

I was good up until the point in the video where one of the 90-year-old players said, “As long as I can, I’m going to play.” Then it was all downhill in a toboggan from there.

It wasn’t just a few tears either. A stuffy nose. Several tissues. The works.

It’s crazy. I go through my life every single day obsessed with how my body feels. I shouldn’t do this or that because I need to rest. I can’t eat this or that. If I have this soda, training might be a little harder, but oh well, I guess I’ll deal with it. (Sound of soda can opening.)

I go to PT, get massages, tape up my whole body (like hey, they casting for the “Mummy 2” yet?). I do it all to feel good for a two-hour session each day and then to feel great for a game on the weekend. After each game, it starts all over again.

Sometimes I think, man if my body feels this bad some days, what is it going to feel like when I’m in my 50s and 60s? If I stop playing now, maybe I won’t need a knee replacement. Maybe I’ll be able to walk when I’m in my 70s. Damn you, turf.

But you know what I want to be able to do when I’m that old? Kick a ball around. Play pickup. Nutmeg everyone. I see myself playing soccer for the rest of my life. Competitively. With anyone who still wants to win.

So, watching this video, I’m sitting there thinking to myself, wow, they are answering questions for me. They are telling me that I should play as long as possible. They are telling me that age is just a number, that if it’s good for my mind, it can have an impact on the body.

One of the women said, “A lot of my childhood friends thought I was crazy, to be 66 and playing basketball. … And you know I’m the only one surviving of my childhood friends.”

That is heavy. Heavy. Stuff.

Sometimes I feel so good, I feel like I could play forever. Those are the best days. Those are the days that I hit dope full volleys in small-sided or do a bicycle kick in soccer tennis. And those are the days that fuel the tough days, mentally, physically. Because I feel so alive. And I think that those 80-year-old women probably understand what I mean better than most people.

I think if we have something that makes us feel so alive, even if it’s not every single second of every single day. … even if it’s just sometimes, then we have to let it keep us alive. We only get one shot in this joint. We might as well make it fun and in turn, make it last.

[P.S. — Christie Pearce is such an inspiration. She is someone I think about often and someone who’s secrets we would all like to know.]