UGLY: Motagua cut Amado Guevara, retain contract rights through 2013

For the better part of 15 years, former Metrostar midfielder Amado Guevara has called Motagua home. He has become an icon amongst the club’s followers, leading the team to five league championships and an inter-league title to boot.

Now 37 and at the twilight of his career, the club has unceremoniously discarded the veteran attacker with half a year left in his contract. He was informed of the club’s decision upon returning from being honored in a short trip to the United States by the local Honduran community, the New York Red Bulls and the Honduran Futbol Federation as well.

The move blindsided Guevara who says he was bought to tears by the decision.

“I was informed that the directors backed the coaching staff (on the decision),” Guevara told Honduran outlet DIEZ. “I was surprised by the decision and the way they handled it. I had six months left in my contract. It was only a year contract but I can only respect the decision they made.”

Nevertheless, the actions of his club hurt “El Lobo.” As an icon of the club, he feels he deserves better.

“I left through the back door,” he said. “That’s the reality and it’s very hard, but it isn’t the first time Motagua has done this to a player.

“Jairo Martínez, Ninrod, “Jocón”, Iván Guerrero, coach “Primi” who was the most successful of coaches, and they left in lamentable terms,” he said. “The same with ‘Nene’ Obando and others. It’s a difficult position to be in but I have to accept it.”

To make matters worse, the club is refusing to cut his contract, meaning any club throughout the world would have to negotiate with Motagua for the attacking midfielder’s services.

“I thought he would die in Motagua,” he said. “I thought that after this stage I would continue to grow in other things, but give me a choice.

“We had a final meeting to express concerns about some conditions that they set. They told me they would pay my six month contract, but I could not play with another club. They are firm in that position.

“They were clearly saying that if a team was interested in me, to negotiate with them.”

With no time to lose in a quickly shortening career, Guevara has begun planning out the next phase of his life.

“I don’t have 20 years to think about whether or not a league overseas will make me an offer to play or not,” he admits. “I have plans. I want to get my coaching license and perfect my english, amongst other things.”