Quick Thoughts: New York Red Bulls 1- 1 Sporting Kansas City

Staff Writer

COMMENTARY: It was an offseason that had more turnover and tension than a season of the Sopranos for the New York Red Bulls.

While that reference may be dated, it isn’t that far off base.

After bowing out of the Conference Final in disappointing fashion, the winds of change followed the pride of Harrison back from a frozen Gillette Stadium. Gone is manager Mike Petke. Gone is Theirry Henry. Gone is Tim Cahill.

These three men, who in recent years have become the face of the franchise, have given way to a new crop of players looking to secure the organization’s first MLS Cup.

On Sunday night, the 2015 incarnation of the New York Red Bulls took to the field to write their own history under new manager Jesse Marsch.

Here are a few takeaways from the match:

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  • Good wrote up

  • Anonymous

    Marsch long term? The reads nice, but it’s horseshit. Ask Montreal how long JM lasted there. He quit midseason! Name a job that Marsch held down longer than Petke at NYRB! Defense tenacious after the equalizer? That’s a joke, right? They were a train wreck. Miller is putrid. Dwyer should have punished them with goals he said “his wife could have scored”. NYRB should have lost 3:0 and Sam single-handedly stole a point. Bigger story, Peguy would rather retire than play for Marsch.

  • Anonymous

    Marsch says he’s building B4 around Ronald Zubar. Nice move. Build your backline around a guy with a long history of injuries. And what happens? RZ injured in game 1. Love that local Miazga gets time, but he’s not MLS level yet. Flashes, but glaring errors. Good thing NYRB have Seguya on bench instead of Frazier to coach those errors away b/c lord knows Seguya was a smart, error free player.

  • JP

    Ali Curtus is the 50 dollar hooker you beat before you leave Vegas.

  • jonny99

    But for Dwyers poor last touch, he would have had a hat trick. If that kind of luck defines defensive success,then the redbulls have a hell of a defense.But me thinks that that kind of hope will be waning in the very near future when Robles starts picking balls out of the back of the net with much greater regularity. This team is poor and lacks depth on every level. To state otherwise is frankly just being intellectually disingenuous IMO.

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