Tim Cahill set to sign record-breaking deal with Melbourne City



After being without a club for most of the summer, veteran Australian captain Tim Cahill is finally set to return home.

Former New York Red Bull designated player Tim Cahill is set to sign a record-breaking $8 million deal with A-League club Melbourne City according to the Herald Sun. The report  suggests that the Australian will check into the Socceroos’ training camp next week, suggesting that Melbourne will confirm the signing fairly soon.

Although the deal has yet to be announced, a recent selfie by Cahill with NYCFC‘s Andrea Pirlo, Frank Lampard, and David Villa, shows himself wearing a Melbourne City polo, giving everyone the idea that he is joining extremely soon.


Tim Cahill, wearing a Melbourne City shirt, snaps a selfie of him with NYCFC’s Andrea Pirlo, Frank Lampard, and David Villa.

In addition to the polo, Cahill’s presence at NYCFC is not a random trip for the 36-year-old. As many know, Manchester City own both NYCFC and Melbourne City, making the American and Australian side sister clubs. This allows players to perform medicals at any of the three sides that they see convenient. In this case, Cahill, who owns a home in New Jersey, was in the area to perform a medical and finalize his deal to join Melbourne City.

Following a brief stint with Chinese side Hangzhou Greentown, the 36-year-old announced his desire to leave China for a chance to return home to play in the A-League. Although his intentions were right, Cahill burned a few bridges along the way, making his chance at joining Australia’s top division difficult. Comments from Cahill earlier in the summer suggested that the A-League were not high enough for his stature, causing the league’s Chairman to engage in a verbal feud with the Australian midfielder. Nevertheless, the Socceroos’ manager came out soon after the engagement, downplaying the argument and covering the story up as soon as possible.

Cahill returning home to play in the A-League is a huge accomplishment for Australian soccer, who, much like the MLS, are trying their best to join some of the world’s most elite leagues.


  • lmaol

    Wow… they are paying him more than the Red Bulls did 3 years ago, and he’s even further from his prime.
    Guy was always about his paycheck more than anything else, so makes sense he’ll do anything – even return home – for more cash.

  • Mia Wallace

    Global Football Group

  • MTF

    He was all in for the Red Bulls in 2013…but aside from that it was all about Tim, his national team pursuits, and the paycheck. I know the A-League feels they’ve pulled off a coup bringing Cahill home to Australia, but at his age they’d have been better off say thanks, but no thanks. I’m guessing only the City Group would pay him what he wanted.

  • Sammy the Red Bull

    If I am not mistaken, they came up with a new rule in the A-League to allow Cahill to come in and for the league to help pay the salary (sound familiar…anyone?). It was the only way to get him, otherwise he would have stayed in China or gone to the Middle East for the $$$$.

    Even at 36, he shouldn’t have a problem tearing up that league. And he won’t have to worry about missing regular season games to play meaningless friendlies with the Socceroos.

  • His last season with #RBNY proved what a self-focused marketer Cahill truly is.