NYCFC, Toronto Combine For Drama In Eight Goal Draw

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BRONX, N.Y. – NYCFC and Toronto each scored four goals and referee Ted Unkel called four penalties in a chaotic match at in the Bronx.

David Villa scored twice for the second consecutive game for NYCFC and Patrick Mullins scored in the 84th minute to salvage a point for the hosts in front of 27,533 people. Mullins’ goal spared the blushes of the NYCFC makeshift backline whose comedic performance was exploited by Sebastian Giovinco, scoring three goals and tallying an assist in a 4-4 circus.

“I think Giovinco is a fantastic player and I’m not trying to take anything away from him,” NYCFC Head Coach Jason Kreis began, “but for that player who we’ve known that much about to have that much time and space is incomprehensible. We have to take a real hard look at ourselves into why that kept happening.”

Before Toronto FC’s leading star took over, NYCFC’s main protagonist, David Villa, replicated his gamewinning goal from last week against the Montreal Impact with a well-taken free kick placed just inside the post. Despite having his most successful match, Toronto FC’s leading player Giovinco started the match with modest failure when he shot his penalty kick off the post in the 20th minute. Nine minutes later, Villa hit the post with his penalty as well but Mullins’ follow up deflected off of Damien Perquis to give the hosts the 2–0 lead.

“It was a strange game,” Villa said. “It looked like things were going to be easy and then we would have a huge advantage…”

And then Sebastian Giovinco scored the third-fastest hat-trick in MLS history.

“We suffered three goals against in nine minutes,” Villa continued.  What looked like an easy victory became a very difficult match for us.”

NYCFC centerback Kwame Watson-Siriboe gave Giovinco a chance to avenge his earlier miss from the penalty spot with a clumsy challenge inside the box. Giovinco made no mistake in his second penalty beating Josh Saunders to his right in the 34th minute. Although it was the third penalty called by Unkel at that point in the match, Kreis said he agreed with each of Unkel’s decisions.

Giovinco tied the match six minutes later by running past Shay Facey onto a well-timed backpass from Jackson and beating Saunders with a placed shot into the far corner. The short-lived Watson-Siriboe-Facey partnership would disintegrate three minutes later when Giovinco was left unmarked inside the area allowing him to chip Saunders.

Watson-Siriboe would be replaced at halftime by 18-year-old debutant Angelino. Facey, another Manchester City loanee, was asked if Giovinco was the best player he’s ever faced:

“No,” Facey said. “I’ve played with many great strikers at my time at City and also in England. He’s a good player but people are talking to me like he’s Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s not. We weren’t in sync today. We weren’t together as a backline and very good players and aware of space and use space fantastically like Giovinco does will punish you but he’s not Ronaldo or Messi.”

Unkel’s fourth penalty call came in the 64th minute when Konopoka brought down Villa inside the box. Villa would also atone for his penalty miss with a dart into the bottom right corner.

With the match beginning to fizzle out due to fouls and fatigue, NYCFC’s other debutant Andoni Iraola made a loose pass that Giovinco intercepted. He mazed his way passed Wingert and cut back for Marky Delgado who tapped into the empty net.

As unsightly as it was, Kreis forgave Iraola for his late-game mistake.

“We took a gamble because he’s only been training now for a week,” Kreis said. “The idea was to start him, play him 45 [minutes], talk to him at halftime, see if he could continue on. He wanted to continue on 15, 20 more minutes. We got to 15, 20, 30 minutes. I asked him if he wanted to continue to go and he said: “yes.” The character is fantastic. He’s really, really hungry to help this team.”

Mullins’ goal two minutes later was also an instance in which a young American national team prospect capitalized on an opposition mistake. In this case, it would be Warren Creavalle’s defensive header directed towards Mullins at the top of the six-yard box. Mullins, left unmarked during the maelstrom, calmly headed the ball in the goal.

For all its chaos, the match ended as it started with both teams level. NYCFC will play next Saturday at the New England Revolution and Kreis expects Frank Lampard will make his debut after missing the blue debut due to a calf strain suffered in training last week.

“We will build him up throughout the week of training. We believe that he will be available for next Saturday.”

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  • Johnny Feelgood

    Meanwhile Im eating artisanal toast and drinking bass ale. I’m so cool, so ironic, so hip. I love Brooklyn (even though I live in Hackensack). Also, I’m getting a nycfc tattoo. Isn’t life great?

  • Bushwick Bill

    Sure is!

    After the game we stopped off in our old haunt in Billyburg for micro-brewed beer and a discission of whether sub-pop was better than SSt records before heading home to Bushwick to wash our NYFC jerseys and iron our skinny jeans for another day of being hip, ironic and self-referential!

    Ah, the good life of an NYCFC fan!

  • Anonymous

    WTF are you guys even talking about?

  • NYCLightBlue

    Micro-brews and NYCFC. We hate the evil corporations, have no problem with Hillary raising $45 million in 3 months that could be used to feed the children and homeless and will counter with someone that made more money. Makes sense.

  • Bushwick Bill

    We’re all for free speech as long as you agree with us. Intellectually, the Sheik gets that aspect of our personality collective and that’s why, even though we may agree on some topics, we are perfect NYCFC fans!

  • Bushwick Bill

    I meant “dosagree!”

    A faux pas to go with my fioe gras!

  • thank God for villa and giovinco b/c without them there is no game. They accounted for at least six goals total in an otherwise poor,poor game. It’s all about the DPs in the end and anyone who thinks otherwise in this sht league.

  • Johnny Feelgood

    Bill let me know if we’re still on for some vegetarian for lunch today. Picked up a couple new handkerchiefs for the
    games. I’ll bring ’em. We’ll be so cutting edge and hip.

  • Bushwick Bill

    Excellent. Meet you at noon for some vegetarian. I’ll tell you all about the new black and white documentary I’m working on about inter-racial relationships in the transgenger community.

  • too-tight-jeans

    don’t forger the kale

  • too-tight-jeans

    That’s ridiculous. You were probably at the game wearing a Lampard jersey and mispronounced “Junventus” as “You-vent-tess” as I heard a bunch of people do in the supporters section where I was sitting (not to mention Giovinco, I heard John-vin-co for that one). Gionvinco’s 2nd goal came from a nice pass and the 3rd from a cool back-heel. Villa scored two dead ball goals, one of which, the penalty, was won after some very good work by Mcnamara in the box. And the Introduction of Angelino was fun, that kid can play, not to mention Poku. The game was pretty shambolic but it was not a bad game. Quite fun actually. No different from a Brazilian League game.

  • johan

    Funny stuff but the fact remains there is no action without those two yesterday.I was wearing a Petke jersey and Pirlo short shorts while calling out “Juvay” in between sips of my espresso

  • Larry’s Left Arm is a Simpleton


    You guys in Brooklyn are so sophisticated!

    Up here in the Bronx we just like a good old fashioned dance party with Scooter Pies!

  • mike q

    and what do they do in long island?

    cheer for the Hofstra lacrosse team with their best 2K friends on the turf out there, while dreaming of friendlies in cuba and maybe beating a USL team for once after 7 tries?…

  • Larry’s Left Arm is a Simpleton

    No, I’m inviting them to my naked party and challenging them to the NYCFC naked party challenge!

    You’re invited too!

    We’re gonna play twister and eat malomars shaped like Frank Lampard!

  • johan


  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    28000 in the building yesterday. Or as its known over there in f.cosmos country: 9 home games worth. but im sure f.cosmos management is doing handstands because the 3000 who show up in shuart are more authntic and organic.

    I revel in the pain and despair of you f.cosmos fans! dont worry ladies, the f.cosmos will soon be gone so you can all stop acting like old ladies with sand up their vaginas. lol **** you losers!

  • Larry’s Left Arm is a Simpleton

    AND 71 people at my naked dance paryy! Imagine the crowds I’ll get at my parties if we ever win another home game or if our new defenders weren’t crap!

    Party naked!

  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    lol. typical f.cosmos fanboy. you bring nothing to the table, just like your shitty team. why dont you stop buy yankee stadium one day to sea pro soccer and huge crowds. you know, like they dont get out there in nassau county.

    wah. we have crappy dates at the lacrosse stadium, thats why we cant draw flies.

    did the vets put senna to sleep yet?

  • Dr. Freud

    You think about the Cosmos quite often. It comes from a dark psycho-sexual place. Please tell us about it. You need to get it off your chest.

  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    you were very good last night doc. you and larrysleftarm were amazing!

  • Dr. Freud

    This speaks to your latent desires. Accept yourself for who you are. You will be happier.

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