The World According to Weimer: Winding Down


Breakers logoIt’s almost fall, which means it’s almost the best time of the year. I can start to see and feel some of the changes. The air is cooler. The leaves are trying to change color. People are talking about the other, other football.

The fall means the season in the NWSL is close to the end. With two more games left in the regular season, the 2017 season is less than a month away from ending.

As players, we have to continue to do all the little things we’ve done all season right up until the last day. The last month or so though, naturally, we also have to keep an eye on what’s next, the off-season.

Some players will play overseas, most in Australia, some will work full-time jobs, some will coach and do what they can to get through the four months. Some have places to live, some will live with their parents. Some go back to their native countries. Some stay in market and work with the team in the off-season. There are lots of options and lots of people doing different things because of the length of time off.

It’s easy to start thinking ahead. It’s necessary, to some extent.

But this is the part of the season that requires the most focus.

The Boston Breakers have not had the ideal season by any means. We have had some really good performances without anything to show for it. We’ve had injuries. We’ve had players in and out. It’s been transitional in a lot of ways.

The cool part about the players that are here still is that we have been through so much together and yet everyone shows up for training every day. Even when it’s hard to and people are mentally and physically exhausted, knowing we can’t make the playoffs and that there are only two games left, there’s still an edge. Players still want to win in training. They still want to be the best. They still want more.

I think when the cards don’t fall your way, it’s easy to fall the other way. I don’t think we have done that this year. I think that the character of some of the players on the Breakers … Angela Sale, Julie Kins, Christen Westphal, Sammy Jo Prudhomme, Ifeoma Onumonu … has been the difference for us to maintain that. That’s not to say there haven’t been others, these just stand out.

The Breakers’ 2017 season is not over yet. And I think that’s the main point of this. The way we train, the way we compete, the way that we are still moving forward every day isn’t something the outside world sees. It’s not something that is always evident in our results either. Which is hard. A pro sports team is defined by its record, which as players is something stressful we have to deal with all the time. But if we can keep measuring our success based on all the other things, then the results are not as crushing.

There have to be goals beyond the games and things to fight for beyond the games. We are trying to win from game to game but we can always be improving. Individually and as a team and if we give up when things go wrong we miss out on all those minutes in between.

At the end of the season, we would like to be walking away with five wins. That is our goal for the next two weeks and we will be relentless in achieving that from day to day.