Over 400 traveling Cosmos fans expected for Red Bulls encounter

The Five Points Cosmos

The New York Cosmos fans and supporters are bringing some healthy numbers to Red Bull Arena.

According to various sources, Cosmos fans have amassed a traveling contingent of just over 400 fans for their U.S. Open Cup encounter against the New York Red Bulls. It is an impressive number for the division two side, particularly for a midweek encounter. One source tells us seats in the visiting 220 section have all sold out, with some Cosmos fans taking seats in the adjoining sections at Red Bull Arena to join their contingent.

Overall, the crowd will be light in Harrison, though larger than most Open Cup encounters. Just over 10,000 fans are expected to be in attendance Wednesday night, with a light walk-up crowd expected. How tickets sold will translate to actual attendees, however, is anyone’s guess.

The New York Red Bulls earned their spot in the U.S. Open Cup Fifth Round after thrashing NASL minnows Atlanta Silverbacks in the fourth round of the tournament. The Cosmos, meanwhile, defeated both Jersey Express and New York City FC to earn their position in the competition.

Both teams faced during last year’s U.S. Open tournament, with the Cosmos beating the Red Bulls 3-0 at Hofstra’s Shuart Stadium.

The winner of this match goes on to play the Philadelphia Union at PPL park in the quarterfinals of the tournament.

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  • Realist

    This is a do a or die for both teams.
    Red bull won versus NYC but we all know that’s not enough.
    NYC has more fans and power, while red bull will be red bull with that ugly teAm name.
    For cosmos, they should paint the stadium green and bring way more fans.
    If cosmos show they can bring fans and paint the radium green, then MLS will do something for them and bring them in.
    Cosmos deserve better and today is the day.
    If red bull win, will their fans be happy and forgive their owner and front office.
    If cosmos win, will this make red bull fans happy.
    Vamos cosmos

    • Andrew Bissonette

      Your name is “Realist”? One would think that you would be somewhat smart about what you’re saying. The Cosmos will never be in MLS. They don’t want to conform to the league and MLS doesn’t want them. They don’t capture enough of the market and don’t have a suitable stadium to play in.

      Also, Red Bull fans will only be happy if they beat the snot out of this STILL 2nd DIVISION side. We don’t want some dumbass Cosmos sequel to takeover our team.

      NYCFC can have their fans and “power”. The Cosmos can have their nostalgia and lacrosse stadium. We’ll settle for being the #1 NY team on the field.

      • Realist

        If chicharito, gio arrive to MLS then anything can happen.

  • Scott

    Everyone’s first hate comment towards the Cosmos is their stadium. Be a realist and look at the obstacles they have to get pass. Red Bull Arena took more then three years to build correct? All those years in an empty Giants Stadium. When the Cosmos get their signal to go forward. More stars will come to a state of the art facility and team. Keep hating though, will only drive the Cosmos to do better.

    • slowleftarm

      In an empty Giants stadium average 3-4 times what the Cosmos average. Nice try.

      • Scott

        Did I ever say the Cosmos drew a bigger crowd at Hofstra then Giants Stadium? No. Nice try.

    • Anonymous

      Actually the league is crap that’s my first hate comment. Two or three decent teams and the rest stink. Add in no tv, no media coverage, almost no recongnizeable players
      and a fanbase that all could fit in a Friday’s restaurant.
      I’d call that a Mickey Mouse operation.

      • Scott

        Maybe over time it will work maybe not but your hating on other investors trying to grow the game. Congrats!!!!

  • We don’t want MLS. And we sure as hell don’t want any part of a soccer franchise that rebranded to become a promotion for a can of soda.

    Everything about us sucks except the quality of our team. We win games, and that’s what the fans care about. I’d rather win in a lacrosse stadium than lose in the beautiful RBA.

    Expect another win for the Cosmos tonight.

    • slowleftarm

      You win minor league games. Although last year you couldn’t even do that.

      • trollleftarm

        So, then: You troll a minor league team. Badly.

        Also maybe consider winning something. Someday. Soon??

        • Alex

          I won a trophy in a men’s roller hockey league. Nasl trophies are similar.

  • Tommi

    Cosmos win will be a great plus for the rising NASL and the club but this match will be a tough one.

    New York Cosmos are too good a club for single entity MLS whose teams are franchises, never surrender the iconic Cosmos to MLS, NASL forever for the Cosmos!

  • Tim N.

    Wait…I’m confused. Who are the ‘cosmos’? Is this in reference to the old team. Are they still around? #irrelevance

    • OpenCupFan

      The Cosmos is the name of the sanitation company in NY that takes out the trash cans and plastic recyclables.


      • Anonymous

        Guess you were a tad off there, champ.
        Dumped by an evergy drink. Badly too I might add, lol

  • I always find the Tim N. “Katy Perry” argument fascinating. If you don’t have a billion you tube views, you can’t be making good music, you’re just irrelevant.

    • Smith

      Those of us who grew up on punk rock know better, Leo.

  • chepe

    Irrelevance? Remember guys , this is the original galacticos , back in the 70’s and 80’s … The team that put soccer on the map in the USA and around the world. Now, they come back and travel around the world and play to thousands and thousands of people , yet MLS teams wish they can be recognized worldwide , as the New York Cosmos are. Irrelevance dude, know your soccer first before making a comment… I remember the metros playing at giants stadium, the first two seasons they had great crowds,but after that no one went .. Cosmos played at Yankees stadium too for a season … Now Manchester city USA plays there … Now I understand the jealousy towards the cosmos …. They are just the better team .

    • John

      The cosmos are irrelevant in the New York sports scene. The team gets no press coverage , no TV contract with any local TV or national TV, no ability to draw fans (see attendance at hofstra). They play at a college stadium with no real solution to getting a stadium (forget belmont why would the state of NY want to allow a minor league team build a stadium on very valuable property. It has been 3 years and the state of NY has not even address the issue of the belmont property.)

      Sorry the cosmos made a huge mistake in going to the minor leagues (NASL) there is no future there for the cosmos , there will be no relegation within the US pyramid for a very long time so no opportunity to move up.

      its a shame the cosmos have a good brand but no where to go.

      • Anonymous

        Big national coverage in Rolling Stone, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal for the whole Cuba thing.

        As recently as a year ago, ESPN still refers to them as “The most recognizable brand in American soccer”

        • John

          Do you really believe that ? look at the really no one in NY cares whether the cosmos play or not, if the cosmos went away today most of NY would not know it or care. Its an irrelevant team in NY.

          • OpenCupFan

            Problem isn’t the Cosmos, they’re doing great given their situation.
            Real problem is Americans aren’t used to anyone competing against “top flight” teams and leagues. Cosmos’ mission is to educate people that they aren’t minor league. Will they or won’t they be able to do this is the question. And despite your mls botting, they’re doing pretty good compared to any other team to have tried this.
            Time will tell, not mls apologists on the Internet.
            Hey, just wondering how many little kids’ soccer clubs your mls team has stolen money from?

        • DanGerman

          That did nothing for the bottom line. The very next game they got 7k, They need to make a bold move in my opinion line up a game or two in Citi Field and market the crap out of those games. Getting 4-7K a game in a lacrosse field does nothing but make you appear small time, especially when you have a team in the bronx getting huge numbers attendance wise and signing big name players. It’s NYCFC that’s acting like the old Cosmos not the new Cosmos.

          • OpenCupFan

            Omg you’re so boring. Love how you brag about a team that loses to everybody.

          • John

            So its the Americans that don’t understand MOW I get it. Wow you really know nothing about sports marketing and the business of sports.

            NASL is minor league just like triple A baseball , its nice to have but no one cares about.

            Major leagues are run with stadiums, marketing, star players, TV deals, radio deals , cross marketing agreement, a branding , advertisers wanted to reach your consumers.

            MLS is doing a good job at establishing a Major soccer league in the USA. They are following the step of leagues like the NFL, NBA, MLB these are the leagues that Americans understand and leagues that are powerful, attract advertisers and make money for players and owners, not a bad model to follow.

    • slowleftarm

      The Cosmos did such a great job putting soccer on the map in the US, that we didn’t even have a professional league in this country from 1985 to 1995. I’ll pass on a rerun of that.

      • slowleftarm

        Haha, I glossed over the rest of the comment – Cosmos put soccer on the map not just in the US but for the world! Wow, I didn’t think it was possible for Hempsteaders to be any more delusional but I sure was wrong.

  • Hypo

    Each NY club has serious flaws, from borrowed nostalgia to the PATH train to plastic fans. Each club also has corporate sponsors on their jerseys. It’s a matter of picking one’s poison, but I’d rather root for a silly energy drink than airline companies whose sponsorships are just misdirection for regimes that do not respect human rights.

  • Tommy Blaney

    The comment sections on this site are the best thing ever. I always think of this scene from Life of Brian… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHHitXxH-us

  • slowleftarm

    400? Pretty pathetic support considering this is Cosmos’ super bowl. Then again, it is about a third of all Cosmos fans in the world (not counting their huge following in Sweden).

    • Anonymous

      Don’t get the Sweden thing

      ar du svensk?

      • slowleftarm

        Well known fanboy Hempsteader Leo Glickman regaled us with stories of the time he was in Sweden and some guy in a bar knew Raul had signed for Cosmos. This was proof positive that Cosmos were a global brand.

        • trollleftarm

          Yes, my troll brother, we have well known Henry. Wait, no? Then at least you can point to a can. Proof Red Bulls are known world over.

  • NittanyMetros

    Hey what happened to the Long Island Cosmos. What a joke. All of you are losers and don’t have real jobs and your girlfriends are butt ugly. Please die. Thus ends the lesson.

    • Anonymous

      what happened last season?

    • Anonymous

      I have a real job and my girlfriend is at least a six.
      You know, like a Long Island six. Maybe even a seven

  • drm21892

    As a Cosmos supporter who watches every MLS game on national TV, respects the league and can’t stand NYCFC, I gotta give props to NYRB. You guys outplayed us all over the field tonight. Definitely enjoyed coming to RBA and seeing the Cosmos on an actual pitch, hope they get their stadium. You may hate on us but we supported and sang the entire 90 minutes, hopefully see ya in the USOC next year.

    • Hmach

      It was an enjoyable outing. Cosmos have great fans and were very fun to watch. The speed and footwork was fantastic. Good luck with this upcoming part of the season. Looking forward to the next match!

  • Dan V

    Love the Cosmos, but there was no realistic way we were going to win 5 (1 off games) all on the road against MLS competition. The stadium needs to get done for any chance of winning this cup. Build the stadium, get better talent. And Freeman should not be on the field.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah freeman is complete garbage, the guy just can’t defend and has a temper problem

  • Anonymous

    Petke admitted that last year 4 players asked out of the OC. The team didn’t give a **** and the Cosmos blitzed RB on a pinball field. A focused team on a real field showed who is better by a mile. So much for the yapping and predictions from the minor league team’s supporters.
    New York is Red. And the Cosmos are irrelevant till next year.

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