Top Five Questions Surrounding The New York Red Bulls This Offseason

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The New York Red Bulls are little more than a month away (37 days to be exact) from beginning a brand new campaign.

Time flies, I know.

As the clock keeps on ticking, the team has done much to fill in the gaps. Whether through trades, acquisitions, trialists or draftees, New York’s pieces are taking on a far clearer picture.

Still, even as many other rosters on the Eastern conference side continue to collapse (I am looking at you, Philadelphia Union), the Red Bulls have more than a handful of issues to address themselves; especially if they plan on building upon their playoff performances over the past two seasons.

Here are the top five questions surrounding the Red Bulls this offseason:

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  • Matt

    The other question, of course, is what the hell is going on with Luke Rodgers. The Red Bulls lack a #1, a #10 and a #9.

    As for Vuolo, it would be a big risk to give him the starting job, but then again MacMath is starting in Philly with even less experience under his belt. It’s weird – Vuolo is an American player with arguably more first team experience than Agudelo, yet everyone clamors for Agudelo to start and thinks there is no way that Vuolo should even be in consideration. What am I missing?

  • I think Agudelo has been in the national consciousness a bit longer, and has proven on a larger level (nationals) that he can play. Further, though his starts have been lacking to say the least, he has shown the knack to score. Vuolo kind of flew under everyone’s radar and managed to land a job without much of a resume to back him. Personally, I have no idea what to make of him yet; he is an unknown quantity.

    I’d have to say Vuolo is the bigger question mark, and I am in your camp with Agudelo – not a starter yet.

    As for Luke, let’s see what happens; could be an issue where he simply cant join the team in Mexico. We shall see.

  • I didn’t realize Conde was still recovering. This does not make me happy at all. Though will this mean Sacir Hot finally see some minutes? Haha, I kid myself.

    As for the tax dispute, I’m starting to think Harrison may just win this. While Harrison may own the land, the stadium that sits on it is taxable since it’s not owned by the Harrison Development Authority, but privately by Red Bull. They’ll still have to pay the lease of $150k because it’s the public land they’re using to support their private structure. Maybe Harrison officials were smart enough to double dip in this case.

    It’s kind of happening to the Giants/Jets as well. The status quo before was that Giants Stadium was publicly owned in it’s entirety; land and structure. Metlife Stadium however is privately own on public land just like RBA and is being sued for property taxes.

    In other words, if they didn’t want to pay taxes, they should’ve let the authority own the arena as well. My own layman thoughts about it ie. not an actual legal analysis.