The World According to Weimer: Yea Team



Breakers logoI thought I would talk about my teammates a little bit in this blog. I told them last week, “You know, I wasn’t sure about you guys in the beginning of the year, but now I kind of like you all.”

Sometimes it takes a little while to really get to know your teammates off the field. We’ve had some fun trips recently and when people are so tired they hit the level of delirium, their true colors come out, for better or worse.

Delirium hits with airport delays. And we seem to be having a lot of those lately. So, I’ve finally gotten the opportunity to meet Adriana (Dri) Leon. The real Dri. She is entertaining. To the point where we kind of just want to see what she does next.

The mornings on road trips are rather quiet for our team. We have a lot of sleepers. Rosie White, Allysha (Chappy) Chapman and me are usually up early, hoping that breakfast is ready by the time we get there. Then there’s the dynamic duo of Julie King and Dri hoping they can get to breakfast before it ends. Everyone has their routines. (Our coaches have also placed us with roomies who have similar habits, thankfully.)

Rosie and I have gotten into the little routine of sitting down and doing our “work” together in the mornings. She’s working on some really cool things, including her most recent project where she created posters to share positive messages and support the Boston Children’s Hospital. It’s a great cause to support, plus Rosie is a gem and a half!

My permanent road trip roommate, Sammy Jo, has been solid as a rock during all our trips. We agree on sleep times, room temperature, TV choices, how long a shower should be and what constitutes good music. Finding a good road trip roommate is one of the keys to having a happy season in my opinion.

She and I are also in the process of ranking all the National Women’s Soccer League road trips for a special guest tribute posting here. We have two trips we haven’t taken yet, New Jersey and Washington, so after those, we’ll be able finish our article.

As most of you may know, two of our teammates are in the Netherlands competing in the UEFA Women’s Euros. Emelie Haavi (Norway) and Amanda DaCosta (Portugal) have a really cool opportunity to play in one of the most competitive women’s tournaments in the world this month. It’s been fun watching the games and seeing familiar faces on the field.

There are actually seven players in the Euros from the NWSL, including my Danish frienemies Nadia Nadim and Line S. Jensen. Then there’s Dagny Brynjarsdottir (Iceland), Amandine Henry (France) and Rachel Corsie (Scotland). So, there’s a nice little representation from our little baby league.

We’re looking forward to having a little break this week. It seems that these breaks always come at the right time. It’s like “they” know. The season is at a point where we can do another reset and evaluation to see where we are, as a team and individually. It’s hard to make changes when you’re so deep in something every single day. It’s only after a little time away that you can say, oh yeah, maybe that can be different or better. And then make the change.

I’m excited for some time at home and rest for my mind and body.

Until next time, here are some quick hits:

Book of the Week: Bob Dylan’s “Chronicles, Volume One”

Teammate of the Week: Megan Oyster. She is deserving for teammate of the week because she is funny. We knew she had it in her, but we just never really saw it. Now, it’s out. And though at times it’s a little self-deprecating, man it’s hilarious. Good job Megan.

Sponsor Update: The Breakers have added JetBlue as one of our sponsors, which is fantastic news. We fly JetBlue quite often and now we’ll be able to have all our points on one airline. Yay!

We have received our very own customized Dunkin’ Donuts cards. Not many things in life have made me feel cooler. Except that time, I smoked a cigar after we won the NWSL championship with Portland. In a no smoking zone. With my jersey on. And sunglasses.

There an unbelivable video floating around of Chappy and Rosie performing a little singalong to Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” – maybe if people ask nicely, it will surface.

Show of the Week: Most people are excited for the new episodes of “Game of Thrones.” I’m not. I’m a little nerdy. I have been obsessed with watching two new CNN documentaries: “The History of Comedy” and “The Nineties” (I’ve seen all of the “The Sixties,” “The Seventies” and “The Eighties” already). I have found that documentaries are one of the ways I learn best: entertaining and educational. So I try to watch as many as possible.

Last but not least, today (Monday, July 24) is Angela Salem’s Birthday.

I have met many people by playing this beautiful game, but Angela is one of the best. Most people know her from seeing her on the field and the beauty of her is that she is everything you think she is off the field. She is tough as nails, selfless, has a huge heart and possesses a moral compass that most people could only dream of. I’m lucky to be her roommate and have her to better my life every day.

Happy Birthday Ang!!