U.S. Soccer Federation Files Lawsuit against Women’s Team Player Association

Photo: Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times (via Getty Images)


The United States Soccer Federation filed a lawsuit in a Chicago federal court against the players’ association that represents the World Cup champion United States women’s team in an effort to confirm the existence of the collective bargaining agreement.

The federation released statement alleges that Richard Nichols, the executive director of the Women’s National Team Players Association, does not believe there is a current CBA in place. The federation maintains the same agreement that took effect in 2013 is still valid until Dec. 31, 2016.

The statement said the lawsuit was filed reluctantly and was done to prevent a work stoppage by the women’s team — one that could jeopardize the team’s defense of its Olympic gold medal in Brazil this summer.

The United States Women’s Team, winners of the 2016 World Cup in Canada, begins qualifying for the Olympics in Houston on Feb. 10 against Costa Rica.

The U.S. Soccer Federation released a statement that said, in part:

We are confident the court will confirm the existence and validity of the current CBA, which has been in effect since U.S. Soccer and the Women’s National Team Players Association reached agreement almost three years ago. While unfortunate, we believe taking this action provides the parties with the most efficient path to a resolution.

The lawsuit is the latest in off-the-field issues that involved the United States Women’s National Team over the last year. Individual members of the team were outspoken against the use of artificial turf during last summer’s World Cup. Those protests continued during the subsequent Victory Tour after the World Cup championship. One of the game’s in Hawaii in December was cancelled after players and coaches called the turf unplayable following a practice session. USWNT midfielder Megan Rapinoe suffered an ACL injury during that practice session and is now questionable for Olympic action.

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    WOW, They want to destroy the game. Unions for what, ? To f-ck up the league? F-ck ther union and let the people talks. No more Mafiosos , please..!!

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  • jimmy k

    this article is innacurate, Rapinoe hurt her knee day or 2 prior on a grass field practice session, not the turf game field they did not want to play on…