Thierry Henry Supports Viera’s NYC Move – Even If It’s “The Wrong Team”


Former New York Red Bulls captain Thierry Henry is as fiercely loyal and competitive as he is sharp tongued and witty.

So is it any wonder why he chose to chide former teammate Patrick Vieira about his new gig as New York City FC boss?

In an interview with Sports 360, the legendary Arsenal striker talks about his friends move — in a way that only Henry can convey.

“He went to the wrong team,” Henry said with a smile. “I’d hoped he would support Red Bulls and not NYCFC but at the end of the day, I hope he has a good time there, a good career, and then come back to Europe with a lot of experience.”

Now before you assume those are fighting words, Vieira and Henry have a lengthy history together. As Arsenal legends, they were both at the forefront of the team’s magical “Invincibles” side, and combined to bring Arsenal two league titles and three FA Cup trophies. In fact, Vieira spoke to Henry at length prior to taking up the job as manager at New York City FC — a move the former Red Bull star endorsed.

“New York is a great town,” Henry said. “He is going to love that. He is going to be coaching some guys I played against which will be funny, and hopefully he can change the way that team is. It is a massive disappointment for them not to make the playoffs — I don’t know how they didn’t manage to do that, but they didn’t. So Patrick being there, hopefully it will be great for him and who knows what will happen after.”

Asked if Henry would join him in Vieira’s new managerial endeavor, he said “People do different things but I wish him all the very best, I think he deserves it. I am going to follow him.”


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  • Cosmo

    Henry, Cahill, Donovan should have gone to cosmos for one last ride and a trophy.
    Imagine that, they could have won the open cup and nasl bowl.

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  • slowleftarm

    Yeah I’m sure Henry’s ankles would have loved the turf of the lacrosse stadium.

  • Troy

    We love you Henry! New York is red!

  • Cosmos

    Is a weaker league and slower, let’s be realistic.
    Wouldn’t you have love to have Raul at red bull for at least 2 seasons, senna.

  • BleedingRed

    no, not at all

  • John

    You mean New Jersey right ?

  • Troy

    Both! I don’t need a team’s stadium location to make me feel like a NYer.

  • John

    Why not embrace your roots ? Be proud the team plays in NJ , practices is NJ , corporate offices in NJ just call them NJRB nothing wrong with that why try to pass the team off as NY makes no sense.

  • Are you referring to the Jets and Giants, or the Red Bulls?

  • Cosmos

    Soccer is a whole different thing. In soccer you represent your stadium region and your team identity goes with your territory.
    It’s that simple, but fans in MLS and America don’t get it right.
    Imagine having an arena in the suburbs or way outside in America, when there’s room downtown or around downtown.
    Would the hockey team or NBA team owner like that, I don’t think so.

  • Anonymous

    Minor league.

  • Brad

    Soccer is a whole diff thing… but not in America.Youre comparing the US to the rest of the soccer crazed world. Nice try tho. RB is, like the NY Giants and NY Jets, named NY but play in NJ. And while we’re at it, who the **** cares really?
    I’d be more worried about finding a stadium. An actual soccer stadium. That’s one thing boy city and the plastic cosmos have in common- A **** home. As proved on the field 4 times this year, NY (and NJ for simpletons like you) is clearly RED. It ain’t close either.

  • EnglishRBNY


  • EnglishRBNY


  • Brian

    Wow, for such a disappointing club, you guys sure have a big mouth. Sure you beat nycfc 3 times, but at least we didn’t finish dead last like you guys did in 2009. Sure you have a stadium, but at least we didn’t spend the last 20 years winning 2 SUPPORTER SHIELDS and 0 MLS cups. Even Chicago fire have one. Well best of luck in the play off finals I guess, lets see what Kamara will instore for you guys.

  • Troy

    John, why not focus on more important things. Here’s a list for you to get started:
    1) Winning games
    2) Playing on a real, adult-sized soccer stadium.
    3) Getting players who actually care about playing with each other, and show it in results.

    …and just to show you that I hear your concerns..
    928) Worrying about trivial things like what state your team plays its games in, in an area like NY/NJ/CT where actual distance is what really matters.

  • Troy

    #2 should be adult-sized FIELD.

    (I know I need to spell everything out for you!)

  • slowleftarm

    Sure, if you’re talking about Raul and Senna circa 2007 or so. The 2015 versions are ready for the retirement home and couldn’t handle MLS.

  • slowleftarm

    I’m born and raised in Jersey and would be fine with calling the team that but the team does represent the NY area (just like the Giants and Jets) so there’s no reason they can’t be called NY. RBA is a lot closer to the city than some other MLS stadiums are to their towns (i.e. Chicago, Dallas etc.).

  • slowleftarm

    NYYFC fans are reduced to bragging about not finishing dead last. Wow.

  • Rerun

    Speaking of 20 years, where you been? I know know, a team didn’t ‘touch’ you till now. Lord you boy city fans are impossible. The league laughs at you.

  • EnglishRBNY


  • Rip

    Would you to prefer to hear our attendance numbers again? Haha, you use what you got man, you use what you got.

  • slowleftarm

    I get it – attendance is important but so are results on the field. I think NYCFC will put it together at some point but I’m not sure that point will be next year.

  • MM

    You should also be proud of the logo on your jersey … Etihad. UAE oil funded. Your 3 DPs salaries is about the total salaries of 3 of the 4 teams that made it to the conference finals. Keep focusing on the location and keep ignoring the true roots of NYCFC.

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