Report: Thierry Henry enticing Barcelona’s Xavi to join Red Bulls


Thierry Henry has gone fishing, and he has a big catch in sight.

According to Spanish outlet Diario AS, the New York Red Bulls’ captain has begun a whisper campaign with former Barcelona teammate Xavi, tempting the celebrated midfielder to consider the Big Apple as the final stop in his highly decorated career.

Xavi, 33, is currently locked under contract with Barcelona through 2016, and has stated numerous times his desire to retire with the Blaugrana. The Catalan has only donned Barca colors from his youth to senior club career, working his way from the academy system to the first team while helping his side towards seven La Liga titles, three UEFA championships and two Club World Cup wins.

Recently, the World Cup winner has been vocal about the uncertainty of his future — and with good reason. Barcelona is an aging side at the cusp of transition. Xavi will be 34-years-old in two weeks time. For as romantic a partnership both club and player share, both may be coming to the realization that their relationship is nearing a turning point.

While flirting with Xavi to join the team is one thing, acquiring him would be another story all together. Regardless of the recent splash made by Toronto F.C. for Michael Bradley, MLS sides are still cautious over spending resources towards transfer fees. A free transfer would change things. After all, Xavi fits the mold of what New York is looking for — an attacking midfield general with the ability to open up the field.

Whether Henry’s overtures bear fruit remains to be seen.

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  • Dan in New York

    Um, yes please!

  • Stan

    Where is this attacking mid supposed to play? Cahil is in the middle with Dax, unless we move him to striker this attacking mid will never happen

    • I would imagine the idea WOULD be to let Cahill assume his natural striker position alongside Henry. With a proper distributor behind them, it would be an unholy trinity.

  • Joamiq

    At 36? No thanks.

    • With you on this. Would only entertain the idea if he possibly comes now.

      • Anonymous

        Please even at 40 he’d be one of the best midfielders in mls easy this would be huge for the popularity of the sport

      • Adam

        Please even at 40 he’d be one of the best midfielders in mls easy this would be huge for the popularity of the sport

        • Don’t get me wrong – at 36 he would still be effective, but I highly doubt that Henry – in his final year with NY – would go recruiting for 2016. And if available in 2016, the landscape in NY may have already passed him by.

          • Oculus

            Hes 33 years old, not 36.

  • bryan

    he isn’t just an attacking midfielder. Xavi is a true #8. it’s pretty interesting to think about (within a 4-3-3):


    • bryan

      should also note that i’ve also said Xavi will sign with MLS in 2016. specifically, i think Miami sign him if they end up getting the club and Claure is involved.

  • Anonymous

    Xavi’s style of play doesn’t die with age. It only gets better. Look at Pirlo. Physicality issues are a maybe though.

  • Ryan

    Most definitely yes. He cant compete with Valderama for awesome hair but he is a better passer then the MLS best ever El Pibe. Valderamma used to tear it up while walking around the field.
    Unholy trinity indeed.

    • DCLee

      El Pibe was fantastic back in 1996 but agree that even at 34 Xavi would be a really nice addition.

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  • emsi

    weirdo .. really just red an article bout Xavi. He said that in his life there was just to offers (milan-19yrs old and Bayern in 2008) He said that he has no contact to henry even has no telephone number since he left Barcelona…

  • David Allieu

    It is nt really easy 4 xavi 2 join u nw

  • Anonymous

    Xavi is NOT an attacking midfielder nor will he be any good at it. He’s amazing at short and long passing. He doesn’t have a great finishing shoot, or a distant shoot. He is a center midfielder , but not an attacking one.

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